IFB Full Form

IFB Full Form: What Does IFB Stand For?

Here you will not only get the all possible Full Form of IFB but also get detailed information about IFB. Not only this, you will also come to know what Does IFB stand for.

IFB Full Form

The term IFB has many full forms, but out of which most relevant full form is-

IFB Full Form is – Indian Fine Blanks

IFB Industries once upon a time known as Indian Fine Blanks Limited. in 1974, In India IFB started its operations with collaboration with Hienrich Schmid AG of Switzerland. The merchandise varies Superb Blanked parts, instruments, and associated machine instruments like Straighteners, Decoilers, Strip loaders, and others.

IFB collaborated with Bosch-Siemens Hausgerate GmbH, Germany, to manufacture fully automatic washing that’s automated and different home gadgets white objects in 1989. In July 1989, Indian Fine Blanks Ltd had been modified to IFB Industries Ltd for the reason that identifies that’s preliminary not precisely categorical the product vary of the corporate.

The Engineering divisions of IFB is situated in Bangalore and Kolkata. The Bangalore system, aside from Fine Blanked parts, manufactures motors for White items as a result of properly as Automotive purposes.

The corporate’s product varies fine parts being blanked instruments and associated machine instruments, such as straighteners, decoilers, strip loaders, etc. They supply family gadgets and machines that may be washing dryers, microwave ovens, and dishwashers. As well as, they manufacture engines for white items and purposes that are automotive

IFB Company Full Form

Indian Fine Blanks Limited

IFB Agro Full Form

IFB (Indian Fine Black Limited) Agro Industries Limited

What Does IFB Stand For?

IFB stands for – Indian Fine Blanks

All Full Forms of IFB

Now, Here is all Full Form of IFB.

Sr. No.TermCategoryIFB Full Form
1IFB UncategorizedImmigration Fingerprint Bureau
2IFB BangladeshImpact Foundation Bangladesh
3IFB UncategorizedIn for Blood
4IFB Internet - ChatIn For real Business
5IFB UncategorizedIn Full Bloom
6IFB Internet - BlogsIndependent Fashion Bloggers
7IFB FinanceIndependent Financial Brokers
8IFB UncategorizedIndependent Forward Bloc
9IFB UncategorizedIndependent Forward Block
10IFB LocalIndependent Fundamental Baptist
11IFB ReligionIndependent Fundamentalist Baptist
12IFB ProductsIndian Fine Blank
13IFB UncategorizedIndiana Farm Bureau
14IFB TechnologyIndirect Feedback
15IFB UncategorizedIndustrial Finance Branch
16IFB UncategorizedIndustrial Fire Brigade
17IFB IndustrialIndustries for the Blind
18IFB UncategorizedInflation-Forecast-Based
19IFB UncategorizedInfluence Fashion Blog
20IFB BruneiInfocom Federation Brunei
21IFB ServiceInformation for Bid
22IFB EngineeringInformation For Bidders
23IFB SurgeryIngested Foreign Bodies
24IFB UncategorizedInitiation For Bid
25IFB UncategorizedInstallation Fixed Base
26IFB UncategorizedInstitute for Building
27IFB InstitutesInstitute for Family Business
28IFB SchoolInstitute of Family Business
29IFB UncategorizedInstitute of Finance and Banking
30IFB UncategorizedInstitute of Forest Biotechnology
31IFB UncategorizedInsufficient Factual Basis
34IFB ConstructionInsulating Fire Brick
35IFB Endocrine SystemInsulin Feedback
36IFB InsuranceInsurance Fraud Bureau
37IFB Mechanical EngineeringIntegral Face and Bypass
38IFB UncategorizedIntegral Fixed Blade
39IFB PhysiologyIntegrate and fire or burst
40IFB UncategorizedIntegrated Floor Beam
41IFB FlowIntegrated Flying Bridge
42IFB UncategorizedIntegrated Forecast Board
43IFB UncategorizedIntention for Bid
44IFB TransportInter Ferry Boats
45IFB UncategorizedIntercessors For Britain
46IFB EthiopiaInterest Free Banking
47IFB UncategorizedInterest Free Banks
48IFB BoundaryInterfaces and Free Boundaries
49IFB UncategorizedIntermediary Funding Body
50IFB CellIntermediate Filament Bundle
51IFB LinuxIntermediate Functional Block
52IFB UncategorizedInternal Fold-Back
53IFB FestivalsInternational Festival for Business
54IFB BankingInternational Finance Bank
55IFB UncategorizedInternational Finance Bureau
56IFB UncategorizedInternational Financial Brokerage
57IFB BankingInternational Foreign Bankers
58IFB UncategorizedInternational Forum Bosnia
59IFB ArmyInternational Freedom Battalion
60IFB CompanyInternational Freight Bridge
61IFB Academic & ScienceInternational Friends Bureau
62IFB BusinessInternet for Business
63IFB ComputingInternet Free/Busy
64IFB Media CenterInterrupted Feedback Broadcast
65IFB IntercomInterrupted Fold Back
66IFB WirelessInterruptible Fold Back
67IFB OphthalmologyIntraocular Foreign Body
68IFB Environmental HealthInverted Fluidized Bed
69IFB UncategorizedInvitation For A Bid
70IFB Project ManagementInvitation For Bid
71IFB UncategorizedInvitation for Bidders
72IFB UncategorizedInvitation for Bidding
73IFB TechnologyInvitation For Bids
74IFB UncategorizedIowa Farm Bureau
75IFB IrelandIrish Film Board
76IFB PharmaceuticalIrish Food Board
77IFB EnergyIron Flow Battery
78IFB NuclearIrradiated Fuel Bay
79IFB UncategorizedIs Finished By
80IFB UncategorizedIslamic Fiction Books
81IFB UncategorizedIslamic Foundation Bangladesh
82IFB UncategorizedIslamic Front Bangladesh
83IFB ProjectionIssue for Bid
84IFB UncategorizedIteration Facilitation Board

CEC Full Form

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