ISA Full Form

ISA Full Form

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ISA Full Form

The term ISA has many full forms, but out of which most relevant ISA Full Form is –

ISA – Industry Standard Architecture


ISA Full Form in Computer

Industry Standard Architecture


ISA Full Form in Steel

Indian Standard Equal/Unequal Angle


What Does ISA Stands For?

ISA stands for – Industry Standard Architecture


What is ISA Meaning

The term ISA was used for many purposes, but the most relevant meaning of ISA is – Industry Standard Architecture


All Full Forms of ISA

Here is the complete Full-Form list of the term ISA.

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Sr. No.TermCategoryISA Full Forms
1ISA EducationalAssociation Internationale de Sociologie
2ISA Academic & ScienceIllinois Science Assessment
3ISA LocalIn Shaa Allah
4ISA Stock ExchangeIncome Share Account
5ISA BusinessIncome Share Agreement
6ISA AuthoritiesIndependent Safeguarding Authority
7ISA Occupation & PositionsIndependent Safety Assessor
8ISA UncategorizedIndependent Savings Account
9ISA LocalIndependent Spiritualist Association
10ISA EducationalIndian Society of Anaesthesiologists
11ISA EducationalIndian Student Association
12ISA BankingIndividual Savings Account
13ISA UncategorizedIndividual Savings Accounts
14ISA UncategorizedIndustrial Services of America
15ISA AssociationsIndustrial Supply Association
17ISA ArmyIndustry Standard Architecture
18ISA International BusinessIndustry Sub-sector Analysis
19ISA Information TechnologyInformation Sharing and Assessment
20ISA Normal BusinessInformation Sharing Assessment
21ISA FDA AdministrationInformation Systems Architecture
22ISA Information TechnologyInformix Server Administrator
23ISA NASA - SpaceInitial Sun Acquisition
24ISA Information TechnologyInnovative Slot Allocation
25ISA Information TechnologyInput Signal Amplifier
26ISA ArabicInshallah (If God wills)
27ISA UncategorizedInside Sales Advisor
28ISA ManufacturingInside Surface of Assembly
29ISA EducationalInstantaneous Self-Assessment
31ISA AnimalsInstitute De Selection Animale
32ISA InstitutesInstitute for Self Actualisation
33ISA InstitutesInstitute Of Self Actualization
34ISA EducationalInstitution of Surveyors, Australia
35ISA ArmyInstruction Set Architecture
36ISA UncategorizedInstruction Stable Alert
37ISA EducationalInstrumentation Society of A
38ISA EducationalInstrumentation Society of America
39ISA EducationalInstrumentation Systems and Automation
40ISA UncategorizedIntegrated Systems Analysts
41ISA Local - CountriesIntegrity, Soul, and Attitude
42ISA AgenciesIntelligence And Security Agency
43ISA ArmyIntelligence Support Activity
44ISA TransportationIntelligent Speed Adaptation
45ISA PharmaceuticalIntensive Support Amount
46ISA EducationalInterface Studio Architects
47ISA UncategorizedInterim Service Agreement
48ISA NASA - SpaceInterim Stowage Assembly
49ISA Information TechnologyInternal Security Act
50ISA AgenciesInternal Security Agency
51ISA UncategorizedInternal Security Assessor
52ISA AccountingInternational Safety Auditors
53ISA CareerInternational Sales Agent
54ISA SchoolsInternational School of the Americas
55ISA InternationalInternational Schools Assessment
56ISA United NationsInternational Seabed Authority
57ISA Science FictionInternational Security Alliance
58ISA AssociationsInternational Sign Association
59ISA InternationalInternational Slackline Association
60ISA EducationalInternational Society of
61ISA EducationalInternational Society of Andrology
62ISA Professional OrganizationsInternational Society of Appraisers
63ISA Professional OrganizationsInternational Society of ArboriCivilization
64ISA InternationalInternational Society of Audiology
65ISA Professional OrganizationsInternational Society of Automation
66ISA Professional OrganizationsInternational Sociological Association
67ISA EducationalInternational Standard Architecture
68ISA AccountingInternational Standard of Auditing
69ISA AccountingInternational Standard on Auditing
70ISA ArmyInternational Standardization Agreement
71ISA AuditingInternational Standards on Auditing
72ISA InternationalInternational Strabismological Association
73ISA InternationalInternational Strategic Analysis
74ISA EducationalInternational Student Advising
75ISA EducationalInternational Student Association
76ISA EducationalInternational Students Association
77ISA UncategorizedInternational Studies Abroad
78ISA AssociationsInternational Studies Association
79ISA International BusinessInternational Sugar Agreement
80ISA AssociationsInternational Surfing Association
81ISA SchoolsInternationals Schools Assessment
82ISA InternetInternet Security Alliance
83ISA InternetInternet Security and Acceleration
84ISA EducationalInternet Services for Alumni
85ISA AdvisoryInteroperability Standards Advisory
86ISA Science FictionInterplanetary Strategic Alliance
87ISA ArmyInter-Service Agreement
88ISA ArmyInter-service Support Agreement
89ISA PharmaceuticalInterstitial Acute
90ISA PharmaceuticalIntrinsic Sympathomimetic Activity
91ISA EducationalInvestigative Skills Assessment
92ISA InvestmentsInvestment Savings Account
93ISA EducationalIonic Strength Adjuster
94ISA AthleticsIowa Soccer Association
95ISA Professional OrganizationsIrish Software Association
96ISA EducationalIslamic Students Association
97ISA Toronto Stock ExchangeIsotechnika Pharma, Inc.
98ISA EducationalIteration Symmetry and Alternation
99ISA Internet - ChatIt's So Annoying
100ISA Local - Airport CodesMount Isa, Australia
101ISA NYSE SymbolsSanta Isabel, S. A.


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