NCT Full Form

NCT Full Form: What Does NCT Stand For?

Dear Friends, do you want to know what is full form of NCT is? If yes, then you are at the right place, because here you will not only get the all possible Full Form of NCT but also get detailed information about NCT. Not only this, you will also come to know what Does NCT stand for?

NCT Full Form

The term NCT has many full forms, but out of which most relevant –

NCT Full Form is – National Capital Territory

NCT (National Capital Territory of Delhi) is a special union territory of India. It is jointly administered by the NCT elected government, Central government, and three municipal corporations.

Till the year 1956, the Delhi functioned like other states of the country. But with the coming of the State Reorganization Commission, the division of states was done in a new way. In this, Delhi was declared as a Union Territory.

This means that the state government and central government will work jointly in Delhi. With this, the assembly was also dissolved in Delhi.

The Assembly was re-constituted in Delhi by the 69th amendment of the Constitution in 1991, after 35 years of the dissolution of the Assembly. Meanwhile (for 35 years) Delhi Assembly elections were not held.

In this bill, Delhi being the capital of the country has been given special status in the union territories. On 01 February 1992, Delhi was renamed as ‘National Capital Territory (NCT – Delhi)’. These changes were made under the National Capital Territory Act (NCT Act).

Controversy due to NCT:

  • Delhi has 70 assembly seats. According to the Act of 1991, the central and state governments have to rule together, that is, joint administration here.
  • During the work of this joint administration system, many times a situation of problems is also created. Reason – Some powers have been given to the Central Government and some to the State Government. Due to lack of mutual coordination between the two governments, the development of the area has also been a stalemate from time to time.
  • The Delhi government and the central government keep accusing each other of not working, which also has an impact on the development of Delhi.

NCT Full Form Delhi

Delhi NCT Full Form is – National Capital Territory

NCT Full Form in Education

National Curriculum Tests

NCT Eye Test Full Form

Non-Contact Tonometry

It is an eye test which is used to measure the pressure inside human eye.

What Does NCT Stand For?

NCT stands for – Neo Culture Technology

NCT (Neo Culture Technology, Korean: N-City) is a boy group that has no limit on the number of members under SM Entertainment. The number of members currently introduced as NCT is 23.

The name NCT stands for’Neo Culture Technology’, and SM Entertainment’s representative producer Lee Soo-Eun, who introduced the group’s critical keywords as openness and scalability, is a major city in the world. It is divided into several sub-units based on [2] and explained that the recruitment of new members is free and there is no limit to the number of members. That is, it can be called a rotation group.

Most of the NCT members are from SM Rookies, a free debut group for trainees of SM Entertainment.

On January 27, 2016, SM Entertainment founder Sooman Lee held a presentation titled “SMTOWN: New Culture Technology 2016” at SM COEX Artium, and in line with the company’s “Cultural Contents” strategy, several teams based in various countries around the world Announced a plan for a new boy group NCT (Neo Culture Technology) to debut.

