LCM Full Form

LCM Full Form: What Does LCM Stand For?

Do you want to know what is full form of LCM is? Then, here you will come to know what Does LCM stand for? Also all possible Full Form of LCM.

LCM Full Form

The term LCM has many full forms, but out of which most relevant full form is-

LCM Full Form is – Least Common Multiple

The Least Common Multiple of a few natural numbers is the smallest of the natural numbers that are divided into all of these numbers. There is no greatest total multiple, as the sequence of common multiples tends to infinity. To find LCM often use decomposition of numbers into simple multipliers, but in practice, when the numbers are small, the smallest total multiple is easy to pick up.

What Does LCM Stand For?

LCM stands for – Least Common Multiple

The minimum common multiple of two numbers a and b (Least Common Multiple) is the minimum multiple that is divided by both a and b and is recorded as LCM (a, b).

The minimum common multiples of two integers a and b (also known as the minimum common multiple or minimum common multiple) are usually represented by the LCM (a,b), which is the minimum positive integer of the multiples of a and b. The minimum common multiple of more than two integers or rational numbers is clearly defined: it is the smallest number, and they are integer times for each. Minimum common multiple (Least Common Multiple, LCM), if there is a natural number a can be divided by the natural number b, then called a multiple of b, b is about the number of a, for two integers, refers to the two multiples in common of the smallest one. When calculating the minimum common multiple, the maximum number of conventions is usually used to aid the calculation.

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What is Full Forms of LCM

Now, here is the complete Full-Form list of the term LCM.

Sr. No.TermCategoryLCM Full Form
1LCMTechnologyLamp Control Module
2LCMInventoryLanded Cost Management
3LCMMilitaryLanding Craft Mechanized
5LCMInformation TechnologyLanguage for Conceptual Modeling
6LCMMedia CenterLansing's Christian Messenger
9LCMMedicalLaser Capture Micro Dissection
10LCMLaserLaser Capture Microscopy
11LCMUncategorizedLaser Capture Molecular
12LCMPharmaceuticalLaser Capture Molecular Core
13LCMUncategorizedLast Chance Meet
14LCMSocietyLast chance Ministries
15LCMPsychologyLatent Class Model
16LCMCognitive ScienceLatent Curve Model
17LCMAllergyL-cell-Conditioned Medium
18LCMConstructionLead Coated Metal
19LCMTechnologyLead Creation Method
20LCMEconomicsLeague of Creative Minds
21LCMScientificLeast Common Multiple
22LCMMathLeast Common Multiples
23LCMStudentLeeds College of Music
24LCMPharmaceuticalLeft Costal Margin
25LCMManagementLegal Case Management
26LCMArmyLetter-Class Mail
27LCMCompanies or OrganizationsLevitt Capital Management
28LCMEducationalLibrary of Congress Magazine
29LCMUncategorizedLife Changing Movements
30LCMPsychiatryLife Chart Methodology
31LCMEngineeringLife Cycle Management
34LCMTechnologyLife Cycle Manager
35LCMMilitaryLife Cycle Model
36LCMEducationalLife-Cycle Management
37LCMProgrammingLifecycle Management
38LCMElectricalLighting Connectivity Module
39LCMAutomotive SystemsLighting Control Module
40LCMTechnologyLine Concentration Module
41LCMTechnologyLine Concentrator Module
42LCMTechnologyLine Control Module
43LCMUnit MeasuresLinear Centimetres
44LCMEducationalLinear Conservation of Momentum
45LCMPsychologyLinguistic Category Model
46LCMCompositeLiquid Composite Moulding
47LCMUncategorizedLiquid Crystal Module
48LCMInformation TechnologyLiquid Crystal Monitor
49LCMRubberLiquid Curing Media
50LCMCompanies or OrganizationsListed Company Manual
51LCMPoliticsLithuanian Centre Movement
52LCMManagementLitigation Capital Management
53LCMCompanies or OrganizationsLittle Company of Mary
54LCMUncategorizedLittle Cypress Mauriceville
55LCMJournalsLiverpool Classical Monthly
56LCMMuseumsLiving Computer Museum
57LCMChurchesLocal Church Ministries
58LCMInformation TechnologyLocal Command Mode
59LCMManagementLocal Console Manager
60LCMInformation TechnologyLocal Controller Module
61LCMArmyLogistics Chain Management
62LCMEducationLondon College of Music
63LCMInternet - BlogsLonely Christian Men
64LCMSwimmingLong Course Meters
65LCMEducationalLoss Circulation Material
66LCMLocal - CountriesLoss Cost Multiplier
67LCMOilfieldLost Circulation Material
68LCMFunnyLots of Calories Munchies
69LCMUncategorizedLouis Capital Markets
70LCMMuseumsLouisiana Children's Museum
71LCMManagementLow Cost Management
72LCMAccountingLower of Cost or Market
73LCMFactorLowest Common Multiple
74LCMDogLure Courser of Merit
75LCMEducationalLutheran Campus Ministry

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