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LTC Full Form

LTC Full Form

LTC Full Form: What Does LTC Stand For?

Here you will get all possible Full Form of LTC and you will also come to know what Does LTC stand for?

LTC Full Form

The term LTC has many full forms, but out of which most relevant

LTC Full Form is – Leave Travel Concession

The way government is required in the country to run the system of the country. Similarly, government employees are also needed to run the governance in the country. From time to time, recruitments for all ranks are also taken out by the government in various positions. There are recruitments for the defence sector, medical sector, officer rank in the country. There are many departments in the country; all departments are recruited a lot. The government takes exceptional care of its employees. Security is also provided to officers of higher rank. Apart from this, they are given an allowance and other facilities along with salary. LTC (Leave Travel Concession) related to taking leave in this facility is also provided to government employees.

LTC Full Form in Salary

Leave Travel Concession

LTC Full Form in Banking

Loan-to-Cost Ratio

LTC Full Form in Airline

Leave Travel Concession

LTC is a type of online air ticket booking for flights, for the government employees in India, and it paid for by the government.

What Does LTC Stand For?

LTC stands for – Leave Travel Concession

What Does LTC Stand For in Army?

In Army LTC stands for – Lieutenant Colonel

LTC is a commissioned officers in the United States Army

What Does LTC Stand For in Medical Term?

In Medical Term LTC stands for – Long Term Care

What is Full Forms of LTC

All Full Form of LTC is given in below table.

Sr. No.TermCategoryLTC Full Form
1LTC ScienceLaboratory Training Center
2LTC Local - RailwayLafferty Transportation
3LTC OrganizationsLafferty Transportation
4LTC LahoreLahore Transport Company
5LTC AirportLai Airport
6LTC EducationLake Tuggeranong College
7LTC EducationLakeshore Technical College
8LTC ToxicologyLambda-cyhalothrin
9LTC ResearchLand Tenure Center
10LTC ToyotaLane Trace Control
11LTC ScienceLanguage & Technology Conference
12LTC TeachingLanguage & Training Centre
13LTC EnglishLanguage Teaching Centres
14LTC TechnologyLanguage Technologies Conference
15LTC TranslationLanguage Technology Center
16LTC TranslationLanguage Technology Centre
17LTC InterpreterLanguage Testing and Certification
18LTC TeachingLanguage Training Center
19LTC GeorgiaLanier Technical College
20LTC Companies or OrganizationsLanston Type Company
21LTC ServiceLao Telecom Company
22LTC SurgeryLaparoscopic Total Colectomy
23LTC UrologyLapra-Ty Clip
24LTC Medicallarge transformed cell
25LTC PharmaceuticalLarge Transformed Cell
26LTC InspectorLaser Techniques Company
27LTC OrganizationsLastec
28LTC BiochemistryLatarcins
29LTC AirlineLatCharter
30LTC London Stock ExchangeLatchways
31LTC Endocrine SystemLatent Trait Cortisol
34LTC NeurologyLateral Temporal Cortex
35LTC OrthopaedicLateral Tibial Component
36LTC TheatreLatino Theater Company
37LTC ScienceLattice Thermal Conductivity
38LTC ProfessionalLaundry Technology Centre
39LTC ClubsLawn Tennis Club
40LTC SocietyLead The Cause
41LTC GunLead Truncated Cone
42LTC ArmyLeaders Training Course
43LTC EducationalLeadership Training Camp
44LTC ArmyLeadership Training Class
45LTC Normal BusinessLeadership Training Conference
46LTC LeadershipLeadership Training Corps
47LTC MilitaryLeadership Training Course
48LTC LeadershipLeadership Training For Christ
49LTC Information TechnologyLeading Technology Composites
50LTC EducationalLearning and Teaching Center
51LTC Local - CountriesLearning Teaching Center
52LTC EducationalLearning Teaching Curriculum
53LTC EducationalLearning Technologies Center
54LTC Information TechnologyLearning Technology Center
55LTC MiscellaneousLeave Travel Concession
56LTC JuridicalLegal To Carry
57LTC GovernmentLegislative Transportation Committee
58LTC BusinessLess than case
59LTC Pharmaceuticalleukotriene C
60LTC Information TechnologyLexington Technology Center
61LTC LibraryLibraries Transforming Communities
62LTC FirearmLicense to Carry
63LTC ArmyLieutenant Colonel
64LTC CardiologyLife-Threatening Condition
65LTC Companies or OrganizationsLinamar TRW Corporation

TSP Full Form

Final Words:

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