CTO Full Form

CTO Full Form

Dear Friends, do you want to know what is the full form of CTO is? If yes, then you are at the right place, because here you will not only get the all possible Full Form of CTO but also get detailed information about CTO.

Not only this, but you will also come to know the Meaning of CTO here.

In eFull Forms, you will get complete information about the acronym of CTO or abbreviation of CTO related to all terminology. So, let’s find out all possible CTO Full Form and it’s meanings here.


CTO Full Form

The term CTO has many full forms, but out of which most relevant full form is-

CTO Full Form is – Chief Technology Officer

CTO – Commercial Tax Officer


CTO Full Form in Company

Chief Technology Officer


CTO Full Form in Sales Tax

Commercial Tax Officer


CTO Full Form in Bank

Chief Technology Officer


CTO Full Form in Army

Commander Task Unit


What Does CTO Stand For?

CTO stands for – Chief Technology Officer and Commercial Tax Officer


What is CTO Meaning

The term CTO can be used for many purposes, but the most relevant meaning of CTO is – Chief Technology Officer & Commercial Tax Officer


All Full Forms of CTO

By now, you must have got some idea about the Full-Forms and meaning of CTO.

However, the list is not ending here, if you like to know similar full-forms of CTO, then this site contains various Full-Forms related to Government, Computing, Telecommunication, Medical, Space Science, Education, and various categorize like these.

Here is the complete Full-Form list of the term CTO.

