LOL Full Form

LOL Full Form: What Does LOL Stand For?

Dear Friends, do you want to know what is full form of LOL is? If yes, then you are at the right place, because here you will not only get the all possible Full Form of LOL but also get detailed information about LOL. Not only this, you will also come to know what Does LOL stand for?

LOL Full Form

The term LOL has many full forms, but out of which most relevant

LOL Full Form is – Laughing Out Loud

LOL, or lol, is an initialize for laughing out loud and is a well-liked aspect of Web slang. It was first used virtually completely on Usenet, however has since turn out to be widespread in computer-mediated communication and even different types of face-to-face communication. It’s one among many habits to specific bodily laughter, particularly as textual content in laughter.

What Does LOL Stand For?

LOL stands for – Laughing Out Loud

What is LOL Meaning

The term LOL can be used for many purposes, but the most relevant meaning of LOL is – Laughing Out Loud

All Full Forms of LOL

Below is the list of all Full Form of LOL in various category.

Sr. No.TermCategoryLOL Full Forms
1LOLUncategorizedLabor of Love
2LOLEducationalLack of Lanthanum
3LOLSlangLack Of Laughter
4LOLLoveLack Of Love
5LOLFunnyLacking Of Life
6LOLUncategorizedLadies Only Lifting
7LOLFunnyLadies Out Looking
8LOLToastmastersLaff Out Load Toastmasters Club
9LOLFunnyLame Old Loser
10LOLCompanies or OrganizationsLand O Lakes
11LOLCompanies or OrganizationsLand Of Leather
12LOLAthleticsLand Of Legends
13LOLInternet - ChatLand Of Lincoln
14LOLFunnyLand Of Love
15LOLNourishmentLarge Obese Lobster
16LOLFunnyLarge Ordinary Lung
17LOLMiscellaneousLascivious Obstreperous Lingo
18LOLUncategorizedLater On Love
19LOLInternet - ChatLaugh Out Loud
20LOLInternet - ChatLaughing On Line
21LOLInternet - ChatLaughing Out Loud
22LOLPerforming ArtsLaughing Over Lines
23LOLUncategorizedLaught Out Loud
24LOLPerforming ArtsLaughter Orchestrates Laughter
25LOLUncategorizedLauren on Location
26LOLEssayLaws of Life
27LOLGamingLawyers on Line
28LOLFunnyLay Out Long
29LOLConveyanceLayout Line
30LOLGamingLeague Of Leagends
31LOLAccountingLeague of Legend
32LOLUncategorizedLeague of Levity
33LOLTankLeague of Liberty
34LOLUncategorizedLeague of Lightness
35LOLHobbyLeague Of Llamas
36LOLSlangLeague Of Losers
37LOLFunnyLearn Out Loud
38LOLCommunicationLearn Over Lunch
39LOLMedicineleft occipitolateral
40LOLMidwiferyLeft Occipito-Lateral
41LOLMedicalLeft Occipitolateral Position
42LOLMedicalLeft Other Leg
43LOLBusinessLeft Our Load
44LOLScience FictionLegion Of Lucifer
45LOLScience FictionLegion Of the Lost
46LOLGovernmentalLegion On Legion
47LOLMiscellaneousLegislating On Liquor
48LOLNourishmentLemon Or Lime
49LOLLocalLessen Our Lust
50LOLMedia CenterLet's Oblterate Licentiousness
51LOLEducationalLevel Of Learning
52LOLInformation TechnologyLevel On Line
53LOLSocietyLewd Offensive Language
54LOLLoveLiar of Lies
55LOLSportLick Our Lumps
56LOLBandungLick Over Lips
57LOLFunnyLicking Old Lemons
58LOLGovernmentalLieutenant On Leave
59LOLAnimalsLife Of a Leopard
60LOLNormal BusinessLife Of Loan
61LOLFunnyLife Off Line
62LOLLocalLight Of Love
63LOLFunnyLight On Left
64LOLFunnyLightning Over Love
65LOLFunnyLil Ole Lady
66LOLNASA - SpaceLimit Of Liability
67LOLEngineeringLimitation of Liability
68LOLOilLimitation of Owner's Liability
69LOLInternet - ChatLine Over Line
70LOLInternet - ChatLion On Line
71LOLFunnyLittle of laughness
72LOLInternet - ChatLittle Old Ladies
73LOLSocietyLittle Old Lady
74LOLFunnyLittle Outrageous Littles
75LOLGamingLive on Love
76LOLLivid of Love Living on Lemons
77LOLFunnyLiving On Line
78LOLLivingLiving Our Lives
79LOLFunnyLoads Of Laughs
80LOLFunnyLoads Of Laundry
81LOLFunnyLoads Of Lemons
82LOLInternet - ChatLoads Of Love
83LOLFunnyLocal On Line
84LOLInternet - ChatLocked On Love
85LOLInternet - ChatLocker of Losers
86LOLFunnyLollypops Over Laffytaffy
87LOLInformation TechnologyLook OnLine
88LOLJuridicalLook Out for Loonies
89LOLFunnyLook Over LuLu
90LOLInternet - ChatLooking On Line
91LOLInternet - ChatLooking Over Liam
92LOLFunnyLooks Of Laughter
93LOLLocal - CountriesLoony Offensive Liberal
94LOLLocalLord Of Life Church
95LOLGamingLord Of Lizards
96LOLFunnyLord Of Losers
97LOLMedia CenterLords Of Legend
98LOLFunnyLoser On Line
99LOLFunnyLoser On Liquor
100LOLPharmaceuticalLoss Of Legs
101LOLArmyLoss Of Life
102LOLClockLoss of Lock
103LOLLocalLoss Of Love
104LOLLoveLost Of Love
105LOLPharmaceuticalLots Of Labefactation
106LOLSocietyLots Of Laciviousness
107LOLGamingLots Of Laughing
108LOLInternet - ChatLots Of Laughs
109LOLFunnyLots Of Laughter
110LOLInternetLots Of Leafs
111LOLFunnyLots Of Lemons
112LOLInformation TechnologyLots Of Levels
113LOLPolice ForceLots Of Liquor
114LOLCultivationLots Of Living
115LOLFunnyLots Of Lizards
116LOLInternet - ChatLots Of Lollygagging
117LOLTextingLots Of Love
118LOLTransportationLots Of Lube
119LOLInternet - ChatLots Of Luck
120LOLSlangLoud Outbursts League
121LOLFunnyLove Of Lardbutts
122LOLInternet - ChatLove Of Laughing
123LOLInternet - ChatLove Of Life
124LOLPharmaceuticalLove Of Llamas
125LOLInternet - ChatLove Of Lord
126LOLInternet - ChatLove On Line
127LOLInternet - ChatLove Outdated Laws
128LOLFunnyLoveliest On Line
129LOLInternet - TwitterLovely old Ladies
130LOLClubsLoyal Orange Lodge
131LOLLocalLucifer Our Lord
132LOLPolice ForceLunatic On the Loose
133LOLInformation TechnologyLurking On Line
134LOLLocal StatesThe Land Of Lakes

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I hope you get what you want to know about LOL. Do you want to know the full forms of the term other than LOL? Then please ask by comments or email. Your valuable comments are always welcome.

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