ICS Full Form

ICS Full Form: What Does ICS Stand For?

Do you want to know what is full form of ICS is? Then, here you will come to know what Does ICS stand for? Also all possible Full Form of ICS.

ICS Full Form

The term ICS has many full form, but out of which most relevant

ICS Full Form is – Internet Connection Sharing

ICS Full Form is “Internet Connection Sharing.”

With ICS, you can connect multiple computers to the Internet on the same Internet connection and IP address. Most common example of ICS is in a home or small office, several computers are connected to the single DSL modem or same cable with the help of router. So until this router is connected to the modem and Internet is up, then every computer connected to this router are also connected to that Internet.

In this case, same IP address will be shared to all computers using NAT (Network address translation).

2) ICS – Indian Civil Service

Government of India Act 1858 creates Indian Civil Service to deal with the administration and authorities of these elements of India previously administered by the East India Firm.

The East India Firm was initially – and certainly remained till its finish – a personal buying and selling firm, which at one time was liable for half of the world’s commerce. From the seventeenth century it ventured into Indian political affairs to guard its commerce; As well as, the Mughal rulers had been empowered to weaken and to behave as tax collectors in different elements of India. Defending its place with regionally recruited armies in every of the three Presidencies (Working Space), situated in its three Presidencies (Calcutta, Bombay and Madras), or extra precisely advancing, it quickly superior by way of the eighteenth century. Developed into a significant political pressure in India.

What Does ICS Stands For?

ICS stands for – Internet Connection Sharing and Indian Civil Service

All Full Forms of ICS

Here is the complete Full Form list of the term ICS.