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Sr. No.TermCategoryCTO Full Form
1CTOUncategorizedCadet Third Officer
2CTOMilitaryCadet Training Officer
3CTOUncategorizedcadet training officers
4CTOUncategorizedCadmium Tin Oxide
5CTOUncategorizedCalculated Time Over
6CTOUncategorizedCall to Obedience
7CTOMiscellaneousCall To Order
8CTOTechnologyCall Transfer Outside
9CTOAirportCalverton Executive Airpark
10CTOUncategorizedCampaign for Take Off
11CTOUncategorizedCampus Teaching Observatory
12CTOUncategorizedCampus Technology Operations
13CTOStampCancel To Order
14CTOMiscellaneousCanceled To Order
15CTOStampCanceled To Order
17CTOStampCanceled-to-order s
18CTO Normal BusinessCancelled To Order
19CTOStampCancelled to Order
20CTOStampCancelled To Order
22CTOUncategorizedCandidate Training Officer
23CTOAirlineCape Air Transport
24CTOAfricaCape Town Opera
25CTOUncategorizedCapital Taxes Office
26CTOMedicalCarbon Taste and Odor
28CTOMiscellaneousCare Transformation Organization
29CTO CareerCareer Taking Off
30CTOReserveCareer Transition Office
31CTOCargoCargo Terminal Operator
34CTOUncategorizedCargo Terminal Operators
35CTOUncategorizedCaribbean Tourism Organisation
36CTOTravel & TourismCaribbean Tourism Organization
37CTOGovernmentCaribbean Tourism Organization
38CTOTravel & TourismCaribbean Tourist Organisation
39CTOUncategorizedCaribbean Tourist Organization
40CTONeurologyCarotid T Occlusion
41CTORadiologyCarpal Tunnel Outlet
42CTO Companies or OrganizationsCarroll Tire Online
43CTOBusinessCarroll Tire Online
44CTOUncategorizedCat Transparent Overdrive
45CTOUncategorizedCatalytic Thermal Oxidizer
46CTOUncategorizedCatalytic Thermal Oxidizers
47CTOSchoolCatholic Tuition Organization
48CTOUncategorizedCeara Terminal Operator
49CTOUncategorizedCell Tracker Orange
50CTOTissueCells Tissues Organs
51CTOMedicalCells, Tissues and Organs
52CTOUncategorizedCenter of Theatre of the Oppressed
53CTOUncategorizedCentral Tasking Office
54CTOTechnologyCentral Technical Operations
55CTOEngineerCentral Technology Office
56CTOMiscellaneousCentral Telegraph Office
57CTOTelegramCentral Telegraph Office
58CTOTechnologyCentral Telephone Office
59CTOUncategorizedCentral Texas Opportunities
60CTOPolice ForceCentral Ticket Office
61CTOCriminalCentral Ticket Office
62CTOTicketCentral Ticketing Office
63CTOUncategorizedCentral Timetabling Office
64CTOUncategorizedCentral Transport Organisation
65CTOUncategorizedCentral Transport Organization
66CTOMilitaryCentral Treaty Organisation
67CTOUncategorizedcentre de transformation optimise
68CAPUncategorizedCentre de Transit et d'Orientation
69CAPUncategorizedCentre for the Theatre of the Oppressed
70CAPUncategorizedCentro de Teatro do Oprimido
71CAPUncategorizedCentro do Teatro do Oprimido
72CAPMiscellaneousCentro Traumatologico Ortopedico
73CAPPolandCentrum Techniki Okretowej
74CAPRespiratoryCerebral Tissue Oxygenation
75CAPUncategorizedCertifiable Tradable Offsets
76CAP Certifications & DiplomasCertificate To Operate
77CAPServiceCertificate to Operate
78CAPUncategorizedCertificates to Operate
79CAPBusinessCertificati del Tesoro con Opzione
80CAPUncategorizedCertified Television Operator
81CAPUncategorizedCertified Tower Operator
82CAPUncategorizedCertified Tradeable Offset
83CAPCourseCertified Training Officer
84CAPOrthoticsCervical Thoracic Orthoses
85CAPBraceCervical Thoracic Orthosis
86CAPBraceCervical-Thoracic Orthosis s
87CAPMedicinecervicothoracic orthosis
88CAPTraumatologyCervico-Thoracic Osteotomy
89CAPMiscellaneousChallenging Traditional Options
91CAPSAPChange and Transport Organizers
92CAPMiscellaneousCharacter Through Originality
93CAPInternet - ChatCheck That Out
94CAPWritingCheck this out
95CAPTextingCheck This Out
96CAP Trade AssociationsChemistry Teaching Organisation
97CAPCardiologyChest Tube Output
98CAPMiscellaneousChief Taco Officer
99CAP TaxChief Tax Officer
100CAPTechnologyChief Technical Office
101CAP Occupation & PositionsChief Technical Officer
102CAPTechnologyChief Technical Officer
103CAPTechnologyChief Technical Officers
104CAPTechnologyChief Technological Officer
105CAPOfficerChief Technology Office
106CAP Occupation & PositionsChief Technology Officer
107CAPTechnologyChief Technology Officer
108CAPTrainingChief Training Officer
109CAPMiscellaneousChief Transformation Officer
110CAPMiscellaneousChief Troublemaking Officer
111CAPWW2China Theater of Operations
112CAPMiscellaneousChlorine Taste and Odor
113CAPMiscellaneousChlorine Taste Odor
114CAPMusicChris Taylor Orchestra
115CAPMiscellaneousChristmas Tree Ornament
116CAPCardiologyChronic Total coronary Occlusion
117CAPMedicalChronic Total Occlusion
118CAPCardiologyChronic Total Occlusion
119CAPMiscellaneousChronic Total Occlusions
120CAP ASX SymbolsCitigold Corporation Ltd
121CAPMiscellaneousCity Ticket Office
122CAPBusinessCity Ticket Office
123CAP London Stock ExchangeClarke T.
124CAPMiscellaneousClass Traitor Octodon
125CAPAutomotiveClean Tachometer Output
126CAPEducationClinical Trial Office
127CAPFDA AdministrationClinical Trial Outline
128CAPMedicalClinical Trials Office
129CAPMedicalClinical Trials Office
130CAPShooting ClubClub de Tir de l'Ouest
131CAPMiscellaneousCognizant Technical Officer
132CAP Normal BusinessCollecting Test Overprints
133CAPMiscellaneousColor Temperature Orange
134CAPColorColor Temperature Orange
135CAPMiscellaneousColor Tempurature Orange
136CAPColorsColor Transparency Orange
137CAPLocal - CountriesCombined Transport Operator
138CAPBusinessCombined Transport Operator
139CAPGovernmentalCommercial Tax Office
140CAPLocal - StatesCommercial Tax Officer
141CAPUS GovernmentCommercial Travel Office
142CAPMilitaryCommercial Travel Office
143CAPMiscellaneousCommodities Trading Ordinance
144CAPLocal - GhanaCommonwealth Telecommunication Organization
145CAPComputing - TelecomCommonwealth Telecommunications Organisation
146CAPTechnologyCommonwealth Telecommunications Organisation
147CAPTechnologyCommonwealth Telecommunications Organization
148CAPHealthCommunity Treatment Order
149CAP Companies or OrganizationsCompany Turn Over
150CAPMilitaryComparative Testing Office
151CAPWW2Compensated Time Off
152CAP Occupation & PositionsCompensatory Time Off
153CAPHRCompensatory Time Off
154CAPMedicalCompulsory Treatment Order
155CAPMedicalCompulsory Treatment Order
156CAP Normal BusinessComputer Technology Office
157CAPComputing - HardwareConfigure To Order
158CAPServiceConfigure to Order
159CAPMiscellaneousConfigured To Order
160CAPElectronicsConfigure-to-Order Systems Assembly
161CAPInternational - GuatemalanConsejo Tecnico Operativo
162CAP AMEX SymbolsConsolidated Tomoka Land Company
163CAPAir CargoContainer Terminal Operator
164CAPTransportationContainer Terminal Order
165CAPOilfieldContinuous Tubing Overshot
166CAPMiscellaneousContinuously Tardy Order
167CAPMicrobiologyContract Testing Organization
168CAPUS GovernmentContribution Towards Overheads
169CAPScienceControl Technology Office
170CAP Occupation & PositionsControl Tower Operator
171CAPMilitaryControl Tower Operator
172CAPTechnologyCoolant Temperature Override
173CAPMilitaryCorps Transportation Officer
174CAP AccountingCost To Own
175CAPAccountingCost to Own
176CAPTravel & TourismCyprus Tourism Organisation
177CAPTouristCyprus Tourism Organisation
178CAPTravel & TourismCyprus Tourism Organization
179CAPSocietyCyprus Tourist Organization
180CAPTravel & TourismCyrus Tourist Organization
181CAPMedicalSociety Treatment Order


