IOC Full Form

IOC Full Form: What Does IOC Stand For?

Do you want to know what is full form of IOC is? Then, here you will come to know what Does IOC stand for? Also all possible Full Form of IOC.

IOC Full Form

The term IOC has many full forms, but out of which most relevant

IOC Full Form is – International Olympic Committee

International Olympic Committee (IOC) is the highest permanent body of the Olympic movement, a non-governmental, non-profit international organization. Established in 1894 on the initiative of the French public figure Baron Pierre de Coubertin to revive the historic Olympic Games.

The concept of the modern Olympic movement, carrying the idea of reviving the Olympic Games, belongs to Baron Pierre de Coubertin, on whose initiative the International Athletic Congress was held in Paris in 1894. The IOC was established on 23 June 1894 to achieve these goals.

The Committee has the exclusive right to host the Olympic Games, their symbol, flag, motto. The head of the IOC is elected by secret ballot for a period of 8 years with the possibility of extending the powers every 4 years.

The first president of the IOC was the Greek poet and public figure Demetrius Viquetas, and the ioc’s creator, Baron Pierre de Coubertin, was the secretary general. After the end of the First Olympic Games in 1896, Baron de Coubertin succeeded Viquetas as president and headed the IOC until 1925. The committee was subsequently chaired by Henri de Bole-Latour (Belgium, 1925-1942), Siegfried Edstrom (Sweden, 1946-1952), Avery Brandage (USA, 1952-1972),Michael Morris Killanin (Ireland, 1972-1980), Juan Antonio Samara (Spain, 1980-2001). Jacques Rogge (Belgium, 2001-2013). Thomas Bach, elected in 2013, became the ninth president of the IOC.

The role of the IOC is to guide the Olympic movement and develop the Olympic movement, in accordance with the Olympic Charter, a document that outlines the fundamental objectives and principles of the Olympic movement and the activities of the IOC. The IOC’s mission is to promote the Olympic movement and promote a peaceful society through sport. The IOC encourages the organization and development of sports and sporting events, ensures the regular hosting of the Olympic Games. The IOC has the right to select and oversee the host city of the Olympic Games.

The IOC has 22 commissions (financial, medical, athletic, press, international relations) that study specific issues and prepare appropriate recommendations for the IOC executive committee. The Olympic Games are held every 4 years. The account of the summer Olympics has been held since 1896, when the first Olympic Games were held (1896-1899). The Olympics also get its number when the Games are not held (VI Olympics – in 1916-1919, 12 Olympics – 1940-1943, XIII Olympics – 1944-1947).

IOC Full Form Trading

Immediate or Cancel

IOC Full Form in Share Market

Immediate or Cancel

What Does IOC Stand For?

IOC stands for – International Olympic Committee and Immediate or Cancel Order

All Full Forms of IOC

Below is the list of all full form of IOC from various categorize like Government, Computing, Telecommunication, Medical, Space Science, Education etc.

