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CVV Full Form

CVV Full Form: What Does CVV Stand For?

Do you want to know what is full form of CVV is? Then, here you will come to know what Does CVV stand for? Also all possible Full Form of CVV.

CVV Full Form

The term CVV has many full forms, but out of which most relevant full form is-

CVV Full Form is – Card Verification Value

Each bank card is protected. In addition to the unique number of the plastic card and personal pin-code, the CVC / CVV code is also provided to protect funds placed on a specific electronic account.

Payment systems have different security conditions for bank cards to provide increased protection against fraud when using them. CVV is an abbreviation for Card Verification Code (both phrases translate as “Card Verification Code”).

The CVV code is found in the information on the magnetic stripe of the bank card and is used when the debit or credit card is actually presented for payment.

The CVV code check aims to ensure that the issuing bank created the data recorded on the card’s magnetic stripe.

The CVV code is a three-digit number printed on the back of a bank card on the signature strip after the four-digit card number or next to the signature strip to the right of it. For the MasterCard payment system, the code is called CVC for VISA – CVV2. These codes CVV2 and CVC2 are used when paying on the Internet, by phone, and in other ways, in which the actual presentation of the bank card itself is not carried out. If your card does not have this code (as a rule, the CVC2 (CVV2) code is not available for Visa Electron or Maestro cards), then making payments via the Internet is impossible.

This is because remote payment increases the risk of using the stolen data. Therefore, in addition to the card number, the CVV2 (CVC2) code and the validity period of the bank card are requested.

What is the Concept of CVV?

CVC / CVV is a three-digit numeric code for verification or reconciliation for the authenticity of a bank card.

The name of the code is an abbreviation, the first letters of the English words that mean “card verification value,” which translates as the value of card verification.

What is needed for CVV?

A numerical CVV code is applied using identification-printing on the back of a plastic card, namely, on a paper-coated strip intended for the owner’s personal signature. Sometimes it can be indicated together with other numbers on the backside with space, for example, in one line with a duplicate of the card number, where it is their final part, that is, the last three digits.

Usually included in the protection system:

On credit cards;

On debit cards.

It is designed to use not the card itself when transferring money but only the data from it. Thus, a remote payment method is carried out.

Which payment systems use CVV code?

The most popular payment systems use the CVV code:



American Express;

Russian payment system – MIR.

The code abbreviation is subject to change. For example, for MIR, it consists of the letters CVP, but its purpose remains unchanged.

Such a digital code is a security element of a credit card or debit card when making payments via CNP data transfer (card not present). The movement of funds occurs without the participation of the bank account holder.

When is CVV code used?

Primarily CVV often used:

When making payments on the Internet (e-commerce, MO / TO – mail order/telephone order);

You need to top up your mobile phone balance;

In any store where bank cards are accepted;

As well as at ATMs.

To complete the payment on the Internet, the credit card owner must enter the three-digit code indicated on the back in a special field or attach the card to the reader in the store. The CVV code is indicated in numbers and recorded on the magnetic tape of a plastic bank card. It is from the tape that the device will read it.

How does the CVV system work?

The CVV code is sometimes indicated together with the number 1 or 2. This means that the security algorithm uses one of the verification methods to make a payment. Usually, if a digit is not indicated, it means that a double type of algorithm is used.

The numbers just need to be entered in the appropriate field at checkout for the purchase to be completed.

Sometimes it is not indicated at all on a bank card as a result of the fact that it is not printed on it. However, this does not mean that there is no CVV protection system.

It is sometimes banned as a technology by the issuing bank. This condition can be set for some types of cards. The reasons are the insufficient level of security of the code when paying on the Internet. But such drastic measures are used in exceptional cases, for example, on particular types of cards.

What are the Disadvantages of CVV?

Along with ease of use, the CVV code has several disadvantages. For example:

Such protection is useless for phishing. Each credit card user must independently ensure that when making payments in the store, the side where the CVV code is indicated always faces the floor or does not fall into the field of view of unauthorized persons. However, this will not help in the event of phishing attacks on the Internet if the holder of the plastic card stores its data in the browser;

The seller does not keep the CVV code. These security conditions are established as required by the PCI DSS standard. Therefore, when paying for a product, for example, music on the iTunes Store, the user will have to enter the bank card details each time anew.

The same conditions for using bank cards exist for PayPal, Steam, PlayStation Network services.

CVV Full Form in Banking

Card Verification Value

What Does CVV Stand For?

CVV stands for – Card Verification Value

What Does CVV Stand For on A Credit Card?

On A Credit Card CVV stands for – Card Verification Value

OTG Full Form

What is Full Forms of CVV

Now, here is the complete Full-Form list of the term CVV.

Sr. No.TermCategoryCVV Full Form
1CVVInformation TechnologyCard Verification Value
2CVVMedicalCache Valley virus
3CVVPharmaceuticalCandidate Vaccine Virus
5CVVAutomotiveCanister Vent Valve
6CVVUncategorizedCanonical View Volume
9CVVAutomotiveCar and Vehicle Valuation
10CVVTechnologyCard Security Code
11CVVCreditCard Validation Value
12CVVUncategorizedCard Value Verification
13CVVComputingCard Verification Value
14CVVUncategorizedCard Verification Values
15CVVCardCardholder Verification Value
16CVVFoodCash Value Voucher
17CVVUncategorizedCash Value Vouchers
18CVVHealth ServiceCash-Value Voucher
19CVVUncategorizedCentral Vision Valley
20CVVVirologyCitrus Variegation Virus
21CVVMedicalCitrus variegation virus
22CVVCivilizationCivilization Vulture Victoria
23CVVUncategorizedCoda version vector
24CVVUncategorizedColorado Vincentian Volunteers
25CVVArtCompressor Variable Vane
26CVVInformation TechnologyComputer Vision and Voice
27CVVAutomotiveContingent Value Vehicle
28CVVAutomotiveControl Configured Vehicle
29CVVUncategorizedCoral View Villas
30CVVNeurologyCortical Vascular Volume
31CVVAutomotiveCrankcase Vent Valve
34CVVUncategorizedCrankcase Ventilation Valve
35CVVAccountingCredit card Validation or Verification
36CVVAccountingCredit Verification Value
37CVVAccountingCreditcard Validation Value
38CVVOncologyCross Validation Value
39CVVUncategorizedCue Validity Variance
40CVVUncategorizedCulinary Ventures Vending
41CVVBankingCustomer Verification Value
42CVVOpticsCylindrical Vector Vortex


What is CVV Number Full Form in Banking

Card Verification Value

What is CVV Full Form in Debit Card

Card Verification Value

What Does CVV Stand For on A Credit Card?

On A Credit Card CVV stands for – Card Verification Value

Final Words:

I hope you get what you want to know about CVV. If you want to know the full forms of other term, then please ask by comments or email. Your valuable comments are always welcome.

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