LPA Full Form

LPA Full Form: What Does LPA Stand For?

Do you want to know what is full form of LPA is? Then, here you will come to know what Does LPA stand for? Also all possible Full Form of LPA.

LPA Full Form

The term LPA has many full forms, but out of which most relevant full form is-

LPA Full Form is – Lakhs Per Annum

LPA (Lakhs Per Annum) is the remuneration cost or unit of CTC (Cost to Company) In India. LPA means Lakhs per Annum and 1 Lakh is equal to 1,00,000 Rs. It is the maximum amount that a company is going to pay to the employee for that year directly or indirectly.

LPA Full Form in Salary

LPA Salary Full Form is – Lakhs Per Annum

LPA Full Form in Legal

Lasting Power of Attorney

LPA Full Form in Law

Lasting Power of Attorney

What Does LPA Stand For?

LPA stands for – Lasting Power of Attorney

LPA (Lasting power of attorney) can cover two areas: property and financial matters, and health and welfare. As for the first, a lawyer can pay someone’s bills, make sure that any investment is done as well as they can, and deals with everything related to the person’s property. A designated health and welfare attorney makes decisions about someone’s personal well-being. This can be related to what a person eats, wears, who visits and who does not and decisions about sustaining life. LPAs can cover your health, medical treatment, property, and financial affairs.

All Full Forms of LPA

Below is the complete Full-Form list of the term LPA.

