ITC Full Form

ITC Full Form

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ITC Full Form

The term ITC has many full forms, but out of which most relevant ITC Full Form is –

ITC – Input Tax Credit

ITC – Indian Tobacco Company


ITC Full Form in GST

Full Form of ITC in GST is – Input Tax Credit


What Does ITC Stands For?

ITC stands for – Input Tax Credit and Indian Tobacco Company


What is ITC Meaning

The term ITC was used for many purposes, but the most relevant meaning of ITC is – Input Tax Credit and Indian Tobacco Company


All Full Forms of ITC

Here is the complete Full-Form list of the term ITC.

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Sr. No.TermCategoryITC Full Forms
1ITCCompanies or OrganizationsIdeal Toy Corporation
2ITCNASA - SpaceIgloo Thermal Control
3ITCTransportationIgnition Timing Control
4ITCLocal - RailwayIllinois Terminal Railroad
5ITCCompanies or OrganizationsImagination Technology Corporation
6ITCCompanies or OrganizationsImperial Tobacco Company
7ITCTransportationIn The Canal
8ITCInternet - ChatIn The Context
9ITCUncategorizedIn The Cut
10ITCInternet - ChatIn This Case
11ITCCompanies or OrganizationsIncorporated Television Company
12ITCMedia CenterIndependent Television Commission
13ITCCouncilIndependent Theatre Council
14ITCUncategorizedIndependent Tournament Circuit
15ITCInternational BusinessIndian Tobacco Company
16ITCCompanies or OrganizationsIndian Tobacco Corporation
17ITCInternational BusinessIndian Trade Classification
18ITCCompanies or OrganizationsIndustrial Tank Corporation
19ITCEducationalIndustrial Technician Certificate
20ITCInformation TechnologyIndustrial Technology Centre
21ITCCompanies or OrganizationsIndustrial Tooling Corporation
22ITCUncategorizedIndustrial Training centre
23ITCProfessional OrganizationsIndustrial Training Council
24ITCProfessional OrganizationsIndustry Technical Committee
25ITCUncategorizedInfared Training Center
26ITCNavyInformation Technician Chief Petty Officer
27ITCEducationalInformation Technology and Communication
28ITCNormal BusinessInformation Technology Center
29ITCProfessional OrganizationsInformation Technology Charlotte
30ITCEducationalInformation Technology Club
31ITCLocal StatesInformation Technology Commission
32ITCUS GovernmentInformation Technology Committee
33ITCNormal BusinessInformation Technology Council
34ITCEducationalInformation Theoretic Criterion
35ITCInformation TechnologyInformation Trust Corporation
36ITCUncategorizedInfrared Training Center
37ITCCommitteesInland Transport Committee
38ITCGovernmentalInnovation and Technology Commission
39ITCUncategorizedInnovative Turnaround Controls
40ITCLocalInput Tax Credit
41ITCLocal - CountriesInstitute for Theory and Computation
42ITCInformation TechnologyInstitute of Technology at Central
43ITCInformation TechnologyInstitute of Technology of Cambodia
44ITCVoluntary OrganizationInstitute of Texan Civilizations
45ITCSchoolsInstructional Technologies Center
46ITCEducationalInstructional Technology Center
47ITCInformation TechnologyInstructional Technology Consortium
48ITCInformation TechnologyInstructional Technology Council
49ITCNormal BusinessInstructions To Consultants
50ITCUncategorizedInstrumental Trans Communication
51ITCUncategorizedInstrumental Trans Communications
52ITCScience FictionInstrumental TransCommunication
53ITCInformation TechnologyInstrumentation Tray Cable
54ITCInsuranceInsurance Technologies Corporation
55ITCUncategorizedIntegral Tai Chi
56ITCEducationalIntegrated Terrain Compensation
57ITCScience FictionIntegration Time Control
58ITCUncategorizedIntegrity Trust and Commitment
59ITCUncategorizedIntegrity Trust Commitment
60ITCInformation TechnologyIntelliCAD Technology Consortium
61ITCUncategorizedIntelligent Touch Controller
62ITCArmyIntensive Training Centre
63ITCConsortiumsInter Tribal Consortium
64ITCUncategorizedInteractive Todd Coxeter
66ITCCompanies or OrganizationsIntercontinental Terminals Company
67ITCLocalInterdenominational Theological Center
68ITCInformation TechnologyInterface Termination Unit
69ITCScience FictionIntergalactic Trade Council
70ITCUncategorizedIntermodal Transit Center
71ITCCompanies or OrganizationsInternational Technical Ceramics
72ITCCertifications & DiplomasInternational Technical Certificate
73ITCCompanies or OrganizationsInternational Technidyne Corporation
74ITCForumInternational Telemetering Conference
75ITCUncategorizedInternational Teletraffic Congress
76ITCAthleticsInternational Tennis Centre
77ITCPoliticsInternational Terrorist Coalition
78ITCCommissionsInternational Test Commission
79ITCForumInternational Test Conference
80ITCUncategorizedInternational Tobacco Control
81ITCCertifications & DiplomasInternational Tonnage Certificate
82ITCTransportationInternational Tonnage Convention
83ITCUncategorizedInternational Trade Center
84ITCUnited NationsInternational Trade Centre
85ITCInternational BusinessInternational Trade Commission
86ITCUncategorizedInternational Training Center
87ITCInternational BusinessInternational Training Centre
88ITCEducationalInternational Training for Chinese
89ITCEducationalInternational Training in Communication
90ITCInternationalInternational Transistor Corporation
91ITCCompanies or OrganizationsInternational Transmission Company
92ITCVoluntary OrganizationInternational Trauma Care
93ITCCompanies or OrganizationsInternational Travel Connections
94ITCCompanies or OrganizationsInternational Typeface Corporation
95ITCInternetInternet Test Cricket
96ITCInformation TechnologyInterstate Telecommunications Cooperative
97ITCMortgageInvestment Tax Credit
98ITCStock ExchangeInvestment Trust Company
99ITCCompanies or OrganizationsIranian Tobacco Company
100ITCEducationalIrrigation Technology Center
101ITCUncategorizedIsrael Trauma Coalition
102ITCEducationalIstituto Trentino di Cultura
103ITCLocal - RailwayNorfolk Southern Railway Company


ITC- Input Tax Credit

GST (Goods and Services Tax) is viewed as the greatest change in India. In any case, one thing to discuss – that is – the instrument of information credit under GST.

In straightforward words, input credit implies when paying charges on deals, you can lessen the duties you have just paid on buys.


ITC-Indian Tobacco Company

In India, ITC Limited is one of the big private sector organizations. ITC differentiates cigarettes, lodgings and paperboards, agri-business, bundled nourishments and ice cream parlor, data innovation, marked attire, individual consideration, writing material, security matches and other FMCG items. While ITC is a brilliant market pioneer in its conventional organizations of cigarettes, lodgings, paperboards, bundling and agri-trades, it likewise quickly gains piece of the pie in its early organizations of bundled nourishments and dessert shop, marking clothing, individual consideration and writing material Used to be.


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