ISP Full Form

ISP Full Form: What Does ISP Stand For?

Do you want to know what is full form of ISP is? Then, here you will come to know what Does ISP stand for? Also all possible Full Form of ISP.

ISP Full Form

The term ISP has many full forms, but out of which most relevant

ISP Full Form is –Internet Service Provider

ISP represents Internet Service Provider. This is nothing else except for when we attempt to get to the Internet, it is required.

An Internet Service Provider (ISP) is an industry term fit for giving you admittance to the Internet, commonly from a PC. On the off chance that you hear somebody discussing the Internet and they notice their “supplier”, they for the most part talk about their ISP.

The ISP was additionally settled in 1989 in Australia and the United States. It began serving its clients in late 1989.

An Internet specialist co-op is an association or organization that gives Internet access and numerous Internet administrations to people and different associations. It can charge clients a specific sum or allowed to utilize their administrations.

Network access supplier administrations resemble information, site building, space and facilitating and furthermore give admittance to web and internet providers.

It utilizes the broadcast communications line as an apparatus to offer types of assistance for the client. The Internet specialist co-op might be a worldwide level association or may likewise be a neighborhood or provincial level association.

Worldwide level ISPs offer types of assistance at their level and furthermore to little or provincial ISPs. While neighborhood or local ISPs offer types of assistance legitimately to the client.

Instances of worldwide and local ISPs are AT&T, IBM, MCI, Global Network, Netcom and Bharti, and so on.

What Does ISP Stands For?

ISP stands for – Internet Service Provider

All Full Forms of ISP

Below is the list of All Full form of ISP in various category

Sr. No.TermCategoryISP Full Form
1ISPFunnyI Sell Promises
2ISPMedicalIce Structuring Protein
3ISPPolice ForceIdaho State Police Force
5ISPPulmonaryIdiopathic Spontaneous Pneumothorax
6ISPGovernmentIllinois State Police
9ISPPolice ForceIllinois State Police Force
10ISPInternet - ChatI'm So Prissy
11ISPImageImage Signal Processing
12ISPCameraImage Signal Processor
13ISPTechnologyImage Synthesis Processor
14ISPMedicalImmature Single Positive
15ISPPoliticsImmediate Services Program
16ISPPharmacologyImmunoreactive Substance P
17ISPUncategorizedIn Skill Purchasing
18ISPUncategorizedIn System Programmable
19ISPUncategorizedIn System Programmer
20ISPInformation TechnologyIn System Programming
21ISPEducationInclusion Support Programme
22ISPFoodIndependent Science Panel
23ISPTechnologyIndependent Service Provider
24ISPEducationalIndependent Study Program
25ISPEducationalIndependent Study Project
26ISPAnthropologyIndex of Social Position
27ISPEducationalIndian Society for Parasitology
28ISPPolice ForceIndiana State Police Force
29ISPMedicalIndividual Service Plan
30ISPEducationIndividual Services Plan
31ISPGovernmentIndividual Support Plan
34ISPEducationalIndividualized Service Plan
35ISPPlanningIndividualized Service Plans
36ISPEducationIndividualized Services Plan
37ISPUncategorizedIndustrial Security Professional
38ISPGovernmentalIndustrial Security Program (Canada)
39ISPCasinoIndustry Starting Price
40ISPFunnyInferior Service Provider
41ISPPoliticsInformation Security Program
42ISPInformation TechnologyInformation Service Provider
43ISPTechnologyInformation Service Providers
44ISPEducationalInformation Society Project
45ISPLocal - CountriesInformation Sources Page
46ISPMilitaryInformation Strategic Plan
47ISPStructuralInformation Strategy Planning
48ISPManagementInformation Support Plan
49ISPPoliticsInformation Systems Plan
50ISPTechnologyInformation Systems Professional
51ISPUS GovernmentInfrastructure Service Provider
52ISPNASA - SpaceInitial Specific Impulse
53ISPMedicalInjury Surveillance Program
54ISPNormal BusinessInnovative Service Program
55ISPEducationalIn-Sessional Program
56ISPNormal BusinessInside Screen Porch
57ISPNASAIn-Space Propulsion
58ISPArmyInstallation Strategic Plan
59ISPPromotionInstitute of Sales Promotion
60ISPLocal - GhanaInstitutional Strengthening Plan
61ISPGovernmentalInstitutional Strengthening Program
62ISPCityIn-Store Programs
63ISPInformation TechnologyInstruction Set Processor
64ISPNASA - SpaceInstrumentation Support Plan
65ISPInsuranceInsurance Service Provider
66ISPMilitaryIn-System Programmable
67ISPProgrammingIn-System Programmer
68ISPEducationalIntegral Somatic Psychology
69ISPAcademic & ScienceIntegrated Science Program
70ISPEducationIntegrated Service Plan
71ISPArmyIntegrated Support Plan
72ISPAvionicsIntegrated Switching Panel
73ISPUncategorizedIntegrating Special Populations
74ISPUncategorizedIntelligent Systems Program
75ISPGovernmentalIntense supervised probation
76ISPPoliticsIntensive Supervision Program
77ISPUncategorizedInteractive Screening Program
78ISPPoliticsInteragency Security Plan
79ISPEducationalInterface Strain Parameter
80ISPAthleticsIntermediate Start Position
81ISPInformation TechnologyInternal System Performance
82ISPSchoolsInternational School of Panama
83ISPInternationalInternational Schools Partnership
84ISPUS GovernmentInternational Security Passport
85ISPInternationalInternational Service Provider
86ISPPharmaceuticalInternational Society for Pathophysiology
87ISPEducationalInternational Society for Psychophysics
88ISPNYSE SymbolsInternational Specialty Products
89ISPTechnologyInternational Standardized Profile
91ISPGovernmentInternational Statistics Program
92ISPMedicalInternational Streptomyces Project
93ISPInternationalInternational Student
94ISPUncategorizedInternational Student Placements
95ISPUncategorizedInternational Student Protection
96ISPUncategorizedInternational Studies and Programs
97ISPInternationalInternational Studies Perspectives
98ISPInformation TechnologyInternet Security Protocol
99ISPTechnologyInternet Service Provider
100ISPInformation TechnologyInternet service provider settings (MS IIS)
101ISPTechnologyInternet Service Providers
102ISPInternetInternet Suckiness Providers
103ISPInternetInternet Survey Period
104ISPComputingInterrupt Stack Pointer
105ISPComputingInterrupt Status Port
106ISPNormal BusinessIntrinsically Safe for Process
107ISPPerforming ArtsInvisible Street Photography
108ISPNourishmentIron Sulfur Protein
109ISPMedicalIron-Sulfur Protein
110ISPArmyISDN Security Program
111ISPMedicalIsolated Sleep Paralysis
122ISPEducationalIsolated Soy Protein
123ISPTransportationLong Island Mac Arthur Airport
124ISPAirport CodeLong Island MacArthur Airport

Final Word:

I hope you get what you want to know about ISP. Do you want to know the full forms of the term other than ISP? Then please ask by comments or email. Your valuable comments are always welcome.

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