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MCB Full Form

MCB Full Form: What Does MCB Stand For?

Do you want to know what is full form of MCB is? Then, here you will come to know what Does MCB stand for? Also all possible Full Form of MCB.

MCB Full Form

The term MCB has many full forms, but out of which most relevant full form is-

MCB Full Form is – Miniature Circuit Breaker

The Miniature circuit breaker (MCB) serves a vital function in providing overcurrent protection and disconnecting services in electrical networks. Recent advances in circuit breaker technology have increased the performance and protection of the circuit breaker.

The following requirements are imposed on the circuit breaker:

First, the circuit breaker must cut off the overload current, but only when the current and, therefore, the temperature exceeds a predetermined limit. It should be remembered that the response time at low overloads is more extended than at significant overloads.

Secondly, the short circuit must be disconnected immediately. The energy transmitted through the conductor during short-circuit is so great that it is necessary to immediately break the circuit to prevent damage to the protected equipment. By protected equipment, we mean not only consumers but also a conductor, the replacement of which can result in significant capital costs and a lot of inconvenience for the user.

Third, after reducing the load to permissible limits or eliminating the cause of the short circuit, the electrical installation must be ready again for switching on and operation.

The most common electrical devices today are circuit breakers. A circuit breaker is “a mechanical switching device capable of switching on, conducting and breaking currents in the normal state of the electrical circuit, as well as switching on, conducting for a specified time and automatically disconnecting currents in a specified abnormal state of the electrical circuit, for example, in the event of a short circuit.”

The range of circuit breakers is so large. The technologies used in their production are so diverse that it is difficult to assign some circuit breakers to any specific category.

Therefore, for low-voltage circuit breakers, the following practical gradation is often used: Miniature Circuit Breakers (MCB), designed for a rated current not exceeding 125 A; tripping characteristics are usually unregulated; thermal and/or electromagnetic operating principle;

Molded Case Circuit Breakers (MCCB) is widely used in most low-voltage networks and are designed for rated currents up to 1000 A; they are also thermal and / or electromagnetic circuit breakers, in which the tripping current can be adjustable;

Circuit Breakers in an insulated case (ICCB) for low-voltage networks with increased voltage and current values.

The largest group is miniature circuit breakers. This is primarily due to the huge area of their application. In the general scheme of the electrical installation, they are installed directly near the consumers.

The circuit breaker includes the following main parts:

Contact system with an arc chute;

Electromagnetic and/or thermal release;

Free splitting mechanism.

The principle of operation of switches of this type

In the event of overloads in the protected circuit, the flowing current heats up the bimetallic plate. When heated, the plate bends and pushes a lever that acts on the free release mechanism. The tripping time decreases with increasing current.

In the case of a short circuit in the protected circuit, the current flowing through the circuit breaker’s electromagnetic coil multiplies several times; therefore, the magnetic field multiplies, which moves the core that switches the free trip lever.

In both cases, the moving contact moves away from the fixed one. The device turns off, the circuit is broken, thereby protecting the electrical circuit from overloads and short-circuit currents.

Modern circuit breakers have an improved design of the control mechanism and the free trip mechanism to reduce contact bounce. During the closing, the contacts are closed instantly, regardless of the speed of the control handle. A metal plate installed on the sidewall in the area of ​​opening contacts protects the case from burning out. In the manufacture of the case, high-quality non-combustible materials with high refractory and shockproof characteristics and high mechanical strength are used. Contact clamps, deeply embedded in the housing, provide a high degree of safety in accidental human contact with the device housing.

What is MCB Full Form in Electrical?

In Electrical MCB Full Form is – Miniature Circuit Breaker

What Does MCB Stand For?

MCB stands for – Miniature Circuit Breaker

IMO Full Form

What is Full Forms of MCB

Now, here is the complete Full-Form list of the term MCB.

