ORM Full Form

ORM Full Form: What Does ORM Stand For?

Dear Friends, do you want to know what is full form of ORM is? If yes, then you are at the right place, because here you will not only get the all possible Full Form of ORM but also get detailed information about ORM. Not only this, you will also come to know what Does ORM stand for?

ORM Full Form

The term ORM has many full forms, but out of which most relevant full form is-

ORM Full Form is – Object-Relational Mapping

In computer system technology, ORM (Object-relational mapping) is a development strategy used to convert data between incompatible type methods utilizing object-oriented development languages. Hence, an item that is”virtual” is established that can be used in the program writing language.

ORM is a programming technology, the essence of making a “virtual item database.”

With this specific technology, developers may use the program writing language to ease using the database rather than composing SQL statements or kept procedures. This could somewhat accelerate application development, especially in the phases being early. ORM additionally lets you switch the job between different databases, which can be relational. For instance, software are switched from MySQL to PostgreSQL with reduced rule modifications.

ORM Full Form in Digital Marketing

ORM- Online Reputation Management

The idea of Online Reputation Management in Digital Marketing plays an part that is important helps you to beat negative reviews in regards to a organization person and brand name from search engines. ORM takes away harmful content that is hidden. For the brand, Reputation tend to be first concern so that they never want that a person adds dangerous bad and reviews which can be unfavorable them. To get rid of this, a propensity is had by us to make use of ORM Services.

ORM Executive Full Form

Online Reputation Management

The concept of Online Reputation Management in Digital Marketing plays an important role.ORM helps to get rid of negative reviews about a company person and brand from search engines. ORM takes away harmful hidden content. For a brand, Reputation are 1st priority so that they never wish that somebody adds dangerous bad and negative reviews concerning them. to get rid of this, we have a tendency to use ORM Services.

What Does ORM Stand For?

ORM stands for – Object-Relational Mapping

What Does ORM-D Stand For?

ORM-D stands for – Other Regulated Material

All Full Forms of ORM

Here is the All Full Form list of the term ORM.

