CSD Full Form

CSD Full Form: What Does CSD Stand For?

Here you will not only get the all possible Full Form of CSD but also get detailed information about CSD. Not only this, you will also come to know what Does CSD stand for?

CSD Full Form

The term CSD has many full forms, but out of which most relevant

CSD Full Form is – Canteen Stores Department

CSD (Canteen Stores Department), is an exclusively possessed Authorities of India Enterprise beneath Ministry of Defence and has its warehouse in all principle armed force bases worked by the Indian Armed Forces.

CSD Canteen Full Form

Canteen Stores Department

CSD Full Form in Army

Canteen Stores Department

What Does CSD Stand For?

CSD stands for – Central Securities Depository

State Enterprise “Central Securities Depository” is an organization that provides a unified system of storage, accounting of rights and movement of securities in the depository system of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

The Central Securities Depository is the largest institution in the republic’s stock market. In addition to performing the assigned exclusive functions, the Central Securities Depository is the initiator of the implementation of unified standards for depository operations, unified formats of electronic interaction, international standards for electronic messages and identification of securities, as well as expanding the list of corporate actions serviced by depositories. Also, it provides maintenance of a unified database of corporate securities, a unified database of depositors (including issuers).

All Full Forms of CSD

Now, below is the list of All Full Form of CSD.

Sr. No.TermCategoryCSD Full Form
1CSDEducationalCalcium Sulphate Dihydrate
2CSDCommunityCalifornia School for the Deaf
3CSDEducationalCambridge Structural Database
4CSDSchoolsCampbellsport School District
5CSDOncologyCancer-Specific Death
6CSDInformation TechnologyCanonical Signed digit
7CSDArmyCanteen Stores Department
8CSDArmyCanteen Supply Depot
9CSDPharmaceuticalCarbonated Soda Drinks
10CSDBusinessCarbonated Soft Drinks
11CSDMedicalCardiac Support Device
12CSDCardiologyCardiac Sympathetic Denervation
13CSDPharmaceuticalCarotid Sinus Denervation
14CSDPharmaceuticalCat scratch disease
15CSDPharmaceuticalCause-Specific Death
16CSDGeographyCensus Subdivision
17CSDSchoolsCentennial School District
18CSDDevelopmentCenter for Social Development
19CSDDisabilityCenter for Students with Disabilities
20CSDDevelopmentCenter for Sustainable Development
21CSDFinanceCentral Securities Depository
22CSDPharmaceuticalCentral Supply Department
23CSDArmyCentral Supply Depot
24CSDCertifications & DiplomasCertified Scrum Developer
25CSDLocalCertified Spiritual Director
26CSDPharmaceuticalCervical Spine Disorder
27CSDDentistryCervical Spine Disorders
28CSDChemistryCharge State Distribution
29CSDDesignChartered Society of Designers
30CSDPoliticsChemical Sciences Division
31CSDScienceChemical solution deposition
32CSDTechnologyChemical Systems Division
33CSDPharmaceuticalChild Survival and Disease
34CSDMedicalChildren with Severe Disabilities
35CSDPrideChristopher Street Day
36CSDBiochemistryChromo Shadow Domain
37CSDMedicalChronic Sleep Deprivation
38CSDNeurologyChronic Social Defeat
39CSDMedicalChronic Subjective Dizziness
40CSDOncologyChronically Sun-Damaged
41CSDTechnologyCircuit Switch Data
42CSDTechnologyCircuit Switched Data
43CSDOpticsCircuit-switch Data
44CSDTherapeuticsCirculatory System Diseases
45CSDComputingCisco Secure Desktop
46CSDEducationCity School District
47CSDSchoolsClatskanie School District
48CSDBerlinClient Satisfaction with Device
49CSDLocal - CountriesClient Side Decorations
50CSDPsychiatryClinically Significant Depression
51CSDBusinessClosed shelter deck
52CSDOrthopaedicClosed Suction Drainage
53CSDMedicalCoalition of Skin Diseases
54CSDUnited StatesCoalition Shared Databases
55CSDPharmaceuticalCold Shock Domain
56CSDSchoolsColebrook School District
57CSDStock MarketCollateral Security Deposit
58CSDGovernmentCollections Strategies Division
59CSDPublic HealthCollective Subject Discourse
60CSDAthleticsCollegiate Athletics Data
61CSDMedicalColloidal Silicon Dioxide
62CSDDevelopmentCommission for Sustainable Development
63CSDEducationalCommunication Science and Disorders
64CSDAcademic & ScienceCommunication Sciences Disorders
65CSDEducationCommunity School District
66CSDServiceCommunity Services Department
67CSDUncategorizedCommunity Services Directory
68CSDFirefightingCommunity Services District
69CSDServiceCommunity Services Division
70CSDCosmosComparative Soot Diagnostics
71CSDMedicalComplementary Sex Determiner
72CSDFunnyCompulsive Singing Disorder
73CSDEducationalComputational Structural Dynamics
74CSDComputingComputer Science Department
75CSDComputingComputer Science Discoveries
76CSDAlaskaComputer Security Designees
77CSDComputingComputer Security Division
78CSDComputingComputer Services Department
79CSDDisabilityComputer Services Division
80CSDDevelopmentComputer Support and Development
81CSDComputingComputer System Designers
82CSDTechnologyComputer Systems Division
83CSDComputingComputerized Structural Design
84CSDArmyConcepts and Studies Division
85CSDPsychopharmacologyConditioned Suppression of Drinking
86CSDMedicalConduction System Disease
87CSDGeologyConservation and Survey Division
88CSDASX SymbolsConsolidated Tin Mines Ltd
89CSDAviationConstant Speed Drive
90CSDBiochemistryConstrained Sessile Drop
91CSDGovernmentContainer Security Device
92CSDInformation TechnologyContext for Software Developers
93CSDEthicsContinuous Sedation until Death
94CSDChemistryControlled Spray Deposition
95CSDInformation TechnologyControlled Substance Database
96CSDSchoolsCooperating School Districts
97CSDInformation TechnologyCooperative Services Directory
98CSDInformation TechnologyCorba Software Descriptor
99CSDNormal BusinessCore Switching Division
100CSDPolice ForceCorrectional Services Department
101CSDComputingCorrective Service Diskette
102CSDPharmaceuticalCortical Spreading Depression
103CSDInternationalCreep Score Difference
104CSDIATA CodeCresswell Downs Airport
105CSDJuridicalCrime Suppression Division
106CSDInternetCriteria for Speedy Deletion
107CSDTransportationCritical Sector Detector
108CSDMedicalCritical Size Defect
109CSDChemistryCrystal Size Distribution
110CSDEducationalCurrent Source Density
111CSDSchoolsCuster School District
112CSDInformation TechnologyCustom Software Development
113CSDEducationCustomer Service Desk
114CSDCybersecurityCyber Security Division
115CSDSocietySociety School District
116CSDSocietySociety School of Davidson
117CSDDevelopmentSociety Services and Development
118CSDSocietySociety Services District
119CSDSocietySociety Spirit Development
120CSDSocietySociety Standards District

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