DSO Full Form

DSO Full Form: What Does DSO Stand For?

Do you want to know what is full form of DSO is? Then, here you will come to know what Does DSO stand for? Also all possible Full Form of DSO.

DSO Full Form

The term DSO has many full forms, but out of which most relevant

DSO Full Form is – Days Sales Outstanding

Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) is the unit of measurement to find out the average number of days remaining to convert credit sales into cash. With the help of DSO, one can measure or find out how long it will take a company to get it’s account receivables.

The time span used to gauge DSO can be month wise, quarterly, or yearly. On the off chance that the outcome is a low DSO, it implies that the business takes less days to gather the receivables. Then again, a higher DSO stresses that it takes more time to gather receivables. A high DSO can prompt income issues over the long haul. DSO is one of three essential measurements used to ascertain an organization’s money transformation cycle.

DSO Full Form in Electronics

A Digital Storage Oscilloscope

DSO Full Form in Government

District Supply Officer

What Does DSO Stands For?

DSO stands for – Days Sales Outstanding

What is Full Forms of DSO

Here is the complete list of Full Form of DSO.

Sr. No.TermCategoryDSO Full Form
1DSOUncategorizedDaily Sales Outstanding
2DSOMusicDallas Symphony Orchestra
3DSOOccupation & PositionsDance Studio Owner
4DSOEducationalDark Sky Observation
5DSOObservatoriesDark Sky Observatory
6DSOMusicDark Star Orchestra
7DSOUncategorizedData Services Only
8DSOInformation TechnologyData Source Object
9DSOUncategorizedData Store Object
10DSOTechnologyData Store Object
11DSOAccountingDay Sales Outstanding
12DSOUncategorizedDays of Sales Outstanding
13DSOEngineeringDays Sale Outstanding
14DSOAccountingDays Sales Outstanding
15DSOBusinessDays Sales Outstanding
16DSONormal BusinessDealer Special Order
17DSOEducationalDean of Students Office
18DSOInformation TechnologyDecision Support Object
19DSOAstronomyDeep sky object
20DSOLocal - CountriesDeep Sky Objects
21DSOEducationalDeepsky Small Optics
22DSOAcademic & ScienceDefence Science Organisation
23DSOTechnologyDefence Sciences Office
24DSOUncategorizedDefense Services Organization
25DSOUncategorizedDefense Spectrum Organization
26DSOArmyDefensive Systems Officer
27DSOUncategorizedDeinstitutionalization of Status Offenders
28DSOMusicDelaware Symphony Orchestra
29DSOUncategorizedDelft South Origins
30DSOUncategorizedDelta Sigma Omicron
31DSOPharmaceuticalDental Support Organization
34DSOComputer SecurityDepartmental Security Officer
35DSOArmyDeputy Supply Officer
36DSOUncategorizedDesign Studio Online
37DSOOccupation & PositionsDesignated School Official
38DSOSchoolsDesignated School Officials
39DSOTechnologyDetailed Science Objective
40DSOAstronomyDetailed Supplementary Objective
41DSOMusicDetroit Symphony Orchestra
42DSODevelopmentDevelopment Services Office
43DSODevelopmentDevelopment Solutions Org
44DSOUncategorizedDevelopmental Services Ontario
45DSOEducationalDigital Sampling Oscilloscope
46DSOObservatoriesDigital Skills Observatory
47DSOEducationalDigital Storage Oscilloscope
48DSONormal BusinessDirect Sales Organization
49DSOErgonomicsDirect Service Organisation
50DSOPoliticsDirector of Site Operations
51DSOPharmaceuticalDisability Services Office
52DSODisabilityDisability Services Office
53DSOUncategorizedDisaster Summary Outline
54DSOUncategorizedDispatch Scheduling Optimizer
55DSOAcademic & ScienceDispatcher's Standing Order
56DSOUncategorizedDisplaced Significant Other
57DSOUncategorizedDistinctive Service Order
58DSOArmyDistinguished Service Order
59DSOUncategorizedDistributed Shared Objects
60DSOOccupation & PositionsDistribution System Operator
61DSOUncategorizedDistrict Sales Office
62DSOProductsDistrict Special Order
63DSOUncategorizedDistrict Support Operations
64DSOSCUBADive Safety Officer
65DSOInformation TechnologyDivision of Security Operations
66DSONormal BusinessDomestic Special Order
67DSOCriminalDrug Strategy Officer
68DSOEducationalDry Socket Obtundant
69DSOGovernmentDuck Stamp Office
70DSOInformation TechnologyDynamic Shared Object
71DSOInformation TechnologyDynamic Soundstage Organizer

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