ISD Full Form

ISD Full Form: What Does ISD Stand For?

Here you will not only get the all possible Full Form of ISD but also get detailed information about ISD. Not only this, you will also come to know what Does ISD stand for?

ISD Full Form

The term ISD has many full forms, but out of which most relevant ISD Full Form is – International Subscriber Dialing

ISD stand for International Subscriber Dialing. ISD is also called International Direct Dialing IDD. This term ISD describes an international call which is made by any person without depending on a telephone operator.

Each country is given a different ISD Code. This is a unique number; the customer has to place the ISD code of that country before his phone number to make any international call, after which you can call him.

Just like if you call anyone in another country, then you have to put a code in front of that, only then can you call someone, the code you use to call is called ISD code. There are different codes. If you call in any other country, then you must use ISD.

How to view ISD Code

If you do not know the ISD codes of a country and want to get an ISD, then there are many different ways to find the codes of any city ISD. For this, you can also take the help of a website or application. In that, too, you get complete information related to ISD, and you can quickly get ISD codes of every country.

Apart from this, if you want to see the ISD code of any country easily, for this, you have to go to google and write the name of the country in which you want to see the ISD code, after that you search by writing the ISD Code after the name of the country. Take

Now the ISD codes of that country will come in front of you; you can copy and use them from there; this is a straightforward way by which you can find any country sitting at home in a few minutes.

Apart from this, if you want, you can also download an application to see the ISD code from the play store; these applications are free, for this, you do not have to spend any money, and through that, you will know the ISDs of all the countries of the world. You can find and use the ISD of any country.

In this way you can very easily find out the ISD codes of any country and also there are many websites which tell you the codes of every country with complete information, you can also use it if you want.

ISD Call Full Form

International Subscriber Dialing

ISD Full Form in GST

Input Service Distributor

What Does ISD Stand For?

ISD stands for – International Subscriber Dialing

It is also called as IDD (International Direct Dialing. ISD is an International telephone call made by a person without depending on the telephone operator.

Every country has assigned a unique ISD, which is a specific number. These International calling codes are given by ITU (International Telecommunication Union).

ISD codes are required while dialling a telephone number or mobile number which is in another country or region.

All Full Forms of ISD

Now, here is the list of all Full Form of ISD.

Sr. No.TermCategoryISD Full Form
1ISDHonourIan Stuart Donaldson
2ISDSecurityIcelandic Securities Depository
3ISDAthleticsIcon Athletics Division
4ISDCraftIdeal Shopping Direct
5ISDOtolaryngologyIdiopathic Sudden Deafness
6ISDTelecomIdle Signal Detection
7ISDAllergyIFN-Stimulatory DNA
8ISDGastroenterologyIgG4-related Systemic Disease
9ISDEducationIgnacio School District
10ISDRocketIgnition Safety Device
11ISDComputingImage Section Descriptor
12ISDTechnologyImaging Systems Division
13ISDTechnologyImaging Systems Divisionsion
14ISDImmigrationImmigrant Services Division
15ISDForumImmigration Status Document
16ISDHealth ServiceImmunization Service Division
17ISDBiologyImmunosuppressive Domain
18ISDHealthimmunosuppressive drug
19ISDBackpackingImpairment Suppression Displacement
20ISDDuneImperial Sand Dunes
21ISDScience FictionImperial Star Destroyer
22ISDMedicalimplant support device
23ISDScienceimplementation support document
24ISDInformation TechnologyImproved Standard Driver
25ISDEducationalIn School Detention
26ISDRAFIn Service Date
27ISDTransportationIn Some Direction
28ISDCareIncome Support Division
29ISDEducationalIncreasing, Steady, or Decreasing
30ISDEducationalIndependent School District
31ISDEducationIndiana School for the Deaf
32ISDArmyIndividual Soldier Detector
33ISDArmyIndustrial Support Detachment
34ISDMedicalInfantile Seborrheic Dermatitis
35ISDComputingInferential Structure Determination
36ISDIn-School Detention In-flight Service Director
37ISDMedicalInformation and Statistics Division
38ISDTechnologyInformation Services Department
39ISDGeodesyInformation Services Div
40ISDMedicalInformation Services Division
41ISDTechnologyInformation Storage Device
42ISDTechnologyInformation systems Department
43ISDTechnologyInformation Systems Design
44ISDConferenceInformation Systems Development
45ISDTechnologyInformation Systems Directorate
46ISDTechnologyInformation Systems Division
47ISDPoliticsInfrastructure Security Division
48ISDSafetyInherently Safer Design
49ISDDefenceIn-Service Date
50ISDCard GamesInside Straight Draw
51ISDBotanyIn-Solution Digestion
52ISDMedicalIn-Source Decay
53ISDChemistryIn-Source Dissociation
54ISDComputer SecurityInspectable Space Determination
55ISDBostonInspectional Services Department
56ISDTechnologyIn-Station Diagnostics
57ISDEducationalInstructional Support Department
58ISDTechnologyInstructional System Design
59ISDTechnologyInstructional System Development
60ISDOilfieldInstrument Securing Device
61ISDDevelopmentInstrumentation and Systems Development
62ISDAthleticsIntegrated Athletics Development
63ISDTechnologyIntegrated Sensor Device
64ISDDeliveryIntegrated Service Delivery
65ISDSAPIntegrated Services Delivery
66ISDMilitaryIntegrated Ship Defense
67ISDCompanies or OrganizationsIntegrated Solutions Division
68ISDGovernmentIntegrated Surface Database
69ISDLocal - CountriesInterface Specification Document
70ISDEducationalInterface State Density
71ISDTransportationInterim Simulation Display
72ISDAir PollutionInterim Status Document
73ISDEducationIntermediate School District
74ISDSingaporeInternal Security Department
75ISDFBI FilesInternal Security Division
76ISDEducationalInternal Storage Device
77ISDNormal BusinessInternational Sales Division
78ISDSchoolsInternational School at Dundee
79ISDSchoolsInternational School of Dakar
80ISDInternationalInternational Sealing Distribution
81ISDEducationalInternational Student Diplomacy
82ISDInternationalInternational Student Discount
83ISDInternationalInternational Subscriber Dailing
84ISDInternetInternet Slang Dictionary
85ISDArmyInter-operability Standardization Directorate
86ISDMedicalIntrinsic Sphincter Deficiency
87ISDMedicalIntrinsic Sphincteric Deficiency
88ISDEducationalIntrinsically Static-Dissipative
89ISDBiochemistryIron-regulated Surface Determinant
90ISDIATA CodeIscuande Airport
91ISDLocal - Airport CodesIscuande, Colombia
92ISDEducationalIslamic Society of Delaware
93ISDSchoolsIssaquah School District
94ISDInformation TechnologyRapidFile Spelling Checker dictionary
95ISDSchoolsSchool District

Final Words:

I hope you get what you want to know about ISD. Do you want to know the full forms of the term other than ISD? Then please ask by comments or email. Your valuable comments are always welcome.

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