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MOM Full Form

Dear Friends, are you looking for MOM full form? If so, here you will get the all possible Full Form of MOM as well as detailed information about MOM.

Along with this, you will also know the Meaning of MOM here.

You can find all the information about the acronym of MOM or abbreviation of MOM related to all terminology. So let’s find out all possible MOM Full Form here.

MOM Full Form

The term MOM has many full form, but out of which most relevant MOM Full Form is –

MOM – Microsoft Operations Manager

MOM – Manufacturing Operations Management

What Does MOM Stands For?

MOM stands for – Microsoft Operations Manager and Manufacturing Operations Management

MOM Meaning

The term MOM has many meaning, but the most relevant meaning of MOM is – Microsoft Operations Manager & Manufacturing Operations Management

All Full Forms of MOM

Here is the complete Full Form list of the term MOM.

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Sr. No.TermCategoryMOM Full Form
1MOMUSPSArmy Ordinary Mail
2MOMAirport CodeLetfotar Airport
3MOMUncategorizedMachine Oriented Mini-server
4MOMFunnyMad On Mondays
5MOMFestivalsMade Of Magic
6MOMMiscellaneousMade Of Money
7MOMFunnyMade out of money
8MOMUncategorizedMadison-Oneida Media
9MOMUncategorizedMagical Objection Mastery
10MOMUncategorizedMagma Orb Miner
11MOMUncategorizedMagneto-Optical Modulation
12MOMLocalMagog On the March
13MOMCompanies or OrganizationsMagyar Optikai Muvek (Hungarian Optical Works)
14MOMEducationMaharashtra Olympiad Movement
15MOMFunnyMaid Of Mine
16MOMLocalMaids Outreach Ministry
17MOMNormal BusinessMail Order Management
18MOMManagementMail Order Manager
19MOMInformation TechnologyMainboard Operation Monitor
20MOMOccupation & PositionsMaintenance Operations Mechanic
22MOMSocietyMaize Of Men
23MOMProductsMakeover O Matic
24MOMSocietyMaking One More
25MOMAwards & MedalsMan Of the Match
26MOMRugbyMan Of the Match
27MOMAwards & MedalsMan Of the Month
28MOMSocietyMan On a Mission
29MOMOrganizationMan on a Mission
30MOMInternet - ChatMan On the Move
31MOMManagementManagement Object Model
34MOMFunnyManagement Of Mazes
35MOMAccreditationManagement of Medications
36MOMManagementManagement Operations Meeting
37MOMOccupation & PositionsManager Of Managers
38MOMOccupation & PositionsManager Of Messes
39MOMUncategorizedManager Of Miracles
41MOMNormal BusinessMandatory Organizational Meeting
42MOMNASA - SpaceManned Orbiting Mission
43MOMLocalManual On Ministry
44MOMSoftwareManufacturing Operation Management
45MOMManufacturingManufacturing Operations Management
46MOMTechnologyManufacturing Operations Management
47MOMPharmaceuticalMap Of Medicine
48MOMInformation TechnologyMap Oriented Machine
49MOMFamous & CelebsMarjorie Oludhe Macgoye
50MOMEducationalMarketing Operations Management
51MOMFunnyMars Orbit Mission
52MOMIndiaMars Orbit Mission
53MOMEducationalMars Orbiter Mission
54MOMTechnologyMars Orbiter Mission
55MOMIndiaMars Orbitor Mission
56MOMAlcoholMaster of Malt
57MOMFunnyMaster Of Money
58MOMUncategorizedMaster of Multitasking
59MOMOccupation & PositionsMaster Of Multi-tasking
60MOMUncategorizedMaster of Music
61MOMAthleticsMaster Of the Month
62MOMMedia CenterMatrix Oriented Multimedia
63MOMEducationalMatter Of Mind
64MOMSocietyMatters Of Mothering
65MOMPoliticsMaximum of Maximums
66MOMMeteorologyMaximum of the MEOWs
67MOMControlMean of Maxima
68MOMUncategorizedMean of Maximum
69MOMFunnyMean Old Man
70MOMScience FictionMean Old Monster
71MOMFunnyMean Old Mother
72MOMUncategorizedMeaning Of MOM
73MOMBusinessMeanOleMan answered FONE!
74MOMMilitaryMeasures of Merit
75MOMUncategorizedMedia & Observation Module
76MOMMedia CenterMedia Operations Manager
77MOMPluralismMedia Ownership Monitor
78MOMUS GovernmentMedicare Overcharge Measure
79MOMConferenceMeeting of Minds
80MOMSocietyMeeting Of Mothers
81MOMVoluntary OrganizationMember Of the Month
82MOMForumMember of the Month
83MOMNormal BusinessMemorandum Of Minutes
84MOMUncategorizedMemory Of
85MOMChildrenMemory of Mankind
86MOMMedia CenterMen Of Mystery
87MOMOccupation & PositionsMentor On The Move
88MOMEducationalMentors On the Move
89MOMUncategorizedMerchandising Operations Management
91MOMLocalMercy On Me
92MOMInformation TechnologyMessage Oriented Middleware
93MOMTechnologyMessage Oriented Middleware
94MOMComputingMessage-Oriented Middleware
95MOMComputingMessage-Oriented Middleware
96MOMUncategorizedmessaging-oriented middleware
99MOMCompanies or OrganizationsMetalworks Of Montana
100MOMTechnologyMethod Of Moments
101MOMUncategorizedMethods of Mayhem
