DND Full Form

DND Full Form

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DND Full Form

The term DND has many full forms, but out of which most relevant

DND Full Form is –Do Not Disturb

Many times people feel a lot of trouble due to the need of marketing messages in their phones. Such messages and calls do not contain special information related to service, due to which such calls or messages are not useful and it seems right to stop them. DND is used to avoid all this. The meaning of saying DND is ‘Don’t disturb’. This service was started by the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India, which all telecom companies in India have to accept. By using this service, the customer can prevent unnecessary phone calls and SMS from telecom companies from coming into their phones. If a customer registers his mobile number under DND, then any kind of non-urgent SMS or call from his company will not come from the company.

DND is implemented in the same way for various telecom companies operating in India like Aircel, Airtel, BSNL, Tata Docomo, Idea, MTNL, Reliance, Vodafone etc. Below is a description of the specific code and procedure for this.

‘If you do not want any kind of marketing message or call in your phone’, then write ‘START 0’ from your mobile phone and send it to 1909. By doing this, DND will be activated in your phone, and any kind of alerts will not come in your phone. This facility can also be partially availed. This means that if you want bank alerts but do not want education, education etc., for this, SMS can be sent to this number with a different code.

Special Instructions

If you only want to turn off alerts related to banking, insurance or credit card financial products etc., then write ‘START 1’ from your phone and send it to 1909. Read the new avatar of banking, mobile banking here.

  • To stop alerts related to real estate, write ‘START 2’ and send it to 1909.
  • If you want to block alerts about education related promotions, then type ‘START 3’ from your mobile phone and send it to 1909.
  • If you want to stop health related alerts, then type ‘START 4’ from your mobile and send it to 1909.
  • If the consumer wants to stop the automobile and related promotional alerts, then you can send ‘START 5’ to 1909 from your mobile phone.
  • If you want to stop communication-broadcasting and IT entertainment, then send ‘START 6’ to 1909 from your mobile phone.
  • If you are troubled by tourism alerts and just want to stop it, then type ‘START 7’ from your mobile phone and send it to 1909.

In this way, mobile customers can send DND from their mobile phones to the telecom services they are using. After sending the DND to the selected subject, the customer does not receive any SMS or call related to that subject.

What Does DND Stands For?

DND stands for – Do Not Disturb

What is DND Meaning

The term DND was used for many purposes, but the most relevant meaning of DND is – Do Not Disturb

All Full Forms of DND

Here is the complete Full-Form list of the term DND.

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Sr. No.TermCategoryDND Full Form
1DNDTechnologyCanadian Department of National Defence
2DNDToronto Stock ExchangeCipher Pharmaceuticals Incorporated
3DNDUncategorizedDaily Nationwide Distribution
4DNDTechnologyDaily Noise Dose
5DNDFeatDancing night and day
6DNDBlitzDartmouth Name Directory
7DNDTechnologyData Network Division
8DNDTelecomData Network Divisionsion
9DNDUncategorizedData Networking Division
10DNDMedia CenterDave N Dan radio show
11DNDMediaDave N Dan radio show
12DNDUncategorizedDawn of a New Day
13DNDZoologyDead End
14DNDFertilityDead End Gene
15DNDUncategorizedDeal or No Deal
16DNDMusicDeath N Destruction
17DNDUncategorizedDefense and Dang
18DNDNeurosurgeryDelayed Neurological Deficit
19DNDMedicalDelayed Neuronal Death
20DNDUncategorizedDelhi Noida Direct
21DNDUncategorizedDen Norske Dataforening
22DNDArmyDepartment of National Defence
23DNDTechnologyDepartment of National Defence
24DNDCanadaDepartment of National Defence of Canada
25DNDUncategorizedDepartment of National Defense
26DNDGovernmentDepartment of National Defense
27DNDDevelopmentDepartment of Neighborhood Development
28DNDHousing & AmenitiesDetailed Neighborhood Design
29DNDUncategorizedDialable Number Delivery
30DNDUncategorizedDid Not Dress
31DNDPharmaceuticalDie a Natural Death
32DNDPharmaceuticalDied a Natural Death
33DNDMedicalDied A Natural Death
34DNDUncategorizedDiscord and Doodles
35DNDUncategorizedDisgust and Disappointment
36DNDWindsurfingDisqualification Not Discardable
37DNDUncategorizedDistrict of North Dakota
38DNDScience FictionDiurnal Nomad Dwarfers
39DNDUncategorizedDNDNSERC Discovery
40DNDInformation TechnologyDND's Not Dunes
41DNDInformation TechnologyDo Not Delete
42DNDUncategorizedDo Not Destroy
43DNDUncategorizedDo Not Disclose
44DNDInternet - ChatDo Not Display
45DNDInformation TechnologyDo Not Disturb
46DNDCouponingDo Not Double
47DNDArmyDo Not Draft
48DNDBusinessDo Not Duplicate
49DNDInformation TechnologyDrag aNd Drop
50DNDUncategorizedDrag N Drop
53DNDComputingDrang and Drop
54DNDUncategorizedDream aNd Dreamer
55DNDPharmaceuticalDrugs for Neglected Diseases
56DNDMedicalDrugs for Neglected Diseases
57DNDUncategorizedDrunk And Dumb
58DNDAirport CodeDundee Airport
59DNDLocal - Airport CodesDundee, Scotland, UK
60DNDGamingDungeons & Dragons
61DNDInformation TechnologyDungeons and Dragons
62DNDGamingDungeons and Dragons
63DNDPharmaceuticalDungeons and Drugs
64DNDUncategorizedDungeons N Dragons
65DNDInformation TechnologyDynamic Network Design
66DNDEducationalNorske Dataforening
67DNDLocal - CountriesNorwegian Computer Society

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