Sr. No.TermCategoryIOC Full Form
1IOCInternet - ChatIam Obviously Corrupt
2IOCNASAICESat Orbit Control Software
3IOCOlympicIcing on the Cake
4IOCUncategorizedIcon of Coil
5IOCUncategorizedIdiots On Computers
6IOCGovernmentalIgnorant Oppressive And Corrupt
7IOCUncategorizedIgnore Olympic Casualties
8IOCBusinessIllinois Office of Comptroller
9IOCBusinessIllinois Online Conference
10IOCNeuroscienceIllusions Of Control
11IOCUncategorizedImage Orthicon Camera
13IOCServiceImaging On Call
14IOCChurchImitation of Christ
15IOCStock MarketImmediate or Cancel
16IOCBusinessImmediate Or Cancel Order
17IOCOrderImmediate or cancelled
18IOCBankingImmediate-Or-Cancel Order
19IOCOncologyImpact Of Cancer
20IOCUncategorizedImpact Over Cost
21IOCNeurologyImpairment Of Consciousness
22IOCElectronicsImpedance Of Circuit
23IOCServiceImproving Outcomes for Children
24IOCScienceIn Orbit Checkout
25IOCPolice ForceIncident Operations Center
26IOCGasIndependent Oil Company
27IOCTechnologyIndependent Operating Company
28IOCUS GovernmentIndependent Outpatient Clinic
29IOCCommitteesIndependent Oversight Committee
30IOCUnit MeasuresIndex Of Coincidence
31IOCUS GovernmentIndex Of Cooperation
32IOCEducationalIndian Ocean Climate
33IOCBusinessIndian Ocean Commission
34IOCTechnologyIndian Oil Corporation
35IOCCybersecurityIndicator of Compromise
36IOCSecurityIndicators of Compromise
37IOCEducationalIndirect Object Clitic
38IOCBusinessIndirect Operating Cost
39IOCArmyIndoor Obstacle Course
40IOCArmyIndustrial Operations Command
41IOCPoliticsIndustry Overpowers Communism
42IOCArmyInfantry Officer Course
43IOCNeurologyInferior Olivary Complex
44IOCMilitaryInformation Operations Command
45IOCCybersecurityInfrastructure Operating Center
46IOCMilitaryInitial Operating Capabilities
47IOCMilitaryInitial Operating Capability
48IOCAircraftInitial Operating Condition
49IOCTechnologyInitial Operating Configuration
50IOCArmyInitial Operational Capability
51IOCTechnologyInitial Orbiting Capability
52IOCClubsInner Olympic Club
53IOCCompanies or OrganizationsInnovation Ontario Corporation
54IOCMissionIn-Orbit Checkout
55IOCAstronomyIn-Orbit Checkout and Calibration
56IOCCosmosIn-Orbit Commissioning
57IOCScienceIn-Orbit Construction
58IOCChemistryInorganic Chemical
59IOCEducationalIn-Organic Contaminant
60IOCEnvironmentalIn-Organic Contaminants
61IOCUncategorizedInput Output Comparator
62IOCUncategorizedInput Output Controller
63IOCInformation TechnologyInput/Output Comparator
64IOCInformation TechnologyInput/Output Configuration
65IOCTechnologyInput/Output Controller
66IOCAccountingInsist On Cash
67IOCMedicalInspection of Care
68IOCTechnologyInstant Oil Change
69IOCFunnyInstead of Ordinary Coke
70IOCInstitutesInstitute Of Coding
71IOCSCUBAInstructor Orientation Course
72IOCJuridicalInstrument Of Commitment
73IOCLocal - CountriesInteger Overflow Checker
74IOCTechnologyIntegrated Optical Circuit
75IOCNormal BusinessIntegration, Organization, Cohesion
76IOCArmyIntelligence Operations Center
77IOCMultirotorIntelligent Orientation Control
78IOCTechnologyINTELSAT Operations Center
79IOCFBI FilesInterception Of Communication
80IOCCriminalInterception Of Communications
81IOCUncategorizedInteresting Olympic Campaign
82IOCFunnyInteresting Olympic Confederation
83IOCEducationalIntergovernmental Oceanographic Commission
84IOCCommitteesInterim Orders Committee
85IOCTechnologyInternational Oceanographic Commission
86IOCOilfieldInternational Oil Company
87IOCOliveInternational Olive Council
88IOCUncategorizedInternational Olympic
89IOCCouncilInternational Olympic a Council
90IOCGamingInternational Olympic Committe
91IOCInternationalInternational Open College
92IOCTechnologyInternational Operator Center
93IOCEducationalInternational Orchid Committee
94IOCJuridicalInternational Organized Crime
95IOCCommitteesInternational Ornithological Committee
96IOCBirdInternational Ornithological Congress
97IOCAthleticsInternational Othello Competitors
98IOCInternationalInternational Outdoor Club
99IOCUncategorizedInternational Outreach Center
100IOCChurchesInternational Outreach Church
101IOCTechnologyInter-Office Channel
102IOCNormal BusinessInter-Office Communication
103IOCUnited NationsInter-Organizational Council
104IOCOphthalmologyIntersection Of Constraints
105IOCFunnyIntolerant Olympic Committee
106IOCMedicalIntraoperative Cholangiography
107IOCPathologyIntraoperative Consultation
108IOCScience FictionInvasion Of Chaos
109IOCInformation TechnologyInversion Of Control
110IOCMedicalInvestigation Of Choice
111IOCArmyInvestigations Operations Center
112IOCMedicalInvoluntary Outpatient Commitment
113IOCUncategorizedIron Ore Co
114IOCTechnologyISDN Ordering Code
115IOCUncategorizedIstanbul Offshore Club
116IOCRehabilitationItem-Objective Congruence
117IOCEducationalIteration On Coefficient
118IOCPharmaceuticalVA Independent Outpatient Clinic

Final Words:

I hope you get what you want to know about IOC. Do you want to know the full forms of the term other than IOC? Then please ask by comments or email. Your valuable comments are always welcome.

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