OC Full Form

OC Full Form: What Does OC Stand For?

Dear Friends, do you want to know what is full form of OC is? If yes, then you are at the right place, because here you will not only get the all possible Full Form of OC but also get detailed information about OC. Not only this, you will also come to know what Does OC stand for?

OC Full Form

The term OC has many full forms, but out of which most relevant

OC Full Form is – Officer-in-Charge

OC (Officer-in-Charge) is officer of that Corporation

OC – Officer Commanding

OC (Officer Commanding) is the commander of a sub-unit Or minor unit principally used in the uk and Commonwealth. In other Countries, the saying controlling officer is used to commanders of small In addition to leading elements.

OC – Occupation Certificate

OC (Occupation Certificate) authorises the job and use of a brand new construction Or construction department. For staged functions, an Interim OC might be issued that lets you occupy the finished part of this construction.

An occupation certificate is required from the local council certifier, if you would like to occupy or use a brand new construction, Or alter the use of an present building.

OC Caste Full Form

Other Class

OC is the General category, which are open community castes that doesn’t come under OBC/SC/ST in India

OC Full Form in Commerce

Operating Company

What Does OC Stand For?

OC stands for – Occupation Certificate and Officer-in-Charge

What Does OC Spray Stand For?

OC Spray Stand For – Oleoresin Capsicum or Pepper Spray.

All Full Forms of OC

Here is the List of All Full Form of OC.

Sr. No.TermCategoryOC Full Form
1OCFDA AdministrationImmediate Office of the Commissioner
2OCNourishmentOatmeal Cookie
3OCDogs RelatedObedience Champion
4OCEducationalOberlin College
5OCMedicalObese Control
6OCInformation TechnologyObject Container
7OCLaw EnforcementObscene Conduct
8OCFrenchObservatoire Cuirass
9OCMedicalObserved Cases
10OCArmyObserver Controller
11OCPharmaceuticalObsessive Compulsive
12OCMedicalObstetric Cholestasis
13OCMedicalObstetric Complications
14OCTransportationObstruction Chart
15OCMedicalOccipital Cortex
16OCCertifications & DiplomasOccupation Certificate
17OCHotelOccupied Clean
18OCLocal - StatesOcean City
19OCOceanOcean Color
20OCEducationalOceans and Climate
22OCEducationalOdessa College
23OCClothingOdor Control
24OCCompanies or OrganizationsOf Christ
25OCInternet - ChatOf Course
26OCMedia CenterOff Camera
27OCEducationalOff Campus
28OCProductsOff Center
29OCAthleticsOffensive Crouching
30OCUS GovernmentOffice Call
31OCOfficeOffice Communicator
32OCGovernmentOffice of Communications
33OCGovernmentOffice of Compliance
34OCGovernmentOffice of Counsel
35OCMilitaryOffice of the Chief
36OCUS GovernmentOffice of the Commissioner
37OCRAFOfficer Commanding
38OCMilitaryOfficer in Charge
39OCUncategorizedOfficer in Command
40OCNavyOfficer's Cook
41OCPoliticsOfficial Campaign
42OCInternet SlangOfficial Campaign
43OCEducationalOklahoma Christian
44OCEducationOklahoma Christian University
45OCLocal - CitiesOklahoma City
46OCAlcoholOld Charter
47OCClothingOld Clothes
48OCClothingOld Clothes
49OCEducationalOld Coherence
50OCCompanies or OrganizationsOld Colony
51OCLocalOld Covenant
52OCPlasticsOleoresin Capsicum
53OCGovernmentOleoresin Capsicum
54OCLocal - CountriesOliver Cromwell
55OCCivic & MunicipalOlongapo City
56OCScriptOn Camera
57OCEducationalOn Center
58OCEducationalOnline Class
59OCNormal BusinessOnly Caucasians
60OCAthleticsOpen Canoe
61OCInformation TechnologyOpen Canvas
62OCAthleticsOpen Carry
63OCPerforming ArtsOpen Category
64OCEducationalOpen Circuit
65OCBiochemistryOpen Circular
66OCCosmosOpen Cluster
67OCEducationalOpen Collector
68OCEducationalOpen Concepts
69OCProductsOpen Corner
70OCStructuralOpen Crossing
71OCAthleticsOpen Cup
73OCPerforming ArtsOpening Ceremony
74OCTrainingOperant Conditioning
75OCTechnologyOperating Characteristic
76OCLocalOperation Christ
77OCEducationalOperation Classroom
78OCToxicologyOperational Conditions
79OCArmyOperations Center
80OCAviationOperations Control
81OCInformation TechnologyOperator Cutoff
82OCBusinessOpportunity Cost
83OCEducationalOptical Cable
84OCInformation TechnologyOptical Carrier
85OCComputingOptical Carrier
86OCEducationalOptical Circuit
87OCInformation TechnologyOptical Connection
88OCEducationalOptimal Classification
89OCEducationalOptimum Compaction
90OCUS GovernmentOption Chain
91OCDentistryOral Candidiasis
92OCPolice ForceOral Coersion
93OCEducationalOrange Coast
94OCNourishmentOrange Crush
95OCArmyOrdnance Corps
96OCCompanies or OrganizationsOrfevrerie Christofle
97OCItalianOrgani Collegiali
98OCEducationalOrganic Carbon
99OCEducationalOrganic Content
100OCTextileOrganic Cotton
101OCNormal BusinessOrganizational Climate
102OCCommitmentOrganizational Commitment
103OCCultureOrganizational Culture
104OCJuridicalOrganized Clan
105OCJuridicalOrganized Crime
106OCVoluntary OrganizationOrganizing Committee
107OCEnvironmental HealthOrganochlorine
108OCAthleticsOriginal club
109OCNourishmentOriginal Combo
110OCMedia CenterOriginal Content
111OCMedia CenterOriginal Credit
112OCPharmaceuticalOriginal Cub
113OCFunnyOrrible Children
117OCNourishmentOstrich Cookies
118OCLocalOther Caste
119OCMedia CenterOther Category
120OCSocietyOther Child
121OCNormal BusinessOther Company
122OCArmyOther Contingencies
123OCVoluntary OrganizationOther Contributors
124OCSocietyOur Crowd
125OCInternet - ChatOut of Character
126OCFBI FilesOut of the Country
127OCInformation TechnologyOutput Compare
128OCFunnyOutrageous Chaos
129OCInternet - ChatOutrageously Cute
130OCShipping & SailingOutrigger Canoe
131OCNormal BusinessOutsourced Company
132OCFunnyOutta Control
133OCMedicalOvarian Cancer
134OCMedia CenterOver Commercialized
135OCUncategorizedOver Committed
136OCEducationalOver Current
137OCFilm CensorshipOverated Crap
138OCSocietyOvergrown Children
139OCFunnyOverrated Claptrap
140OCLocalOvertly Christian
141OCCompanies or OrganizationsOwens Corning
142OCInternet - ChatOwn Character
143OCAutomotiveOxidation Catalyst
144OCAutomotiveOxidation Catalytic Converter
146OCAwards & MedalsThe Order of Canada

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