CTO – Chief Expertise Officer

CTO means Chief Expertise Officer. It is usually referred to as a Chief Technical Officer or Chief Technologist. This designation offers scientific and technical points inside a corporation. The CTO is in government cost of a corporation’s technical and analysis and growth wants and is chargeable for creating and implementing new applied sciences with the objectives of the group. The CTO often experiences to the corporate’s CEO.


Working of Chief Expertise Officer

A Chief Expertise Officer is a part of a government crew in an organization. He leads expertise growth efforts throughout the firm. That is sometimes the very best place associated with expertise inside an organization. This requires management expertise, as CTOs usually lead groups of individuals within the data expertise division.

The CTO can resolve when applied sciences have to be up to date, so it is essential to keep up to date with developments within the discipline. To remain one step forward, additionally, it is necessary to control the competitors. The CTO might finish an abundance of analysis, and experiences might be generated. On this means, the choice could be made by the manager crew. The CTO will formulate an imaginative and prescient for the corporate and plans to realize it sooner or later. You will need to exploit the most effective expertise out there to offer expertise for the tip consumer and to make the work of workers extra environment friendly.

Since it is a senior place in an organization, it’s often essential to have several years of expertise ready associated with data expertise. For a reason that job entails many duties, it is necessary to be self-motivated and problem-solving, capable of multitasking and work effectively beneath strain. The CTO could maintain a bachelor’s, grasps or doctoral diploma in a discipline reminiscent of data expertise, laptop programming, or laptop science.


Duties of Chief Expertise Officer:

Chief Expertise Officer Features:

  • Sustaining and managing the corporate’s knowledge, safety, upkeep, community and technical roadmap
  • Planning using expertise throughout the firm and setting the technical technique for a similar
  • Set up contacts between prospects and enterprise and assist market IT tasks
  • To ascertain the company technique and enhance technical infrastructure, analyze goal market, and develop enterprise methods.
  • Offering technical opinions and monitoring inside an organization on the most recent applied sciences and technical methods
  • Analyzing a corporation’s short-term and long-term wants and planning funding to assist a corporation in obtaining its goals
  • Strategize to extend income and conduct return-on-investment evaluation
  • To guide expertise groups, present critical experience, set efficiency objectives and monitor crew members.
  • Technical assessment of merchandise or options
  • Monitoring the administration and upkeep of all {hardware}, software program, databases and licenses, upkeep
  • Sustaining current expertise and making related insurance policies
  • As well as, a CTO works intently with the CEO and senior administration and different members of the board.


CTO – Commercial Tax Officer

The publish of Commercial Tax Officer is an administrative post and is essential within the Business Tax Subordinate Providers Division of various state governments of the nation. Usually, the recruitment means of Business Tax Officer is performed by the State Public Service Fee (SPSC) of the involved state. The emptiness for the Business Tax Officer known as nearly yearly by way of the State Civil Providers Examination by SPSS. In some states, the choice course of for an industrial tax officer is performed on a direct tax foundation. The choice physique conducts the recruitment course of once in a while as required.

The capabilities of an industrial tax officer embrace an assortment of business taxes with the assistance of subordinate personnel, fixing industrial tariffs for industrial automobiles in varied heads, sustaining income data, figuring out taxes collected from various authorities. , Payroll, property tax submitting throughout the space of ​​gross sales and placement.

AC Full Form


Final Words:

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