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DEO Full Form

DEO Full Form

DEO Full Form: What Does DEO Stand For?

Do you want to know what is full form of DEO is? Then, here you will come to know what Does DEO stand for? Also all possible Full Form of DEO.

DEO Full Form

The term DEO has many full form, but out of which most relevant

DEO Full Form is – District Election Officer

2) DEO – Data Entry Operator

What Does DEO Stands For?

DEO stands for – District Election Officer and Data Entry Operator

All Full Forms of DEO

Here is the complete Full Form list of the term DEO.

Sr. No.TermCategoryDEO Full Form
4DEOPakistanData Entry Officer
5DEOOccupation & PositionsData Entry Operator
6DEOJobsData Entry Operator
7DEOExamData Entry Operator
8DEOExamData Entry Operators
9DEOUncategorizedDatapages Exploration Objects
10DEOExamDate Entry Operator
11DEOExamDate Entry Operators
12DEOPharmaceuticalDate Eyes Opened
13DEOLocal - Airport CodesDearborn, Michigan USA
14DEOScienceDecommissioning and Environmental Operations
15DEOEmploymentDeduction from Earnings Order
16DEOLocal - BritishDeduction from Earnings Order (UK)
17DEOChildDeduction of Earnings Order
18DEOUncategorizedDeductions Earnings Order
19DEOEmploymentDeductions from Earnings Order
20DEOChildDeductions from Earnings Orders
21DEOUncategorizedDeep East Oakland
22DEOMilitaryDefence Equity Organization
23DEOUncategorizedDefence Estate Officer
24DEOGovernmentDefence Estate Organisation
25DEOArmyDefence Estates Officer
26DEOMilitaryDefence Estates Organisation
27DEOUncategorizedDefence Exhibition Organisation
28DEOIndiaDefence Exhibitions Organisation
29DEOEmploymentDefense Employment Option
30DEOTechnologyDefense Employment Option
31DEOUncategorizedDefense Exhibition Organization
34DEOUncategorizedDelaware Energy Office
35DEOUncategorizedDelete option
36DEOTechnologyDelete Option
37DEOTechnologyDelete Order
38DEOUncategorizedDelta Elite Operatives
39DEOUncategorizedDentist Entrepreneur Organization
40DEOLondon Stock ExchangeDeo Petroleum
41DEOLinguisticsdeontic mood
43DEOUniversityDepartment Executive Officer
44DEOUncategorizedDepartment Executive Officers
45DEOUncategorizedDepartment Executive Officers
46DEOEconomyDepartment of Economic Opportunity
47DEOFloridaDepartment of Economic Opportunity
48DEOUncategorizedDepartment of Equal Opportunity
49DEOFBI FilesDepartment of External Operations
50DEOFBIDepartment of External Operations
51DEOUncategorizedDepartment of Extranormal Operations
52DEOBookDepartment of Extranormal Operations
53DEOComicsDepartment of Extranormal Operations
54DEOCollegeDepartmental Executive Officer
55DEOUncategorizedDepartmental Executive Officers
56DEOEducationalDeputy Education Officer
57DEOUncategorizedDeputy Education Officer
58DEOSchoolDeputy Educational Officer
59DEOGovernmentDeputy Ethics Official
60DEOProgramDeputy Executive Officer
61DEOTechnologyDesign Engineering Office
62DEOOccupation & PositionsDesign Executive Officer
63DEOBusinessDesign Executive Officer
64DEOUncategorizedDesignated Education Officer
65DEOUncategorizedDesignated Election Official
66DEOForestryDesignated Environment Official
67DEOTechnologyDesignated Escort Official
68DEOUncategorizedDesigning Experiences and Originality
69DEOMiningDesired Environmental Outcome
70DEOGovernmentDetention Enforcement Officer
71DEOUncategorizedDetention Enforcement Officers
72DEOCairoDeutsche Evangelische Oberschule
73DEOEnglishDeveloping English Organization
74DEOUncategorizedDevelopment & Exempt Organizations
75DEODevelopmentDevelopment Effectiveness Overview
76DEOAmericaDevelopment Effectiveness Overview
77DEOUncategorizedDiabetes Education Online
78DEOOrganizationsDiageo plc
79DEONYSE SymbolsDiageo, P. L. C.
80DEOInstallationDiagnostic Electrique Obligatoire
81DEOUncategorizedDiagnostique Electrique Obligatoire
82DEOOilDiesel Engine Oil
83DEOCatDiesel Engine Oils
85DEOUncategorizedDigital End Office
86DEOMilitaryDigital End Office
87DEOUncategorizedDijkhoek en Omstreken
88DEOArmyDirect Entry Officer
89DEOWW2Direct Entry Officer
91DEOUncategorizedDirect Entry Officers
92DEOUncategorizedDirect-Entry Officer
93DEOScienceDirector of Emergency Operations
94DEOUncategorizedDirector of Equal Opportunity
95DEOUncategorizedDiscipleship, Encounter, Outreach
96DEOUncategorizedDiscourse Elements Ontology
97DEOUncategorizedDiscovering Entrepreneurial Opportunities
98DEOEducationalDistrict Education Office
99DEOEducationalDistrict Education Officer
100DEOTeachingDistrict Education Officer
101DEOTeachingDistrict Education Officers
102DEOOfficeDistrict Education Offices
103DEOSchoolDistrict Educational Office
104DEOEducationalDistrict Educational Officer
105DEODistrictDistrict Educational Officer
106DEOExamDistrict Educational Officers
107DEOVotingDistrict Election Office
108DEOUncategorizedDistrict Election Officer
109DEOElectionsDistrict Election Officer
110DEOElectionDistrict Electoral Officer
111DEOElectionDistrict Electoral Officers
112DEOUncategorizedDistrict Employment Office
113DEOGroupDistrict Employment Officer
114DEOUncategorizedDistrict Engineer Office
115DEOWW2District Engineer Officer
116DEOGovernmentDistrict Engineering Office
117DEOProjectionDistrict Engineering Offices
118DEOUncategorizedDistrict Environment Officer
119DEOUncategorizedDistrict Environmental Officer
120DEOUncategorizedDistrict Extension Officer
121DEOUncategorizedDiversity & Equal Opportunity
122DEOUncategorizedDiversity and Equal Opportunity
123DEOUncategorizedDivision of Emergency Operations
124DEOGovernmentDivision of Emergency Operations
125DEOBusinessDivision of Enterprise Operations
126DEOEducationDivisional Education Officer
127DEOPolice ForceDivisional Enquiry Officer
128DEOGovernmentDivisional Enquiry Officer
129DEOUncategorizedDominion East Ohio
130DEOEnergyDominion East Ohio (energy)
131DEOUncategorizedDoug ellis out
132DEOUncategorizedDowntown Episcopal Outreach
133DEOInformation TechnologyDynamic External Objects