Sr. No.TermCategoryORM Full Form
1ORMHealth ServiceGeneral Order Message
2ORMPoliticsOak Ridges Markham
3ORMEducationalOak Ridges Moraine
4ORMNeurologyObject Recognition Memory
5ORMInformation TechnologyObject Recognition Module
6ORMUncategorizedObject Reference Model
7ORMUncategorizedObject Relation Map
8ORMCodingObject Relation Mapping
9ORMUncategorizedObject Relational Manager
10ORMDatabaseObject Relational Mapper
11ORMUncategorizedObject Relational Mappers
12ORMTechnologyObject Relational Mapping
13ORMUncategorizedObject Relational Membrane
14ORMDatabaseObject Relational Model
15ORMModelObject Relational Modeling
16ORMUncategorizedObject Relationship Mapper
17ORMDatabaseObject Relationship Mapping
18ORMScienceObject Relationship Model
19ORMManagementObject Repository Manager
20ORMModelingObject Role Model
21ORMTechnologyObject Role Modelling
22ORMTechnologyObject Role Models
23ORMJavaObject to Relational Mapping
24ORMComputingObject/Relational Mapping
25ORMUncategorizedObject-Relational Mapper
26ORMComputingObject-Relational Mapping
27ORMDatabaseObject-Relational Model
29ORMDatabaseObject-Relationship Mapping
30ORMUncategorizedObject-Relationship Model
31ORMModelingObject-Role Model
34ORMRaceObstacle Racing Media
35ORMOccupationOccupational Risk Management
36ORMUncategorizedOccupational Risk Model
37ORMBackpackingOff Road Motorcycle
38ORMUncategorizedOffice of Radiation Measurement
39ORMUncategorizedOffice of Records Management
40ORMUncategorizedOffice of Refugee and Migration
41ORMUncategorizedOffice of Regional Management
42ORMUncategorizedOffice of Regulatory Management
43ORMGovernmentOffice of Research and Methodology
44ORMManagementOffice of Resolution Management
45ORMGovernmentOffice of Resource Management
46ORMMedicalOffice of Review Management
47ORMManagementOffice of Risk Management
48ORMDentalOffice Reference Manual
49ORMIrelandOfficial Republican Movement
50ORMMotorcycleOff-Road Motorcycle
51ORMMilitaryOff-Route Mines
52ORMUncategorizedOffshore Risk Management
53ORMUncategorizedOGC Reference Model
54ORMUncategorizedOhio Railway Museum
55ORMTechnologyOject-Relational Mapping
56ORMUncategorizedOkazaki Restorative Massage
57ORMUncategorizedOklahoma Railway Museum
58ORMManagementOlympic Resource Management
59ORMUncategorizedOmnia Resina Mazzotti
60ORMTechnologyOnboard Replaceable Module
61ORMSurgeryOncoplastic Reduction Mammoplasty
62ORMRadioOnda Regional de Murcia
63ORMUncategorizedOndernemerschap & Retail Management
64ORMAthleticsOne Rep Max
65ORMMedicareOngoing Responsibility for Medical
66ORMUncategorizedOnline Realtime Magic
67ORMUncategorizedOnline Relationship Management
68ORMMarketingOnline Relationship Marketing
69ORMBusinessOnline Reputation Management
70ORMManagementOnline Reputation Marketing
71ORMUncategorizedOnline Reputation Monitoring
72ORMUncategorizedOnline Research Methods
73ORMUncategorizedOnline Resource Management
74ORMUncategorizedOnline Rich Media
75ORMUncategorizedOnly Real Music
76ORMVirologyOntario Rabies Model
77ORMUncategorizedOpen Reference Model
78ORMOilOperability Reliability Maintainability
79ORMPurchaseOperating Resource Management
80ORMServiceOperating Room Management
81ORMTechnologyOperation Risk Management
82ORMTechnologyOperational Reactivity Margin
83ORMTechnologyOperational Reply Message
84ORMUncategorizedOperational Resource Management
85ORMUncategorizedOperational Review Meeting
86ORMArmyOperational Risk Management
87ORMManagementOperational Risk Manager
88ORMFinancialOperational Risks Management
89ORMUncategorizedOperational Rules Model
91ORMUncategorizedOperations Reference Manual
92ORMTechnologyOperations Requirement Message
93ORMPurchaseOperations Resource Management
94ORMUncategorizedOperations Risk Management
95ORMMilitaryOperations Room Manager
96ORMUncategorizedOptical Radiation Measurement
97ORMUncategorizedOptical Receiver Module
98ORMScienceOptical Reference Measurement
99ORMTechnologyOptical Remote Module
100ORMTechnologyOptical Remote Switching Module
101ORMStandardOptically readable media
102ORMTechnologyOptically Remote Module
103ORMMilitaryOptically Remote Switching Module
104ORMTechnologyOptically Remoted Module
105ORMUncategorizedOptimum Resonant Materials
106ORMManagementOracle Role Manager
107ORMPharmaceuticalOral Rehydration Mixture
108ORMUncategorizedOral Roberts Memorial
109ORMUncategorizedOral Roberts Ministries
110ORMUncategorizedOrbit Response Matrix
111ORMTechnologyOrder Message
112ORMUncategorizedOrder of Red Men
113ORMUncategorizedOrder Release Module
114ORMAirlineOrel State Air Enterprise
115ORMEducationalOrganizational Research Methods
116ORMMarketingOrganizational Resource Management
117ORMUncategorizedOrganizational Risk Management
118ORMASX SymbolsOrion Metals Limited
119ORMMedicalOsmotic Resistance Median
120ORMEducationalOther Regulated Material
121ORMPoliticsOther Regulated Materials
122ORMUncategorizedOther Removable Media
123ORMArmyOther Reportable Material
124ORMScienceother required material
125ORMGastroenterologyOuter Region of the Mesorectum
126ORMUncategorizedOutlands Royal Menagerie
127ORMServiceOutsourcing Relationship Management
128ORMUncategorizedOutward Remittance Message
129ORMGynaecologyOvarian Reserve Marker
130ORMDatabaseOver Represented in Medicine
131ORMUncategorizedOverlapping Resolution Map
132ORMChemistryOverlapping Resolution Mapping
133ORMMortgageOwens Realty Mortgage
134ORMMedicalOxygen Ratio Monitor
135ORMAirportSywell Aerodrome

NCT Full Form

Final Words:

I hope you get what you want to know about ORM. If you want to know the full forms of the term other than ORM, then please ask by comments or email. Your valuable comments are always welcome.

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