LOP Full Form

LOP Full Form: What Does LOP Stand For?

Do you want to know what is full form of LOP is? Then, here you will come to know what Does LOP stand for? Also all possible Full Form of LOP.

LOP Full Form

The term LOP has many full forms, but out of which most relevant full form is-

LOP Full Form is – Loss of Pay

Loss of Pay (LOP) is enforced by the employer for time during which an employee has not performed the work given under the contract of employment.  During the period of LOP, the worker isn’t eligible for any allowance or pay.

In many companies, LOP also referred as LWP (leave without pay) and companies apply it when any employee fails to come on duty on a given day or if he don’t report for leave.

LOP Full Form in Salary Slip

Loss of Pay

LOP Full Form in HR

Loss of Pay

LOP Full Form in Company

Loss of Pay

LOP Full Form in Payroll

Loss of Pay

What Does LOP Stand For?

LOP stands for – Loss of Pay

All Full Forms of LOP

Now, here is the list of All Full Form of LOP.

Sr. No.TermCategoryLOP Full Form
1LOPNASAIn-Orbit Plane
2LOPNASAInput/Output Port
3LOPNASAInput/Output Processor
4LOPNASAIntegrated Operation Plan
5LOPOphthalmologyIntraocular Pressure
6LOPScienceLab Operating Procedure
7LOPEnvironmental HealthLabile Organic Phosphorus
8LOPScienceLaboratory operating procedures
9LOPUncategorizedLabour Overhead and Profit
10LOPConveyanceLabour, Overheads and Profit
11LOPWeldingLack of Penetration
12LOPUncategorizedLack of Performance
13LOPUncategorizedLack of Potential
14LOPHistoryLack of Power
15LOPUncategorizedLack of Progress
16LOPUncategorizedLack of Prosecution
17LOPUncategorizedLady of Peace
18LOPUncategorizedLady Of Pleasure
19LOPUncategorizedLand of Promise
20LOPElevatorLanding Operating Panel
21LOPBusinessLanding Operating Panels
22LOPElevatorLanding Operation Panel
23LOPUncategorizedLands Of Pabulum
24LOPUncategorizedLanguage for Occupational Purposes
25LOPUncategorizedLanguage Observatory Project
26LOPDevelopmentLanguage Oriented Programming
27LOPDevelopmentLanguage-Oriented Programming
28LOPUncategorizedLaotian Organizing Project
29LOPUncategorizedLarge Open Pit
30LOPUncategorizedLast One Picked
31LOPObstetricsLate-Onset Preeclampsia
34LOPDermatologyLate-Onset Psychosis
35LOPDentistryLater-Onset Periodontitis
36LOPUncategorizedLaughing On People
37LOPUncategorizedLaughing Out Pancakes
38LOPAerospace EngineeringLaunch Operations Panel
39LOPOpticsLaunched Optical Power
40LOPTechnologyLauncher Operating Panel
41LOPUncategorizedLauncher Operator Panel
42LOPFilmLaurence Olivier Productions
43LOPMissionLausanne Occasional Paper
44LOPUncategorizedLausanne Occasional Papers
45LOPMarketLaw of One Price
46LOPUncategorizedLaws of Power
47LOPHumorLawyer On Phone
48LOPUncategorizedLayer of Protection
49LOPTechnologyLayer of Protection
50LOPUncategorizedLayers of Phonetics
51LOPSafetyLayers of Protection
52LOPBioengineeringLeach-Out Products
53LOPGovernmentalLeader of Opposition
54LOPUSLeader of Opposition
55LOPLeadershipLeadership and Organizational Performance
56LOPEducationalLeadership Opportunity Program
57LOPDevelopmentLeadership Opportunity Program
58LOPAgilityLead-Out Pivot
59LOPBotanyLeaf Osmotic Potential
60LOPAircraft & AviationLean Of Peak
61LOPEngineLean of Peak
62LOPUncategorizedLease Offer Platform
63LOPTelevisionLeast Objectionable Program
64LOPInformation TechnologyLeast Objectionable Programming
65LOPTelevisionLeast Objectionable Programming
