IGP Full Form

IGP Full Form: What Does IGP Stand For?

Do you want to know what is full form of IGP is? Then, here you will come to know what Does IGP stand for? Also all possible Full Form of IGP.

IGP Full Form

The term IGP has many full forms, but out of which most relevant full form is-

IGP Full Form is – Inspector General of Police

IGP (Inspector General of Police) is also called IG. IG Police post is a very big post, you cannot reach this post directly, it takes a police officer 15 – 20 years to reach this post, as you know every police post has its own one. There is a different identity, different dress, and different power, friends, whatever the post, it is to do duty honestly, but a good person is identified, but such big officers are made only for those who do good work, and The government promotes those whose work makes them happy, the government promotes them to a higher position, IG is a very big post, it has a silver star on its shoulder, so that we can recognize them.

If you talk about administration job, then you can get entry in India in two ways, either by promoting or by passing an entrance exam, friends, if you are thinking that by clearing the exam you will become a direct IG, then we will tell you Would like that you are thinking wrong, because IG is made only by being promoted. If you want to become IG, then first you have to pass the civil service examination conducted by UPSC or State PSC.

After passing the UPSC exam, you become an IPS, and your posting is done as Superintendent of Police, and from this post you are made a DIG by promoting in 14-15 years, and then within about 3-5 years You get promoted and become IG. For your information, tell that after passing the State PCS exam, your posting is done as a DSP. From DSP post, you become SP in about 10-15 years, and then you get promoted to DIG in a few years and then you can become IG till the end of your career.

Qualifications to become IG?

What qualifications do you need to become an IG? Let’s know, if you talk about the qualifications for this post, then you should have a degree in graduation in any one subject, and your percentage will not be seen in it. UPSC is the age limit for attempts. It ranges from 21 to 30 years, ST / SC is given 5 years extra exemption, along with General only 6 and OBCs can participate in this exam 9 times while st / sc does not get any limit, Your high weight police should be like recruitments.

IGP Full Form in Police

IGP Police Full Form is – Inspector General of Police

What Does IGP Stand For?

IGP stands for – Integrated Graphics Processor

IGP is an integrated graphics processor. Integrated means that the chip is actually part of the motherboard and usually uses part of the system RAM (“shared memory”) instead of its own dedicated memory. Non-integrated GPUs are usually part of an expansion card-PCI (e) for desktops or Mini-PCI (e) for laptops-and have their own dedicated graphics memory on the card.

Integrated chipsets (or IGP – Integrated Graphics Processor, as engineers called them) are gradually gaining popularity. Computers, which are the backbone of the digital home, are of great interest today. In such PCs, it is not so much the performance of the video subsystem that is important, but the multimedia capabilities and ease of integration. Considering this way of using a PC, special attention should be paid to integrated chipsets. Integrated GPU – A graphics processing unit that is built into the CPU.

All Full Forms of IGP

Here is the complete list of Full Form of IGP in various categorize.