Sr. No.TermCategoryICS Full Form
1ICSInternet - ChatI Cant Sleep
2ICSEducationalIce and Climate Solutions
3ICSComputingIce Cream Sandwich
4ICSInformation TechnologyIce Cream Sandwich (Android v 4.0)
5ICSCybersecurityIdeal Costa Scheme
6ICSKnightIdentification Code Service
7ICSTechnologyIdentification Code Sorting
8ICSTechnologyIdentification Codes
9ICSUncategorizedIdentify Conceptualize and Start
10ICSFunnyIdiotic Corporate Silliness
11ICSAutomotiveIdle Control Solenoid
12ICSComputingIEEE Computer Society
13ICSIgnitionIgnition Control System
14ICSBiostatisticsIllness Cognitions Scale
15ICSUncategorizedImage Conscious Studios
16ICSBiophysicsImage Correlation Spectroscopy
17ICSInformation TechnologyImage Cytometry Standard
18ICSImmigrationImmigration Counselling Service
19ICSMedicalImmotile Cilia Syndrome
20ICSAlcoholImpaired Control Scale
21ICSUncategorizedImperial Civil Services
22ICSUncategorizedImplementation and Customer Services
23ICSMedicalImplementation Climate Scale
24ICSTechnologyImplementation Conformance Statement
25ICSUncategorizedImport Certification System
26ICSSupply ChainImport Control System
27ICSTentImproved Combat Shelter
28ICSCuckooImproved Cuckoo Search
29ICSCultivationImprovement of Crop Statistics
30ICSPolice ForceIn Constant Situation
31ICSFunnyInane Continuous Spouting
34ICSMilitaryIncident Command Structure
35ICSJuridicalIncident Command System
36ICSGovernmentIncident Command Systems
37ICSEducationalIn-Class Support
38ICSMedicalInclusion Complexes
39ICSTechnologyIncoming Call Screening
40ICSEducationalIncredible Cross-Section
41ICSTechnologyIncremental Change Synchronization
42ICSUncategorizedIncremental-Composite Sampling
43ICSNeurologyIndependence Care System
44ICSServiceIndependent Clinical Services
45ICSMedicalIndependent Components
46ICSServiceIndependent Content Services
47ICSUS GovernmentIndex of Consumer Sentiment
48ICSMedicalIndian Cancer Society
49ICSUncategorizedIndian Cartilage Society
50ICSMedicalIndian Chest Society
51ICSIndiaIndian Civil Service
52ICSSocietyIndian Cultural Society
53ICSSocietyIndian Society School
54ICSTentIndividual Combat Shelter
55ICSNursingIndividualized Care Scale
56ICSAudioIndustrial Communication & Sound
57ICSEducationalIndustrial Computing Society
58ICSTechnologyIndustrial Control System
60ICSCybersecurityInexpensive Cloaking Script
61ICSNursingInfant Care Survey
62ICSSurgeryInfectious Complications
63ICSFunnyInfinite City Sleaze
64ICSSocietyInfinite City Sprawl
65ICSConsultingInfinity Consulting Solutions
66ICSCardiologyInflammatory Cells
67ICSMedicalInflammatory cells
68ICSMedicalInflammatory Cytokines
69ICSEducationalIn-floor Cleaning System
70ICSGovernmentInformal Caregiver Supplement
71ICSOncologyInformal Caregivers
72ICSInformationInformation & Communications Services
73ICSUncategorizedInformation & Computing Sciences
74ICSAcademic & ScienceInformation and Communication Science
75ICSScienceInformation and Communications Security
76ICSComputingInformation and Computer Science
77ICSUnited NationsInformation Centres Services
78ICSInformation TechnologyInformation Collaboration Site
79ICSUncategorizedInformation Communication Services
80ICSUncategorizedInformation Communications Standstill
81ICSPharmaceuticalInhaled Corticosteroid
82ICSPharmaceuticalInhaled Corticosteroids
83ICSUncategorizedInhaled Corticosteroids Suggest
84ICSPoliticsInitial Contingency Staff
85ICSUncategorizedInitiative for Compliance and Sustainability
86ICSInternet - ChatInner City Sleeping
87ICSUncategorizedInnovative Communication Systems
88ICSUncategorizedInnovative Control Systems
89ICSCompanies or OrganizationsInnovative Crating Solutions
91ICSTransportationInstant Cart Service
92ICSAlcatelInstant Communications Suite
93ICSCybersecurityInstitute for Cyber Science
94ICSOilfieldInstitute Of Chartered Shipbrokers
95ICSUncategorizedInstructional Communications Systems
96ICSNASAInstrument Coordinate System
97ICSNASA - SpaceInstrumentation Control System
98ICSUncategorizedInsured Cash Sweep
99ICSChemistryIntegral Cross Section
100ICSInformation TechnologyIntegrated Cable System
101ICSPharmacyIntegrated Care System
102ICSTechnologyIntegrated Chassis System
103ICSNASA - SpaceIntegrated Checkout Station
104ICSEducationIntegrated Children's System
105ICSEducationalIntegrated Circuitry System
106ICSUncategorizedIntegrated commercialization solutions
107ICSInformation TechnologyIntegrated Communication Services
108ICSCompanies or OrganizationsIntegrated Communication Solutions
109ICSArmyIntegrated Communication System
110ICSNavigationIntegrated Communications System
111ICSUncategorizedIntegrated Compliance Solutions
112ICSUncategorizedIntegrated Compliant Solutions
113ICSComputingIntegrated Computer Solutions
114ICSConsultingIntegrated Consulting Services
115ICSInformation TechnologyIntegrated Control and Supervision
116ICSManufacturingIntegrated Control Station
117ICSUncategorizedIntegrated Control System
118ICSScientificIntegrated Country Strategy
119ICSInformation TechnologyIntegrating Cognitive Systems
120ICSUncategorizedIntegration Cloud Services
121ICSProductsIntelligent Clearance Sonar
122ICSProductsIntelligent Control System
123ICSInformation TechnologyInter Cluster Separation
124ICSProductsInteractive Communications System
125ICSLocal StatesInteragency Communications Structure
126ICSNASA - SpaceInter-Communication System
127ICSLocalIntercontinental Church Society
128ICSPharmaceuticalIntercostal space
129ICSUncategorizedIntercultural Conflict Style
130ICSNASA - SpaceInterface Control Specification
131ICSInformation TechnologyInterface To Content Server
132ICSSocietyInterfaith Society Services
133ICSMedicalInterferon Consensus Sequence
134ICSArmyInterim Contractor Support
135ICSAthleticsIntermediate Climbing School
136ICSComputingIntermediate Computer Science
137ICSEducationalIntermediate in Computer Sciences
138ICSLocal - CountriesIntermittent Current Surge
139ICSNASAInternal Calibration Source
140ICSNASAInternal Calibration Subassembly
141ICSProductsInternal Cleansing System
142ICSArmyInternal Communications System
143ICSEducationalInternal Component System
144ICSUncategorizedInternal Compression System
145ICSInformation TechnologyInternal Computer Settings
146ICSGovernmentInternal Control Standards
147ICSInternationalInternational Carbohydrate Symposium
148ICSInternationalInternational Card Services
149ICSCertifications & DiplomasInternational Certification Services
150ICSOilfieldInternational Chamber Of Shipping
151ICSChessInternational Chess School, Montville, New Jersey
152ICSNourishmentInternational Chili Society
153ICSLocalInternational Christian School
154ICSUncategorizedInternational Citizen Service
155ICSStandardisationInternational Classification for Standards
156ICSNauticalInternational Code of Signals
157ICSEducationalInternational College of Surgeons
158ICSCommissionsInternational Commission on Stratigraphy
159ICSEducationalInternational Comparative Studies
160ICSInternationalInternational Complete Solutions
161ICSForumInternational Conference on Supercomputing
162ICSMedicalInternational Continence Society
163ICSCompanies or OrganizationsInternational Control Systems
164ICSSchoolsInternational Correspondence School
165ICSJuridicalInternational Crime Syndicate
166ICSUncategorizedInternational Crisis Series
167ICSEducationalInternational Society School
168ICSSocietyInternational Society Section
169ICSInternetInternet Caching Service
170ICSInternetInternet Calendar and Scheduling
171ICSInternetInternet Calendar Standard
172ICSInternetInternet Calendar Subscription
173ICSChessInternet Chess Server
174ICSInternetInternet Component Suite
175ICSTechnologyInternet Connection Sharing
176ICSNormal BusinessInternet Courier Service
177ICSInformation TechnologyInteroperable Configuration Subgroup
178ICSPediatricsInterpersonal and Communication Skills
179ICSNASA - SpaceInterpretive Computer Simulator
180ICSArmyInter-Service Chaplain Support
181ICSMedicalIntra Cervical Swab
182ICSMedicalIntracellular Cytokine Staining
183ICSMedicalIntracranial Stimulation
184ICSMedicalIntraoperative Cell Salvage
185ICSComputingIntuitive Command Structure
186ICSOccupation & PositionsInventory Control Specialist
187ICSEducationalInverse Capacitance Squared
188ICSFBI FilesInvestigative Collaboration System
189ICSInvestmentInvestment Court System
190ICSMedicalInvestors Compensation Scheme
191ICSCompanies or OrganizationsIone Concessionaire Services
192ICSEducationalIrish Computer Society
193ICSMedicalIrritable Colon Syndrome
194ICSMedicalIsfahan Cohort Study
195ICSAccountingIssuers Clearinghouse Service

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Final Words:

I hope you get what you want to know about ICS. Do you want to know the full forms of the term other than ICS? Then please ask by comments or email. Your valuable comments are always welcome.

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