Sr. No.TermCategoryMCB Full Form
1MCBElectroinicsMiniature Circuit Breaker
2MCBAirlineAir Mercia
3MCBArmyArmy Circuit Board
5MCBUncategorizedMaastricht Convention Bureau
6MCBProcessingMachine Control Board
9MCBUncategorizedMacro Control Block
10MCBUncategorizedMadison Community Band
11MCBMusicMadison Society Band
12MCBCrocMadras Crocodile Bank
13MCBMadridMadrid Convention Bureau
14MCBMusicMaidenhead Citadel Band
15MCBUncategorizedMain Circuit Board
16MCBElectricalMain Circuit Breaker
17MCBElectronicsMain Control Board
18MCBEducationalMain Course Book
19MCBUncategorizedMaintainer Custom Bodies
20MCBPolice ForceMajor Crime Branch
21MCBOrganizationsMalaysian Cocoa Board
22MCBPolice ForceManhattan Central Booking
23MCBUncategorizedManual Call Box
24MCBTechnologyManually Controlled Barrier
25MCBFinanceManufacturer Charge Back
26MCBUncategorizedMarijuana Control Board
27MCBCloudMarine Cloud Brightening
28MCBCompanies or OrganizationsMarine Corporation Base
29MCBMilitaryMarine Corps Base
30MCBUncategorizedMarine Corps Bases
31MCBGeographyMarke Carl Bauer
34MCBMarketingMarketing and Consumer Behavior
35MCBUncategorizedMary Casey Black
36MCBUncategorizedMaster Car Builders
37MCBMedicalMaster Cell Bank
38MCBElectronicsMaster Circuit Breaker
39MCBUncategorizedMaster of Clinical Biochemistry
40MCBAfricaMauritius Commercial Bank
41MCBUncategorizedMaximum Contiguous Block
42MCBCountiesMecklenburg County Bar
43MCBBureausMedia Coordination Bureau
44MCBUncategorizedMedium Chamber Bright
45MCBBioengineeringMedullary Carcinoma of the Breast
46MCBMedicalMembranous Cytoplasmic Bodies
47MCBComputingMemory Control Block
48MCBUncategorizedMemory Controller Block
49MCBBureausMerchants Credit Bureau
50MCBUncategorizedMerlot Cabernet Barbera
51MCBInformation TechnologyMessage Control Block
52MCBInformation TechnologyMessenger Call Box
53MCBCountriesMeter Cover Box
54MCBTicker SymbolsMetropolitan Bank Holding
55MCBSocietyMetropolitan Capacity Building Program
56MCBBankingMetropolitan Commercial Bank
57MCBBalletMiami City Ballet
58MCBChildhoodMichigan Commission for the Blind
59MCBInformation TechnologyMicro Channel Bus
60MCBMedicalMicrocirculatory Bed
61MCBTechnologyMicrowave Circuit Board
62MCBUncategorizedMid Columbia Ballet
63MCBUncategorizedMilk and Cereal Bars
64MCBNormal BusinessMill Creek Building
65MCBMilitaryMine-clearing Blade
66MCBProductMini Circuit Breakers
67MCBAutomotiveMini Club Brabant
68MCBUncategorizedMiniature Circuit Board
69MCBTechnologyMiniature Circuit Breaker
70MCBSafetyMinimise Circuit Breaker
71MCBCertifications & DiplomasMinnesota Certification Board
72MCBUncategorizedMiracle Come Back
73MCBUncategorizedMissouri Contemporary Ballet
74MCBBankMizuho Corporate Bank
75MCBArmyMobile Command Base
76MCBInformation TechnologyMobile Communications Business
77MCBConstructionMobile Construction Battalion
78MCBUncategorizedModified Cement Based
79MCBUncategorizedModular Combat Bandoleer
80MCBUncategorizedMoffitt Clinic Building
81MCBEducationalMolecular and Cell Biology
82MCBUncategorizedMolecular and Cellular
83MCBBiologyMolecular and Cellular Biology
84MCBGovernmentMolecular and Cellular Biosciences
85MCBEducationalMolecular and Computational Biology
86MCBEducationalMolecular Cell Biology
87MCBEducationalMonfort College of Business
88MCBNourishmentMorning Club Brew
89MCBUncategorizedMotor Circuit Breaker
91MCBUncategorizedMotor Control Board
92MCBBankingMountain Economics Bank
93MCBArmyMovement Control Battalion
94MCBPoliticsMovement Coordination Branch
95MCBAutomotiveMulti Collision Brake
96MCBAutomotiveMulti Communication Bar
97MCBUncategorizedMulti Context Broker


What is MCB Switch Full Form?

MCB Switch Full Form – Miniature Circuit Breaker

What is MCB Full Form in Electronics?

In Electronics MCB Full Form is – Miniature Circuit Breaker

Final Words:

I hope you get what you want to know about MCB. If you want to know the full forms of other term, then please ask by comments or email. Your valuable comments are always welcome.

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