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MOA Full Form

MOA Full Form

MOA Full Form: What Does MOA Stand For?

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MOA Full Form

The term MOA has many full forms, but out of which most relevant full form is-

MOA Full Form is – Memorandum of Association

MOA (Memorandum of Association) is a formal document that defines the details of the existence of a company. It must be signed by the first subscribers to its shares (subscribers) and contain the following information (insofar as it relates to a particular company): the name of the company; a statement that the company is a public company; the address of its registered office; the goals of the company, the so-called objects clause; limited liability statement; scope of guarantees; the amount of authorized share capital and its distribution.

The Memorandum of Association (MOA) is the highest public document that contains all the information that a company requires at the time of registration.

MOA is usually a non-binding contract, which states that the intent of the parties or businesses is used to work together.

What Does MOA Stand For?

MOA stands for – Memorandum of Agreement

MOA (Memorandum of Agreement) is a written record of an agreement between two parties to work together on a specific project. Also known as a collaborative agreement, MoA helps two organizations work together to reach an agreed objective. It’s actually a written agreement of understanding between two parties that individuals, authorities, agencies, or communities can utilize as a convenient heritage project tool.

Another purpose of the MOA is dispute resolution, where it clearly defines the dispute and the method for resolving the conflict and drafts an agreement that will entail the parties involved to work together or separate to resolve the dispute. The MOA is also helpful in corporate partnerships as it defines the terms and conditions of each partner, terms of reference, and benefits.

DBS Full Form

All Full Forms of MOA

Now, here is the complete Full-Form list of the term MOA.

Sr. No.TermCategoryMOA Full Form
1MOA Voluntary OrganizationArmy Officers Association
2MOA ArmyArmy Operating Area
3MOA ArmyArmy Operational Area
5MOA Information TechnologyMacromedia Open Architecture
6MOA BeautyMagic Organic Apothecary
8MOA OpticsMagneto-Optical Activity
9MOA EducationalMagnum Object Algebra
10MOA ConnectionMaharashtra Orthopaedic Association
11MOA TechnologyMaintenance Organisation Approval
12MOA Normal BusinessMajor Outcome Activity
13MOA NASA - SpaceMake On Arrival
14MOA SocietyMake Out Alley
15MOA UncategorizedMaking of America
16MOA UncategorizedMall of America
17MOA AsiaMall of Asia
18MOA ArmyMan Of Action
19MOA AssociationsManitoba Osteopathic Association
20MOA Academic & ScienceMarine and Oceanographic Academy
21MOA MarsMars Organic Analyzer
22MOA MedicalMassachusetts Orthopaedic Association
23MOA UncategorizedMassive Online Analysis
24MOA MilitaryMaster of Operational Art
25MOA HardwareMaster Overclocking Arena
26MOA ArmyMasters Of Annihilation
27MOA TechnologyMatrix Output Amplifier
28MOA FunnyMaybe On the Animal
29MOA RAFMeals Out Allowance
30MOA NFL TeamsMean, Offensive, Angry
31MOA EducationalMeans of Access
34MOA EducationalMeasurement Of Angle
35MOA MedicalMechanism Of Action
36MOA OccupationMedical Office Administrator
37MOA AgreementMemoranda of Agreement
38MOA UncategorizedMemorandum a of Agreement
39MOA TechnologyMemorandum Of Agreement
40MOA Normal BusinessMemorandum Of Association
41MOA Information TechnologyMercenaries Of the Alliance
42MOA PharmaceuticalMethod Of Administration
43MOA EducationalMethod of Anlaysis
44MOA EducationalMethod Of Approach
45MOA ElementMethods of Administration
46MOA PharmaceuticalMichigan Optometric Association
47MOA ArmyMight Of Arms
48MOA NeurologyMigraine Without Aura
49MOA MilitaryMilitary Operating Area
50MOA AreaMilitary Operations Areas
51MOA MinistryMinister of Agriculture
52MOA GovernmentalMinistry of AgriCivilization
53MOA OilMinistry Of Agriculture
54MOA MilitaryMinistry of Aviation
55MOA AssociationsMinnesota Optometric Association
56MOA ShootingMinute Of Angle
57MOA UncategorizedMinute of Arc
58MOA Unit MeasuresMinutes Of Angle
59MOA CosmosMirror Optical Axis
60MOA NASA - SpaceMission Operations Area
61MOA UncategorizedMobile Offensive Armature
62MOA Information TechnologyMobile Office Architects
63MOA FDA AdministrationMode Of Action
64MOA EducationalMode Of Attendance
65MOA EducationalModel Oriented Architecture
66MOA Unit MeasuresMonths Of Age
67MOA UncategorizedMosaic of Antarctica
68MOA Internet SlangMost Of All
69MOA FunnyMother Of All
70MOA Voluntary OrganizationMothers Of Asthmatics
71MOA UncategorizedMotor Oil Additive
72MOA UncategorizedMotor On Axle
73MOA HobbyMotorcycle Owners of America
74MOA Information TechnologyMouse Over Abstract
75MOA AnthropologyMuseum of Anthropology
76MOA MuseumsMuseum of Art
77MOA MuseumsMuseum Of Outdoor Arts
78MOA LocalMuslims Of America
79MOA Local - CountriesMuslims of the Americas
80MOA PsychiatryMutuality Of Autonomy
81MOA GamingMystery of the Abbey
82MOA Airport CodeOrestes Acosta Airport
83MOA Occupation & PositionsPharmaceutical

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