DEO- District Election Officer

DEO stands for District Election Officer. The District Election Workplace is liable for monitoring the tutorial, administrative and authorized actions for the faculties within the district below the Division of Schooling, Authorities of India. Till 2012 the workplace oversaw the mandal, serving greater than hundreds of thousands of scholars in authorities colleges and personal colleges. Two places of work are appointed in every district.

The submit of District Primary Schooling Officer (District Primary Schooling Officer) is widespread in varied state governments which act as a authorities consultant within the discipline of fundamental training and work on the district stage. District Primary Schooling Officer Group is the ‘B’ (Gazetted) submit. In a lot of the instances, the candidates for the submit of District Primary Schooling Officer are being chosen by the State Public Service Fee (State PSC) of the involved state.

The number of candidates for the posts of District Primary Schooling Officer is being accomplished by way of the State Degree Civil Providers Examination carried out yearly by the State Public Service Fee. The features of the District Primary Schooling Officer embody overseeing all district stage administrative companies within the discipline of fundamental training; To take appointment, attendance, promotion, inspection and punitive motion in case of irregularities towards fundamental training lecturers in authorities colleges falling within the district space; Implementation of insurance policies and packages within the discipline of fundamental training and so forth.

When and The place to Begin

The candidate can go for a bachelor’s stage diploma from a acknowledged college / institute. Candidates can select training or another most well-liked stream at UG stage.

After finishing commencement, candidates have to use for the state civil service examination which is carried out yearly. The examination will include three phases, which embody preliminary examination, predominant examination and interview. Candidates should qualify in all three phases of the examination to qualify for recruitment.

After the outcomes are out and the candidate passes the examination, the State Public Service Fee will recruit the candidates for the submit of District Schooling Officer.

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