66LOPUncategorizedLeave On Pass
67LOPLebanonLebanese Order of Physicians
68LOPUncategorizedLectures on Pragmatism
69LOPDentistryLeft Occipital Posterior
70LOPMedicalLeft Occiput Posterior
71LOPDanceLeft Open Position
72LOPJuridicalLegal Orientation Program
73LOPScience FictionLegion Of Pain
74LOPGastroenterologyLength Of Procedure
75LOPUncategorizedLength of Pull
76LOPShootingLength of Pull
77LOPBiologyLens Opaque
78LOPInvestmentsLet Out Property
79LOPTaxLet Out Property
80LOPUncategorizedLetter of Participation
81LOPEducationalLetter Of Permission
82LOPIndiaLetter of Permit
83LOPUncategorizedLetter of Procedure
84LOPMilitaryLetter of Procurement
85LOPMilitaryLetter of Promulgation
86LOPManagementLetter of Proposal
87LOPUncategorizedLetter of Protection
88LOPMedicineLetter of Protection
89LOPUncategorizedLetter of Protest
91LOPUncategorizedLetters Of Permission
92LOPCourseLetters of Permission
93LOPUncategorizedLetters of Procedure
94LOPUncategorizedLetters Of Protection
95LOPMedicineLetters of Protection
96LOPUncategorizedLevel Of Penetration
97LOPPsychologyLevel Of Processing
98LOPPoliticsLevel Of Protection
99LOPLocal - CountriesLevels Of Processing
100LOPMedicalLevels of Processing
101LOPEducationLevels of Progress
102LOPArmyLevels Of Protection
104LOPEducationalLibrary of Parliament
105LOPGamingLife Of Product
106LOPArmyLife Of Project
107LOPDesignLife of Project
109LOPMedicalligated oligonucleotide probe
110LOPUncategorizedLight Off Panel
111LOPFlashlightLight Orange Peel
112LOPOphthalmologyLight Output Power
113LOPUncategorizedLights Over Paris
114LOPHealth CareLikelihood Of Participation
115LOPUncategorizedLikelihood of Precipitation
116LOPUncategorizedLimb Occlusion Pressure
117LOPMedicalLimb Occlusion Pressure
118LOPStrengthLimit of Proportionality
119LOPForestryLimited Operating Period
120LOPUncategorizedLimited Operating Periods
121LOPArmyLine Of Position
122LOPShippingLine of Position
123LOPTechnologyLine of Product
124LOPUncategorizedLine of Progression
125LOPUncategorizedLine Opener Program
126LOPUncategorizedLinear Optimization Problem
127LOPOptimizationLinear Ordering Problem
128LOPTechnologyLines Of Position
129LOPBiochemistryLipid Oxidation Products
130LOPProductsList of Open Points
131LOPPowerList of Open Points
132LOPUncategorizedList Of Phones
133LOPProductsList of Price
134LOPUncategorizedList of Publications
135LOPSocietyLive Oak Pavilion
136LOPInformation TechnologyLive Online Portal
137LOPInformation TechnologyLocal Operating Panel
138LOPEnvironmentalLocal Oversight Program
139LOPAirport CodeLombok International Airport
140LOPLocalLong Ping, Hong Kong
141LOPUncategorizedLord Of Poverty
142LOPUncategorizedLords of Pain
143LOPUncategorizedLords of Peril
144LOPScience FictionLords Of Power
145LOPUncategorizedLoss of Offsite Power
146LOPBusinessLoss Of Pay
147LOPInformation TechnologyLoss Of Pointer
148LOPTechnologyLoss of Pointer
149LOPInformation TechnologyLoss Of Power
150LOPUncategorizedLoss of Pressure
151LOPUncategorizedLoss Of Privileges
152LOPBankingLoss of Profit
153LOPNuclearLoss Of Pumping
154LOPTechnologyLow Oil Pressure
155LOPUncategorizedLow on Power
156LOPScienceLunar Orbital Prospector

FCRA Full Form

Final Words:

So, friends, I hope you get what you want to know about LOP. Do you want to know the full forms of the term other than LOP? Then please ask by comments or email. Your valuable comments are always welcome.

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