NGO Full Form

NGO Full Form: What Does NGO Stand For?

Do you want to know what is full form of NGO is? Then, here you will come to know what Does NGO stand for? Also all possible Full Form of NGO.

NGO Full Form

The term NGO has many full forms, but out of which most relevant

NGO Full Form is – Non-governmental organizations

Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) are organizations established by individuals and/or other public (non-profit, NGO) organizations without the participation of official (government) institutions and operates on the basis of the statute and at their own expense. The NGO’s own funds are made up of contributions from its members and funds raised (private and corporate donations, private and public grants, orders to perform work in the sphere of competence of NGOs, etc.). There are different national and international NGOs.

Activities of NGOs (non-governmental organizations) does not depend on the government, nor from the commercial sector. Their goal is in drawing public attention and serving the community rather than making a profit or defending the interests of a narrow group of people. Thanks to their independent position, they can observe work of the government and make proposals for its improvement. NGOs recognized as government and the commercial sector, can be mediators in resolving conflicts or finding solutions to common problems. And finally, their independence from government, political parties and religious groups allows you to create a single concept for community to which they belong. NGOs work with volunteers and use other resources to achieving your goal.

Whether you plan to establish NGOs that have already established such an organization or are its leader for many years – you are part of a worldwide movement of people, efforts which are aimed at bringing about change. Behind over the past decades, NGOs have led the largest social movements aimed to improve people’s lives. During this time, there was rapid growth in the number of NGOs in countries with a developing democracy. In countries like this, as republics of the former Soviet Union, NGOs help shape democratic institutions and provide a support system for the poor and vulnerable segments of the population.

The term “NGO” first came into use after World War II, when the Organization The United Nations reached out to private organizations for help in solving problems, caused by the devastating consequences of war, for example, to help orphans and people who left their native places, as well as to eliminate high unemployment rate. However, the very idea of ​​organizing citizens to solve common problems is rooted deep into the past. Some experts believe that the first international non-governmental the organization was the International Organization for anti-slavery, established in 1839.

According to the UN, today there are about 40,000 international NGOs, in which there are millions of members operating in different countries. There are   different types of NGOs. Some of them are large multinational organizations and others are small groups within one village. Some are focused on specific areas, such as problem solving women, youth, environmental protection, human rights, education or health.

The rest are working on solving global problems in different fields of activity. Regardless of the place and field of activity, the goal of all NGOs is to improve people’s lives or solving social problems. Most of non-governmental  organizations established people who are not indifferent to the life of their communities and existing problems. However, one enthusiasm not enough for the establishment and management of an NGO. For it requires knowledge, skills, resources and connections.

What is NGO Full Form in English

What is Full Form of NGO? – Non-Governmental Organizations

What Does NGO Stands For?

NGO stands for – Non-Governmental Organizations

All Full Forms of NGO

Now, below is the full form of NGO from various category

Sr. No.TermCategoryNGO Full Form
1NGOLocal - Airport CodesNagoya, Japan
2NGONanotechnologyNanographene Oxide
3NGONanotechnologyNanoscale Graphene Oxide
5NGODirectionNarrowing the Gap on
6NGOTerrierNational Gamekeepers Organisation
9NGOPipeNational Gas Outlet
10NGOSpaceNational Gemini Office
11NGONational Grid OfficeNational Government Organisations
12NGONourishmentNative Green Orange
13NGOMilitaryNaval gunfire officer
14NGONatural ScienceN-doped Graphene Oxide
15NGOAllergyNeuraminidase-Galactose Oxidase
16NGOUncategorizedNew Golden Opportunity
17NGOGovernmentalNew Government Organizations
18NGOUncategorizedNewly grown oranges
19NGOMicrosoftNext Generation Office
20NGOUncategorizedNext Generation Oil
21NGOInternetNext Generation Online
22NGOUncategorizedNext Generation Operator
23NGOUSNext Government Official
24NGOInformation TechnologyNGML NG linker Object file
25NGONanotechnologyNitrogen-doped Graphene Oxide
26NGOFunnyNo Good Organization
27NGOUncategorizedNo Good Organizations
28NGOOfficerNon Gazetted Officer
29NGOUncategorizedNon Governable Organisations
30NGOGovernmentalNon Government Organisation
31NGOGovernmentalNon Government Organizations
34NGOSteelNon Grain Oriented
35NGOUncategorizedNon-Gazetted Officer
36NGOFoundationNon-Govemmental Organization
37NGONon-governmentNon-Government Office
38NGOSupplyNongovernment Organization Water
39NGOPharmaceuticalNon-governmental organisation
40NGOSteelNon-Grain Oriented
41NGOPublic HealthNon-profit Organization
42NGOInternet - ChatNot Getting On
43NGOUncategorizedNot Good Observer
44NGOUncategorizedNothing Gets Organised
45NGOAfricaNothing Going On
46NGOBusinessNotice of Grant Opportunity
47NGOUncategorizedNunavut Geoscience Office

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