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IMC Full Form

IMC Full Form

Dear Friends, are you looking for IMC full form? If so, here you will get the all possible Full Form of IMC as well as detailed information about IMC.

Along with this, you will also know the Meaning of IMC here.

You can find all the information about the acronym of IMC or abbreviation of IMC related to all terminology. So let’s find out all possible IMC Full Form here.

IMC Full Form

IMC Full Form – Integrated Marketing Communications

Full Form of IMC

Full Form of IMC – Integrated Marketing Communications

What Does IMC Stands For?

IMC stands for – Integrated Marketing Communications

All Full Forms of IMC

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Sr. No.CategoryTermIMC Full Form
1News & MediaIMCIndependent Media Center
2MilitaryIMCInstrument Meteorological Conditions
3UniversitiesIMCIntegrated Marketing Communications
4BusinessIMCIntegrated Marketing Communication
5BusinessIMCInstructional Media Center
6InternetIMCInternet Mail Connector
7MedicalIMCInternational Medical Corps
8SportsIMCIndy Media Center
9UniversitiesIMCInstructional Materials Center
10Companies & FirmsIMCInformation Manufacturing Corporation
11NYSE SymbolsIMCInternational Multifoods Corporation
12Professional OrganizationsIMCIndustrial Medical Council
13News & MediaIMCIndependent Media Commission
14Internet - ChatIMCIllusionary Minds Chat
15ReligionIMCIndian Muslim Council
16Companies & FirmsIMCInvention Machine Corporation
17News & MediaIMCInteractive Multimedia Culture
18MilitaryIMCIndustrial Military Complex
19Companies & FirmsIMCIrish Multiplex Cinemas
20MedicalIMCIn My Care
21SportsIMCInternational Multi-Cache
22Computing - GamingIMCInter-MUD (Multi-User Domain) Communications
23Companies & FirmsIMCIt's My Company
24PoliceIMCIncident Management Center
25MilitaryIMCInter Mud Communication
26Business - ProductsIMCInjection Mold Code
27Academic & ScienceIMCIntegrated Magnetic Concentrator
28General BusinessIMCInformation Management and Collaboration
29Occupation & PositionsIMCImpress, Motivate, Connect
30CommunityIMCIndonesian Mixed Couple
31Companies & FirmsIMCInternational Maintenance Centre
32Companies & FirmsIMCInstitutional Mortgage Capital
33UniversitiesIMCIdea Mechanism Center
34News & MediaIMCIndependant Media Community
35News & MediaIMCIbrahimia Media Center
36Companies & FirmsIMCIndus Motor Company
37ConstructionIMCIn Mold Cutting
38Business - ManagementIMCInformation Management Consultants
39Internet - ChatIMCI Might Care
40Companies & FirmsIMCIndiana Metal Craft
41Computing - TelecomIMCIntermediate Metal Conduit
42MiscellaneousIMCInsight Meditation Center
43ManagementIMCInvestment Management Certificate
44Companies & FirmsIMCImperial Machine Company
45Governmental - CouncilIMCInternational M2M Council
46MiscellaneousIMCInternational Merchandise Concepts
47InternetIMCInternet Mail Consortium
48EducationalIMCInstrument Meteorological Cond
49Business - ManagementIMCIntegrality Management Consulting
50Business - ManagementIMCInternational Management Center
51Academic & ScienceIMCInternational Mechanical Code
52Community - MusicIMCInternational Music Council
53ManagementIMCInstitute of Management Consultants
54International BusinessIMCInternational Market Center
55MiscellaneousIMCInternational Marketmakers Combination
56MilitaryIMCInternational Mercenary Commandos
57Performing ArtsIMCIllustration Master Class
58MarketingIMCIndependent Marketing Consultant
59Academic DegreesIMCInternational Marketing Communications
60Governmental - CouncilIMCInternational Montessori Council
61ConferencesIMCInternet Measurement Conference
62MiscellaneousIMCIdeas Masterfully Crafted
63Companies & FirmsIMCImperial Meat Company
64MedicalIMCIn Medical category
65MiscellaneousIMCIn Memory Columnar
66MilitaryIMCIn Military category
67ManagementIMCIncorporated Management Committee
68MiscellaneousIMCIndiana Motorsports Commission
69MiscellaneousIMCInfinity Moroccan Clan
70News & MediaIMCInformation Media Center
71Business - ManagementIMCInnovative Management Concepts
72MiscellaneousIMCInstructional Materials Collection
73MiscellaneousIMCInstrument Meteorlogical Conditions
74MusicIMCInstrumental Music Center
75MiscellaneousIMCIntegrated Managed Care
76ManagementIMCIntegrated Management Controller
77ManagementIMCIntelligent Management Center
78MusicIMCIntelligent Music Control
79MiscellaneousIMCInter Mod Compability
80Computing - NetworkingIMCInter-Machine Communication
81Companies & FirmsIMCInteramerican Motor Corporation
82MedicalIMCIntermountain Medical Center
83InternationalIMCInternational Maintenance Conference
84InternationalIMCInternational Market Centers
85InternationalIMCInternational Marketing Corporation
86InternationalIMCInternational Medical Center
87nternational BusinessIMCInternational Merchandising Concept
88InternationalIMCInternational Mining Consultants
89InternationalIMCInternational Multi Cache
90ManufacturingIMCInterstellar Manufacturing Corporation
91CouncilIMCInvestment Migration Council
92ManagementIMCInvestors Management Corporation
93Companies & FirmsIMCIsland Moving Company
94MiscellaneousIMCIvy Mentors Coalition
95Business - ManagementIMCIdealx Management Console
96ConferencesIMCIEEE International Workshop on Intelligent Motion Control
97NASAIMCImage Motion Compensation
98MarketingIMCIndependent Marketing Company
99MedicalIMCInfant Male Circumcision
100Companies & FirmsIMCInformation Management Consultants, Inc.
101EducationalIMCInstitute Managment Committee
102Business - AccountingIMCInstitute of Management Consultancy
103EducationalIMCInstitute of Measurement and Control of New Zealand
104UniversitiesIMCInstructional Management Consortium
105NavyIMCInstrumentman Chief Petty Officer
106Academic DegreesIMCIntegrated Medical Courses
107Computing - NetworkingIMCIntelegent Management Centre
108Regional - GhanaIMCInterim Management Committee
109RailroadsIMCInternational Mining Corporation

IMC – Integrated Marketing Communications

As you know that a body of academic and practical work promoting a management approach to marketing. Integrated Marketing Communications is a simple concept. This ensures that all types of communications and messages are carefully linked together.

At the most basic level, Integrated Marketing Communications, or IMC, as we call it, means integrating all promotional tools, so that they work together in harmony.

All these communication tools work better if they work together in isolation. Their zodiac is greater than their portions – provided they continue to speak with one voice continuously, all the time.

IMC Full Form in Marketing

IMC Full Form in Marketing is – Institute of Management Consultancy

IMC Full Form in Medical

IMC Full Form in Medical is –

  • International Medical Corps
  • Intermountain Medical Center
  • Infant Male Circumcision

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