GBP Full Form

GBP Full Form: What Does GBP Stand For?

Dear Friends, do you want to know what is full form of GBP is? If yes, then you are at the right place, because here you will not only get the all possible Full Form of GBP but also get detailed information about GBP. Not only this, you will also come to know what Does GBP stand for?

GBP Full Form

The term GBP has many full forms, but out of which most relevant

GBP Full Form is –Great Britain Pound

GBP is the currency of the Great Britain, which has symbol £. The official name of GBP is sterling pound, but it is commonly known as the pound.

Its official name is sterling pound but commonly it is known as the pound.

GBP Full Form in Currency

GBP Full Form in Currency is – Great Britain Pound

GBP Full Form in Medical

GBP Full Form in Medical is – General Blood Picture

What Does GBP Stand For?

GBP stands for – British Pound Sterling

British pound (frequently referred to as the pound sterling) is the State Currency of Great Britain. Sterling, literally translated from English, means “silver coin”. The currency has been used since the 12th century. In the international Forex market, the United Kingdom’s currency is in third place among the world’s reserve currencies. The alphabetic symbol of the British currency is GBP.

The pound sterling is sibdivided into 100 pence (unit of a penny). Symbol – £ (from Latin Libra – libra, equivalent to a pound). The smallest pound sterling coin is called a penny. The international designation of the pound sterling is GBP. All British pound sterling banknotes depict Queen Elizabeth II.

What Does GBP Stand For in Money?

In Money GBP stands for – British Pound Sterling

All Full Forms of GBP

Now, below is the list of All Full Form of GBP.

Sr. No.TermCategoryGBP Full Forms
1GBPLocal - CurrenciesBritish Pound
3GBPOrganizationsGables Residential Trust
4GBPElectronicsGain Bandwidth Product
5GBPSurgeryGallbladder Perforation
6GBPGastroenterologyGallbladder Polyp
7GBPGastroenterologyGallbladder Polyps
8GBPCubeGame Boy Player
9GBPInformation TechnologyGame Boy Pocket
10GBPMiscellaneousGamma Beta Phi
11GBPUncategorizedGastric Bypass Patients
12GBPSurgeryGastric Bypass Procedure
13GBPMedicalGastric Bypass Surgery
14GBPBiochemistryGastrin-Binding Protein
15GBPMedicalGated Blood Pool
16GBPRadiologyGated cardiac Blood Pool
17GBPPhysiologyGated equilibrium Blood Pool
18GBPAlgorithmGaussian belief propagation
19GBPMusicGay Band Party
20GBPChatGay Boy Problems
21GBPDentistryG-Bond Plus
22GBPUncategorizedGender Budget Program
23GBPMedicalGene B Protein
24GBPHousing & AmenitiesGeneral Building Plan
25GBPShellGeneral Business Principles
26GBPTechnologyGeneralized Belief Propagation
27GBPUncategorizedGenesis Bitmap Pattern
28GBPPharmaceuticalGenetic Brain Pulse
29GBPUncategorizedGeomatics Business Park
30GBPUncategorizedGeorgia Biomedical Partnership
31GBPPharmaceuticalGeorgia Board of Pharmacy
34GBPUncategorizedGeorgian Border Police
35GBPClimateGeosphere Biosphere Programme
36GBPUncategorizedGerber Bottom Paste
37GBPAllergyGerman Black Pied
38GBPUncategorizedGerman Business Portal
39GBPUncategorizedGet the British Pound
40GBPCellGFP-Binding Peptide
41GBPBiochemistryGFP-Binding Protein
42GBPBiomedical ResearchGiga Base Pairs
43GBPOtolaryngologyGlasgow Benefit Plot
45GBPUncategorizedGlenn Beck Program
46GBPUncategorizedGlobal Banks Premium
47GBPUncategorizedGlobal Best Practice
48GBPUncategorizedGlobal Bolus Plot
49GBPInformationGlobal Buffer Pool
50GBPBusinessGlobal Business Pages
51GBPUncategorizedGlobal Business Park
52GBPManagerGlobal Business Partners
53GBPUnitingGlobal Business Partnership
54GBPUncategorizedGlobal Business Payments
55GBPUncategorizedGlobal Business Plan
56GBPCorporationGlobal Business Power
57GBPInternational BusinessGlobal Business Practice
58GBPLondonGlobal Business Process
59GBPUncategorizedGlobal Business Processing
60GBPBusinessGlobal Business Program
61GBPBusinessGlobal Business Project
62GBPLondon Stock ExchangeGlobal Pet.
63GBPASX SymbolsGlobal Petroleum Ltd
64GBPMedicalGlucose-Binding Protein
65GBPMedicalGlutamate-Binding Protein
66GBPBiotechnologyGlycan Binding Protein
67GBPDentistryGlycan Binding Proteins
68GBPTechnologyGlycinin Basic Polypeptide
69GBPChemistryGold Binding Peptide
70GBPBoxingGolden Boy Promotions
71GBPBusinessGood Block Proof
72GBPInternetGood Boy Points
73GBPMedicalGood Business Practice
74GBPUncategorizedGraduate Business Partnership
75GBPUncategorizedGraduate Business Programs
76GBPUncategorizedGraduation by Proficiency
77GBPUncategorizedGraph for British Pound
78GBPUncategorizedGrassland Bypass Project
79GBPGovernmentGravity Based Penalty
80GBPUncategorizedGravity-Based Penalty
81GBPEducationalGreat Brain Project
82GBPCurrencyGreat Britain Pound
83GBPForexGreat Britain Pound Sterling
84GBPUncategorizedGreater Boston Photography
85GBPUncategorizedGreater Buffalo Press
86GBPUncategorizedGreen Baize Packers
87GBPFoodGreen Banana Pulp
88GBPUncategorizedGreen Bandit Productions
89GBPBoxGreen Bay Packaging
91GBPSportGreen Bay Packers
92GBPCollegeGreen Bike Program
93GBPMarketGreen Bond Principles
94GBPUncategorizedGreen Builder Program
95GBPUncategorizedGreen Building Press
96GBPEnergyGreen Building Program
97GBPUncategorizedGreen Business Partnership
98GBPUncategorizedGreen Business Programs
99GBPFishkeepingGreen Button Polyps
100GBPUncategorizedGreenwich Biotech Partners
101GBPUncategorizedGross Berth Productivity
102GBPUncategorizedGross Bitcoin Product
103GBPBusinessGround Bearing Pressure
104GBPUncategorizedGround Breaking Procedure
105GBPNetworkingGroup Based Policy
106GBPHealthGroup Benefits Plan
107GBPTexasGroup Benefits Program
108GBPNormal BusinessGroup Bonus Points
109GBPHospitalityGroup Booking Pace
110GBPTechnologyGroup Buffer Pool
111GBPFinanceGroup Business Plan
112GBPNetworkingGroup-Based Policy
113GBPOphthalmologyGroup-index-Bandwidth Product
114GBPMedicalGrowth-blocking peptide
115GBPPharmaceuticalGSK Binding Protein
116GBPMoneyPound sterling

Final Words:

So, friends, I hope you get what you want to know about GBP. Do you want to know the full forms of the term other than GBP? Then please ask by comments or email. Your valuable comments are always welcome.

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