Sr. No.TermCategoryIGP Full Form
1IGPUncategorizedI Give Permission
2IGPUncategorizedIdaho Grain Producers
3IGPResearchIdea Group Publishing
4IGPChemistryIdeal Gel Point
5IGPUncategorizedIdeal Geometry Profile
6IGPGastroenterologyIdiopathic Gastroparesis
7IGPOceanIgneous and Geothermal Process
8IGPBiochemistryImidazole Glycerol Phosphate
9IGPCollegeImmediate Gratification Players
10IGPParasitologyImmunoglobulin Prophylaxis
11IGPUppsalaImmunology, Genetics and Pathology
12IGPUncategorizedImperial Ginseng Products
13IGPUncategorizedImplementation Grant Program
14IGPUncategorizedInclusive Growth Program
15IGPSingaporeInclusive Growth Programme
16IGPProjectionIncome Generating Program
17IGPUncategorizedIncome Generating Programme
18IGPDevelopmentIncome Generating Project
19IGPBusinessIncome Generation Program
20IGPUncategorizedIncome Generation Project
21IGPUncategorizedIncome-Generation Programme
22IGPEndocrine SystemIncremental Glucose Peak
23IGPUncategorizedIndependent General Practice
24IGPUncategorizedIndependent Group of Persons
25IGPUncategorizedIndex of Global Philanthropy
26IGPUncategorizedIndian Gifts Portal
27IGPUniversityIndicative Grade Profile
28IGPInternetIndie Game Promoter
29IGPUncategorizedIndie Games Play
30IGPGovernmentalIndigenous Governance Program
31IGPUncategorizedIndividual Goal Plan
34IGPEducationIndividual Graduation Plan
35IGPUncategorizedIndividual Graduation Portfolio
36IGPStandard OrganizationIndividual Group Practice
37IGPEducationIndividual Growth Plan
38IGPSchoolIndividualized Graduation Plan
39IGPUncategorizedIndividualized Growth Plan
40IGPBusinessIndustrial General Permit
41IGPUncategorizedIndustrial General Purpose
42IGPCapitalIndustrial Growth Partners
43IGPUncategorizedIndustry Gross Product
44IGPUncategorizedInert Gas Purge
45IGPUncategorizedInfinite Game Publishing
46IGPBusinessInformation Gathering Projects
47IGPPoliticsInformation Governance and Privacy
48IGPGovernmentalInformation Governance Professional
49IGPUncategorizedInfrastructure Grant for Provinces
50IGPUncategorizedInfrastructure Grant Programme
51IGPUncategorizedInfrastructure, Government and Power
52IGPUncategorizedIn-ground pool
53IGPMedicalIn-Group Proportion
54IGPUncategorizedInitial Grants Programme
55IGPUncategorizedInjection Gas Pressure
56IGPBuildingInnovation and Good Practice
57IGPUncategorizedInnovation Grant Program
58IGPFoundationInnovation Grants Program
59IGPUncategorizedInnovative Gift & Premium
60IGPMuseInsane Game Power
61IGPOccupationInspector General of Police
62IGPUncategorizedInspector General of Prisons
63IGPNigeriaInspector General of the Police
64IGPPakistanInspector General Police
65IGPUncategorizedInspector General Prisons
66IGPLocal - GhanaInspector-General of the Police Force
67IGPMilitaryInstallation Guidance Package
68IGPCommunityInstitute for Global Peace
69IGPOrganizationsInstitute for Global Policy
70IGPInstitutesInstitute for Global Prosperity
71IGPUncategorizedInstitute For Grooming Professionals
72IGPScienceInstitute of Geodesy and Photogrammetry
73IGPUncategorizedInstitute of Geology and Palaeontology
74IGPUncategorizedInstitute of Global Prosperity
75IGPUncategorizedInstitute of Green Professionals
76IGPUncategorizedInstitute of the Great Plains
77IGPUncategorizedIntegrated Graduate Program
78IGPInformation TechnologyIntegrated Graphics Processor
79IGPLondon Stock ExchangeIntercede Group
80IGPUncategorizedInterdisciplinary Graduate
81IGPUncategorizedInterdisciplinary Graduate Program
82IGPPoliticsIntergovernmental Programs, Office of
83IGPTechnologyInterior Gateway Protocol
84IGPInformation TechnologyIntermediate Gatway Protocol
85IGPUncategorizedInternal Gateway Packet
86IGPInformation TechnologyInternal Gateway Protocol
87IGPOilfieldInternal Gravel Pack
88IGPUncategorizedInternational Gateway Program
89IGPInternationalInternational Graduate Programme
91IGPInternetInternet Governance Project
92IGPUncategorizedIntramural Grants Program
93IGPEducationalIreland Genealogy Project
94IGPUncategorizedIrregular Grid Painter
95IGPUncategorizedIsrael Growth Partners

Final Words:

So, friends, I hope you get what you want to know about IGP. Do you want to know the full forms of the term other than IGP? Then please ask by comments or email. Your valuable comments are always welcome.

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