IOS Full Form

iOS Full Form

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In eFull Forms, you will get complete information about the acronym of iOS or abbreviation of IOS related to all terminology. So, let’s find out all possible IOS Full Form and its meaning here.


iOS Full Form

The term iOS has many full forms, but out of which most relevant IOS Full Form is –

iOS – iPhone Operating System


What Does iOS Stands For?

iOS stands for – iPhone Operating System


What is iOS Meaning

The term iOS was used for many purposes, but the most relevant meaning of iOS is – iPhone Operating System

iOS is an operating system, which is developed by Apple Inc. for iPhone, iPad and iPod like small handheld devices. January 9, 2007, iOS was first introduced in the mobile handset market as the mobile operating system in Apple’s most famous phone iPhone. It is gotten from the organization’s PC working framework OS X.


All Full Forms of IOS

By now you must have got some idea about the Full-Forms and meaning of IOS.

But the list is not ending here, if you like to know similar full-forms of IOS, then this site contains various Full-Forms related to Government, Computing, Telecommunication, Medical, Space Science, Education, etc.

Here is the complete Full-Form list of the term IOS.

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Sr. No.TermCategoryiOS Full Form
1iOSUncategorizedi Operating System
2iOSScience FictionIdentified Orbiting Satellite
3iOSUncategorizediDevice Operating System
4iOSCompanies or OrganizationsIkea Of Sweden
5iOSLocal - Airport CodesIlheus, Buenos Aires, Brazil
6iOSUncategorizedIncompatible Operating System
7iOSPoliticsIndependent On Sunday
8iOSNASA - SpaceIndian Ocean Ship
9iOSNASA - SpaceIndian Ocean Station
10iOSProfessional OrganizationsIndian Orthodontic Society
11iOSAuthoritiesIndian OverSeas
12iOSLocalIndividual Ordinance Summary
13iOSInformation TechnologyInfancy Operating System
14iOSFunnyInferior Operating System
15iOSManagementInformation Organization System
16iOSPharmaceuticalInformation Overload Syndrome
17iOSInformation TechnologyInformational Operating System
18iOSUncategorizedInput Output Stable
19iOSNASA - SpaceInput/Output Supervision
20iOSInformation TechnologyInput/Output Supervisor
21iOSInformation TechnologyInput/Output System
22iOSInternet - ChatInside Our Souls
23iOSMarketingInspection Operation Sheet
24iOSBankingInspection Operation System
25iOSProfessional OrganizationsInstitute of Ocean Sciences
26iOSInstitutesInstitute of Oceanographic Sciences
27iOSInstitutesInstitute Of Science
28iOSEducationalInstitute Of Sociology
29iOSAthleticsInstitute Of Swimming
30iOSUncategorizedInstructor Operating System
31iOSNASA - SpaceInstructor Operator Station
32iOSUncategorizedIntegrative Organismal Systems
33iOSComputingIntellegent Operating System
34iOSInformation TechnologyIntelligent Operating Software
35iOSInternetIntelligent Operating System
36iOSUncategorizedinteractive Open SUSE
37iOSInformation TechnologyInternal Operating System
38iOSEnvironmentalInternal Overflow System
39iOSAthleticsInternational Online Soccer
40iOSNormal BusinessInternational Organization for Standardization
41iOSLocal - CountriesInternational Outsourcing Services
42iOSInternetInternet of Services
43iOSInformation TechnologyInternet Operating System
44iOSInformation TechnologyInternet Over Satellite
45iOSInformation TechnologyInternetwork Operating System
46iOSInformation TechnologyInternetworking Operating System
47iOSInternet - BlogsInterweb Opinion Stool
48iOSStock ExchangeInvestment Opportunity Set
49iOSInternational BusinessInvestors Overseas Services
50iOSUncategorizediPhone Operating Sysstem
51iOSInformation TechnologyiPhone Operating System
52iOSInformation TechnologyiPhone Operating Sytem
53iOSInformation TechnologyiPhone/iPad Operating System
54iOSInformation TechnologyiProducts Operating System
55iOSTravel & TourismIrish OverSeas
56iOSUncategorizedIs a Operating System
57iOSAcademic & ScienceIs Only Science
58iOSUncategorizedIs The Operating System
59iOSInternet - ChatIt's Our Secret
60iOSUncategorizedThe International Organization For Standards


Final Words:

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