102MOMOrganic ChemistryMethoxymethyl
103MOMInformation TechnologyMicro-kernel Object Model
104MOMInformation TechnologyMicrosoft Office Manager
105MOMComputingMicrosoft Office Manager
106MOMInformation TechnologyMicrosoft Operations Management
107MOMInformation TechnologyMicrosoft Operations Manager
108MOMComputingMicrosoft Operations Manager
109MOMTropical MedicineMicro-stratification Overlap Mapping
110MOMStock ExchangeMiddle Of Market
111MOMLocal - StatesMiddle Of Mitten
112MOMPoliticsMiddle of Month
113MOMSocietyMiddle Of Muir
114MOMOrganizationMiddle of Muir
115MOMBoeingMiddle of the Market
116MOMProfessional OrganizationsMiddleton Outreach Ministry
117MOMMilitaryMilitary Official Mail
118MOMPostalMilitary Ordinary Mail
119MOMPharmaceuticalMilk Of Magnesia
120MOMMedicalMilk Of Magnesia
121MOMUncategorizedMilk-Oriented Microbiota
122MOMPharmaceuticalMillennium Occupational Medicine
123MOMUncategorizedMilli Onkologiya M?rk?zind?
124MOMUncategorizedMillions Of Moms
125MOMFunnyMind Of Mush
126MOMUncategorizedMind Over Matter
127MOMUncategorizedMind Over Mouth
129MOMUncategorizedMinister of Manpower
130MOMArmyMinister Of Misinformation
131MOMUncategorizedMinister of Music
132MOMScience FictionMinisters Of Mystery
133MOMFunnyMinistry Of Magic
134MOMGovernmentalMinistry Of Manpower
135MOMSingaporeMinistry of Manpower
136MOMGuildsMinistry Of Masons
137MOMScience FictionMinistry Of Mayhem
138MOMLocalMinistry Of Money
139MOMUncategorizedMinnesota Operations Manual
140MOMUncategorizedMinority Ophthalmology Mentoring
141MOMPowerMinute of Meeting
142MOMProjectionMinute of Meeting
143MOMUncategorizedMinutes Of Meeting
144MOMTechnologyMinutes of Meeting
145MOMToastmastersMinutes Of the Meeting
147MOMInformation TechnologyMiserable, OP, Monster
148MOMUncategorizedMiss Olivia Mandale
149MOMUncategorizedMissing Orangutan Mothers
150MOMArmyMission Of the Moment
151MOMLocal - CountriesMission Operations Manager
152MOMTechnologyMission Operations Manager
153MOMUncategorizedMissions of Mercy
154MOMNourishmentMissouri Organic Market
155MOMUncategorizedMisused Overworked Machine
156MOMPharmaceuticalMitochondrial Outer Membrane
157MOMMedicalMitochondrial Outer Membrane
158MOMOccupation & PositionsMobile Operations Manager
159MOMInformation TechnologyMobile Originated Message
160MOMNormal BusinessModel Of the Month
161MOMServiceModern Office Methods
162MOMEducationalModification Of Mu
163MOMEducationalModular Ocean Model
164MOMClimatologyModular Ocean Model
165MOMUncategorizedModules of Midwifery
166MOMUncategorizedMolecule of the Month
167MOMNASA - SpaceMoment
169MOMInternet - ChatMoments Of Madness
170MOMSocietyMoms Offering Moms
171MOMStock ExchangeMoney Or Market
172MOMLocal - BritishMonmouth, Ocean, Middlesex
173MOMUncategorizedMonth on Month
174MOMBusinessMonth on Month
175MOMBusinessMonth on Month
176MOMUncategorizedMonth Over Month
177MOMAdvertisingMonth Over Month
179MOMFunnyMopper Of Messes
180MOMInternet - ChatMore Of a Moron
181MOMSocietyMorning Out for Moms
182MOMFunnyMoron Of (the) Moment
183MOMFunnyMost Offensive Mutterer
185MOMArmyMother Of a Marine
186MOMFunnyMother Of Me
187MOMFunnyMother Of Mine
188MOMFunnyMother Of Mothers
189MOMSocietyMother On the Move
190MOMSocietyMothers On a Mission
191MOMSocietyMothers On Mondays
192MOMJuridicalMothers Over Murderers
193MOMEducationalMotivation, Observation and Mechanics
194MOMPolice ForceMotive, Opportunity, and Means
195MOMJuridicalMotive, Opportunity, and Method
196MOMTransportationMotorcycle Owners Manual
197MOMArmyMP Of the Moment
198MOMUncategorizedMs Olivia Mandale
199MOMEducationalMultiple Of Median
200MOMPharmaceuticalMultiple of the Median
201MOMObstetricsMultiples Of the Median
202MOMMuseumsMuseum Of Museums
203MOMMusicMusic for Our Mother
204MOMOccupation & PositionsMusic Operations Manager
205MOMCompanies or OrganizationsMusic Ottomation Management
206MOMFunnyMy Oh My!
207MOMInformation TechnologyMy Online Manager
208MOMMiscellaneousMy Only Meal
209MOMFunnyMy Own Maid
210MOMUncategorizedMy Own Mom
211MOMInternet - ChatMy Own Mother
212MOMFunnyMy Owner's Manual
213MOMUncategorizedMycolate Outer Membrane
214MOMFunnyMysteries Of Mom
215MOMUncategorizedOrganic Market

MOM Full Form in Meeting

Minutes of Meeting

MOM Full Form in Mail

Mail Order Management

Full Form of MOM and Dad

Mother and Daddy

MOM Full Form in Software Industry

Manufacturing Operations Management

MOM Full Form in Business

Manufacturing Operations Manager

MOM Full Form in Mechanical Engineering

Mechanics of Materials

GYM Full Form



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