Sr. No.TermCategoryLPA Full Form
1LPALabelingLabel Print & Apply
2LPAProductLabel Printer Applicator
3LPACommunityLabel Propagation Algorithm
4LPAUncategorizedLabor Party Advocates
5LPAUncategorizedLabor Pension Act
6LPAUncategorizedLabor Policy Association
7LPAUncategorizedLabor Protection Act
8LPAUncategorizedLaboratory of Pierre Aigrain
9LPAUncategorizedLaboratory of Process Automation
10LPATechnologyLaboratory Products Association
11LPAUncategorizedLabour Party of Albania
12LPAUncategorizedLabour Protection Act
13LPAUncategorizedLac per annum
14LPASocietyLadies Pay All
15LPAUncategorizedLafayette Paralegal Association
16LPAAcademic & ScienceLafayette Preparatory Academy
17LPAGovernmentLagos Plan of Action
18LPAUncategorizedLake Panorama Association
19LPAParks & RecreationLake Park Audubon
20LPAIndiaLakh Per Annum
21LPANeurologyLaminar Population Analysis
22LPAUncategorizedLaminar Proportional Amplifiers
23LPAGovernmentLancashire Police Authority
24LPAUncategorizedLancaster Parking Authority
25LPAUncategorizedLancaster Photography Association
26LPAUncategorizedLand Park Academy
27LPAUncategorizedLand Planning Agency
28LPAUncategorizedLanding Party Agreement
29LPAShipping & SailingLanding Personnel Assault
30LPAUncategorizedLanding Platform Amphibious
31LPAMilitaryLanding Platform, Amphibious
34LPANavyLanding, Personnel, Attack
35LPAAgenciesLandlord Protection Agency
36LPAUncategorizedLandscape Protection Area
37LPAUncategorizedLangham Partnership Australia
38LPAUncategorizedLanguage Plan of Action
39LPATeachingLanguage Proficiency Assessment
40LPAUncategorizedLanguage Program Administration
41LPAUncategorizedLao People's Army
42LPAScreenLarge Particle Ash
43LPASkyLarge Passenger Aircraft
44LPAUncategorizedLarge Phased Array
45LPACosmosLarge Pixel Array
46LPAPhysiologyLarge Pulmonary Arteries
47LPAEnvironmental HealthLarge-Particle Aerosol
48LPAParasitologyLarval Paralysis Assay
49LPALocal - Airport CodesLas Palmas, Canary Islands
50LPABiologyLas Perlas Archipelago
51LPAProgramLaser Particle Analyser
52LPAUncategorizedlaser plasma accelerators
53LPASafetyLaser Protection Adviser
54LPASafetyLaser Protection Advisor
55LPARadiologyLaser-Plasma Accelerator
56LPAUncategorizedLast Permanent Address
57LPAUncategorizedLast Processor Action
58LPAJuridicalLasting Power of Attorney
59LPAPsychologyLatent Profile Analysis
60LPABioengineeringLateral Patellar Angle
61LPANeuroscienceLateral Preoptic Area
62LPACognitive ScienceLateral Projection Area
63LPABiologyLatex Particle Adherence
64LPAMedicalLatex Particle Agglutination
65LPAUncategorizedLatin Pop Airplay
66LPAUncategorizedLatino Parents Association
67LPALatinLatino Professionals Association
68LPAUncategorizedLatvian Privatization Agency
69LPAUncategorizedLaunch Package Assessment
70LPATechnologyLaunch Pad Alpha
71LPATechnologyLauncher-Plant Assembly
72LPAUncategorizedLaureate Professional Assessment
73LPAUncategorizedLaurentian Pilotage Authority
74LPACanadaLaurentian Pilotage Authority Canada
75LPAJuridicalLaw of Property Act
76LPAUncategorizedLaws Prevention Association
77LPAUncategorizedLawson Process Automation
78LPAUncategorizedLay Pastoral Assistant
79LPABiophysicsLayered Peptide Array
80LPAQualityLayered Process Audit
81LPAUncategorizedLead Paint Analyzer
82LPAUncategorizedLead Planning Agency
83LPAUncategorizedLead Programmer Analyst
84LPAInformation TechnologyLead Programmer Astray
85LPAUncategorizedLead Public Agency
86LPAUncategorizedLeadership Potential Assessment
87LPABusinessLeading Property Agents
88LPAPhilippineLeague of Philippine Architects
89LPASurgeryLean Psoas Area
91LPAUncategorizedLeander Paintball Alliance
92LPAUncategorizedLearning and Practice Alliance
93LPACiscoLearning Partner Associate
94LPAUncategorizedLearning Point Associates
95LPAStudentLearning Power Approach
96LPAUncategorizedLearning Preference Assessment
97LPAMedicineLease Plus Agreement
98LPARentalLease Purchase Agreement
99LPAUncategorizedLeather Producers Association
100LPALebanonLebanese Petroleum Administration
101LPAUncategorizedLeeds Property Association
102LPAPharmaceuticalLeft Pulmonary Artery
103LPAUncategorizedLeg Press Accessory
104LPAScienceLegacy Preparatory Academy
105LPAUncategorizedLegal Partners Associated
106LPAUncategorizedLegal Power of Attorney
107LPALawLegal Profession Act
108LPAAssociationsLegal Professional Association
109LPAUncategorizedLegal Project Associate
110LPAUncategorizedLegal Purchase Age
111LPAPoliticsLegislative and Public Affairs
112LPAUncategorizedLegislative Post Audit
113LPAUnited KingdomLeicestershire Police Authority
114LPANutritionLeisure-time PA
115LPAUncategorizedLenovo Partner Advantage
116LPARadiologyLesion Prediction Algorithm
117LPAPatents & TrademarksLetters Patents Appeal
118LPAAcademic & ScienceLiberty Pines Academy
119LPAEducationalLibrary for the Performing Arts
120LPALibyaLibyan Political Agreement
121LPAJuridicalLicensed Practicing Attorney
122LPAPsychologyLicensed Psychological Associate
123LPAAccountingLicensed Public Accountant
124LPAJuridicalLifetime Power of Attorney
125LPAMedicalLight Physical Activity
126LPALocal - AustralianLighting Partners Australia
127LPASports MedicineLight-intensity Physical Activity
128LPAFundLimited Partnership Agreement
129LPAAcademic & ScienceLincoln Park Academy
130LPAMedicalLine Probe Assay
131LPAChemistryLinear Polyacrylamide
132LPAComputingLinear Power Amplifier
133LPAComputingLink Pack Area
134LPAEducationalLiquid Pressure Amplifier
135LPAEducationalLithuanian Political Science Association
136LPAAlcoholLitre of Pure Alcohol
137LPASocietyLittle People of America
138LPAPlanningLocal Planning Agency
139LPAEngineeringLocal Planning Authority
140LPAPoliceLocal Policing Area
141LPAComputingLocal Polynomial Approximation
142LPAAcademic & ScienceLocal Profit Academy
143LPANavigationLocal Public Address Service
144LPAAgenciesLocal Public Agencies
145LPAAgenciesLocal Public Agency
146LPAPharmaceuticalLocally Preferred Alternative
147LPAUncategorizedLog Periodic Antenna
148LPAEducationalLong Path Absorption
149LPABankingLong Period Average
150LPASecurityLoss Prevention Agent
151LPAAssociationsLouisiana Pharmacists Association
152LPAAssociationsLouisiana Press Association
153LPAAssociationsLouisiana Psychological Association
154LPATechnologyLow Pressure Accumulator
155LPAPhilippineLow Pressure Area
156LPAScienceLow Profile Additive
157LPAProductsLow Profile Adjustable
158LPAUncategorizedLow Profile Antenna
159LPALondon Stock ExchangeLPA Group, PLC.

PGPM Full Form

Final Words:

So, friends, I hope you get what you want to know about LPA. Do you want to know the full forms of the term other than LPA? Then please ask by comments or email. Your valuable comments are always welcome.

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