NICS Full Form

NICS Full Form

Dear Friends, are you want to know what is NICS full form is? If so, then you are at the right place, because here you will not only get the all possible Full Form of HMMM, but also get detailed information about NICS.

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In eFull Forms, you will get complete information about the acronym of NICS or abbreviation of NICS related to all terminology. So, let’s find out all possible NICS Full Form and its meaning here.

NICS Full Form

The term NICS has many full forms, but out of which most relevant NICS Full Form is –

NICS – Novell Internet Caching System

NICS – Network Integration Consulting Services

NICS – National Institute for Computational Sciences

NICS Full Form in Computer

Novell Internet Caching System

What Does NICS Stands For?

NICS stands for – Novell Internet Caching System, Network Integration Consulting Services and National Institute for Computational Sciences

What is NICS Meaning

The term NICS was used for many purposes, but the most relevant meaning of NICS is – Novell Internet Caching System, Network Integration Consulting Services & National Institute for Computational Sciences

All Full Forms of NICS

Here is the complete Full-Form list of the term NICS.

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Sr. No.TermCategoryNICS Full Forms
1NICS MilitaryCOA Control Operating Authority
2NICS UncategorizedNakhon International City School
3NICS TransportationNAS Interfacility Communications System
4NICS TransportationNAS Interfacility Communications System
5NICS NASANASA Information Configuration Services
6NICS AircraftNational Airspace System Interfacility Communications System
7NICS UncategorizedNational identity card scheme
8NICS PakistanNational Identity Cards
9NICS UncategorizedNational Immunisation Coverage Survey
10NICS UncategorizedNational Immunization Coverage Survey
11NICS UncategorizedNational Indigenous Consumer Strategy
12NICS UncategorizedNational Industry Career Specialist
13NICS UncategorizedNational Industry Career Specialists
14NICS UncategorizedNational Influenza Centers
15NICS VirologyNational Influenza Centres
16NICS UncategorizedNational Information Centres
17NICS UncategorizedNational Infrastructure Construction Schedule
18NICS UncategorizedNational Infrastructure for Community Statistics
19NICS PoliticsNational Instant Background Check System
20NICS JuridicalNational Instant Check System
21NICS GunNational Instant Check System
22NICS US GovernmentNational Instant Criminal Background Check System
23NICS GovernmentNational Instant Criminal Background Check System
24NICS JuridicalNational Instant Criminal Search
25NICS GunNational Instant Criminal System
26NICS GunNational Instant-Check System
27NICS EducationalNational Institute for Chemical Studies
28NICS TechnologyNational Institute for Chemical Studies
29NICS UncategorizedNational Institute for Clinical Studies
30NICS ComputingNational Institute for Computational Science
31NICS EducationalNational Institute for Computational Sciences
32NICS TechnologyNational Institute for Computational Sciences
33NICS UncategorizedNational Institute of Chemical Studies
34NICS UncategorizedNational Institute of Chinese Studies
35NICS PharmaceuticalNational Institute of Clinical Studies
36NICS HealthNational Institute of Clinical Studies
37NICS TechnologyNational Institute of Computational Sciences
38NICS IndiaNational Institute of Computer Science
39NICS CultivationNational Institute of Crop Science
40NICS ResearchNational Institute of Crop Science
41NICS CultureNational Institute of Cultural Studies
42NICS UncategorizedNational Insurance Claims Society
43NICS TaxNational Insurance Contributions
44NICS UncategorizedNational Integration Camps
45NICS MilitaryNational Intelligence Cells
46NICS UncategorizedNational Intelligence Centers
47NICS UncategorizedNational Intensive Care Surveillance
48NICS AircraftNational Interfacility Communications System
49NICS UncategorizedNational Intervention Cooperative Study
50NICS ScoutNational Islamic Committee on Scouting
51NICS TechnologyNATO Integrated Communication System
52NICS ArmyNATO Integrated Communications System
53NICS ArmyNATO Integrated Communications System
54NICS UncategorizedNatures International Certification Services
55NICS Certifications & DiplomasNature's International Certification Services
56NICS DiplomaNature's International Certification Services
57NICS UncategorizedNavana Internal Communication System
58NICS MilitaryNavy Information and Communications Services
59NICS TechnologyNetwork Information Centers
60NICS ConservationNetwork Initiative for Conservation Science
61NICS Information TechnologyNetwork Integrated Computing Solution
62NICS ConsultingNetwork Integration Consulting Services
63NICS Information TechnologyNetwork Interface Cards
64NICS TechnologyNetwork Interface Cards
65NICS TechnologyNetwork Interface Controllers
66NICS SchoolsNetwork of International Christian Schools
67NICS PharmaceuticalNeuro-Immuno-Cutaneous System
68NICS ArmyNeurological Impulse Combat System
69NICS UncategorizedNewborn Intensive Care Specialist
70NICS UncategorizedNewborn Intensive Care Specialists
71NICS Companies or OrganizationsNewhouse Internet and Computing Services
72NICS BusinessNewly Industrialized Countries
73NICS TechnologyNewly Industrializing Countries
74NICS Local - CountriesNewly Industrializing Countries States
75NICS InstitutesNice Institute for Competitive Studies
76NICS SchoolsNorfolk Island Central School
77NICS TechnologyNorth American Industry Classification System
78NICS SchoolsNorth Idaho Christian School
79NICS AthleticsNorthern Ireland Civil Service
80NICS GovernmentNorthern Ireland Civil Service
81NICS JuridicalNorthwest Intertribal Court System
82NICS Information TechnologyNovell Internet Caching System
83NICS EducationalNucleus Independent Chemical Shift
84NICS ChemistryNucleus Independent Chemical Shift
85NICS EducationalNucleus independent chemical shifts
86NICS EducationalNucleus-Independent Chemical Shift
87NICS Organic ChemistryNucleus-independent Chemical Shift
88NICS ChemistryNucleus-Independent Chemical Shift

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