All Full Forms of NCT

Now, List of All possible Full Form of NCT is given below

Sr. No.TermCategoryNCT Full Form
1NCTDiplomaNAFA Certified Technician
2NCTOphthalmologyNakano Cataract
3NCTInformation TechnologyNano Carbon Technology
4NCTUncategorizedNano Clean Tape
5NCTInformation TechnologyNano Composite Technology
6NCTUncategorizedNano Crystalline Technology
7NCTElectronicsNano-Carbon Technology
9NCTScienceNanosat Constellation Trailblazer
10NCTUncategorizedNarberth Community Theatre
11NCTPsychiatryNarrative Cognitive Therapy
12NCTCardiologyNarrow Complex Tachycardia
13NCTUncategorizedNarrows Community Theater
14NCTEducationalNarte Certified Technician
15NCTAllergyNasal Challenge Test
16NCTRespiratoryNasal Clearance Time
17NCTMedicalnasal clearance time
18NCTEducationalNashville Children's Theatre
19NCTLocal - AustralianNational Capital Territory
20NCTIrelandNational Car Test
21NCTServiceNational Car Testing
22NCTUncategorizedNational Catastrophe Team
23NCTUncategorizedNational Census Test
24NCTMedicalNational Centre for Tumour
25NCTUncategorizedNational Centre of Tribology
26NCTWirelessNational Certificate in Technology
27NCTUncategorizedNational Challenge Trust
28NCTUniversityNational Championship Tournament
29NCTServiceNational Check Trust
30NCTUncategorizedNational Child Trust
31NCTMedicalNational Childbirth Trust
34NCTGrantNational Churches Trust
35NCTUncategorizedNational City Tower
36NCTUncategorizedNational City Transit
37NCTMedicalNational Clinical Trial
38NCTUncategorizedNational Clinical Trials
39NCTUncategorizedNational Coating Technology
40NCTTechnologyNational College of Technology
41NCTTanzaniaNational College of Tourism
42NCTLoanNational Collegiate Trust
43NCTTheaterNational Comedy Theatre
44NCTArmyNational Commission on Terrorism
45NCTUncategorizedNational Compensation Tribunal
46NCTGhanaNational Competitive Tender
47NCTProcurementNational Competitive Tendering
48NCTUncategorizedNational Concessionary Travel
49NCTGroupNational Conference of Tripura
50NCTCreditNational Consumer Tribunal
51NCTUncategorizedNational Content Test
52NCTUncategorizedNational Cooperative Test
53NCTUncategorizedNational Cooperative Testing
54NCTUncategorizedNational Coordinating Team
55NCTCooperationNational Coordination Team
56NCTUncategorizedNational Core Team
57NCTUncategorizedNational Corporate Training
58NCTUncategorizedNational Corporation for Tourism
59NCTUncategorizedNational corse threads
60NCTUncategorizedNational Council for Tibb
61NCTUncategorizedNational Critical Technology
62NCTChurchNational Cultural Treasure
63NCTMusicNational Cultural Treasures
64NCTEducationNational Curriculum Tests
65NCTUncategorizedNational Cutting Tools
66NCTMedicalNative cholera toxin
67NCTUncategorizedNative Client Termination
68NCTMilitaryNATO Comparative Test programme
69NCTUncategorizedNatural Clustering Technology
70NCTUncategorizedNatural Comfort Technology
71NCTAudioNatural Contour Technology
72NCTUncategorizedNature Coast Technical
73NCTGrahamNature Conservation Trust
74NCTUncategorizedNavajo Code Talkers
75NCTUncategorizedNeanderthal Computer Things
76NCTUncategorizedNeedham Community Theatre
77NCTNeurologyNeedle Contact Test
78NCTUncategorizedNeighborhood Commercial Transit
79NCTInformation TechnologyNeo Civilization Technology
80NCTInformation TechnologyNeo Cultural Technology
81NCTTechnologyNeo Culture Technology
82NCTInformation TechnologyNeo Cute Technology
83NCTPsychologyNeonatal Caffeine Treatment
84NCTNeurologyNeonatal Capsaicin Treatment
85NCTInformation TechnologyNero CD Burner Cover Design Template
86NCTMedicalNerve Conduction Test
87NCTAccountingNet current transfers
88NCTUncategorizedNetherlands Car Trading
89NCTUncategorizedNetwork Call Trace
91NCTUncategorizedNetwork Computer Technician
92NCTInformation TechnologyNetwork Connection Technology
93NCTTechnologyNetwork Control and Timing
94NCTArmyNetwork Control Terminal
95NCTLocal - CountriesNeurology Centre of Toronto
96NCTPowerNeutral Current Transformer
97NCTMedicalNeutron Capture Therapy
98NCTTheaterNevada Conservatory Theatre
99NCTUncategorizedNever Can Tell
100NCTTime ZoneNew Caledonia Time
101NCTTheatreNew Century Theatre
102NCTUncategorizedNew Chemical Technology
103NCTEducationalNew Circuit Test
104NCTUncategorizedNew Class Template
105NCTMedicalNew Color Test
106NCTTechnologyNew Concept Technologies
107NCTInformation TechnologyNewton C Toolbox
108NCTBiologyNiche Construction Theory
109NCTAirport CodeNicoya Guanacaste Airport
110NCTLocal - Airport CodesNicoya, Costa Rica
111NCTUncategorizedNo Comeback Teaser
112NCTInformation TechnologyNobody Cares Though
113NCTUncategorizedNode Coding Tables
114NCTUncategorizedNominal Characteristic Trajectory
115NCTOccupation & PositionsNon Certified Technician
116NCTPharmaceuticalNon Certified Technologist
117NCTTonometerNon Contact Tonometer
118NCTOccupation & PositionsNon-Certified Technician
119NCTEducationNon-contact time
120NCTEye SurgeryNoncontact Tonometer
121NCTNuclearNormal Conditions Of Transport
122NCTTheaterNorth Carolina Theatre
123NCTTrailNorth Country Trail
124NCTTechnologyNorth County Times
125NCTUncategorizedNotification Content Type
126NCTUncategorizedNottingham City Transport
127NCTEducationalNuclear Compton Telescope
128NCTMedicalNumber Connection Test

ORM Full Form

Final Words:

So, friends, I hope you get what you want to know about NCT. Do you want to know the full forms of the term other than NCT? Then please ask by comments or email. Your valuable comments are always welcome.

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