OPD Full Form

OPD Full Form: What Does OPD Stand For?

Do you want to know what is full form of OPD is? Then, here you will come to know what Does OPD stand for? Also all possible Full Form of OPD.

OPD Full Form

The term OPD has many full forms, but out of which most relevant

OPD Full Form is – Outpatient Department

Generally, OPD is the first place where a new patient goes and meet with hospital staff. When a Patient goes to the hospital first time, then he first contact to OPD and then it was the OPD’s duty to decide that the patient should have to go in which department for further treatment.

OPD Full Form in Medical

Outpatient Department

OPD Full Form in Hospital

Outpatient Department

What Does OPD Stand For?

OPD stands for – Outpatient Department

An outpatient department is the portion of a medical clinic intended for the therapy of outpatients, individuals with medical issues who visit the clinic for analysis or therapy, however don’t right now require a bed or to be conceded for the time being care. Current outpatient divisions offer a wide scope of treatment administrations, indicative tests and minor surgeries.

All Full Forms of OPD

Now, here is the list of Full Forms of OPD various categorize like related to Government, Computing, Telecommunication, Medical, Space Science, Education etc.

Sr. No.TermCategoryOPD Full Forms
1OPDGovernmentOakdale Police Department
2OPDPolice ForceOakland Police Force Department
3OPDUncategorizedOakley Premium Dealer
4OPDGovernmentOberlin Police Department
5OPDMethodologyObject-Process Diagram
6OPDMedicineObnoxious Personality Disorder
7OPDUncategorizedObserved Point Density
8OPDUncategorizedObsessive Photoshop Disorder
9OPDUncategorizedObsessive Potter Disorder
10OPDPharmaceuticalObstructive Pulmonary Disease
11OPDFloridaOcala Police Department
12OPDOccupationOccupational Property Databank
13OPDEducationalOcean Physics Department
14OPDUncategorizedOcean Power Delivery
15OPDCaliforniaOceanside Police Department
16OPDUncategorizedOcoee Police Department
17OPDUncategorizedOctave Pulse Data
18OPDPoliceOdessa Police Department
19OPDPolice ForceOdessa Police Force Department
20OPDGovernmentO'Fallon Police Department
21OPDCognitive ScienceOffender Personality Disorder
22OPDPharmaceuticalOffice for Persons with Disabilities
23OPDUncategorizedOffice for Professional Development
24OPDDevelopmentOffice for Proposal Development
25OPDUncategorizedOffice for Public Diplomacy
26OPDMedicineOffice of Orphan Products Development
27OPDDevelopmentOffice of Planning and Development
28OPDPoliticsOffice of Policy Development
29OPDUncategorizedOffice of Privacy and Disclosure
30OPDUncategorizedOffice of Procurement and Diversity
31OPDUncategorizedOffice of Procurement Diversity
34OPDMicrosoftOffice of Professional Development
35OPDLawOffice of Professional Discipline
36OPDScienceOffice of Program Development
37OPDDevelopmentOffice of Proposal Development
38OPDJuridicalOffice of Public Defence
39OPDUncategorizedOffice of Public Defense
40OPDAmericaOffice of Public Diplomacy
41OPDGovernmentOffice of the Public Defender
42OPDUncategorizedOffice of the Public Defenders
43OPDUncategorizedOffice Park Developers
44OPDUncategorizedOffice Products Depot
45OPDComputingOffice Products Division
46OPDMilitaryOfficer Personal Development recent
47OPDUncategorizedOfficer Personnel Directorate
48OPDMilitaryOfficer Professional Development
49OPDUncategorizedOfficial Procedure Descriptor
50OPDShelfOfficial Protraction Diagram
51OPDPharmaceuticalOfficially Pronounced Dead
52OPDSoftwareOffshore Product Development
53OPDGovernmentOgden Police Department
54OPDGovernmentOgdensburg Police Department
55OPDGovernmentOla Police Department
56OPDGovernmentOlathe Police Department
57OPDUncategorizedOld Peoples Diapers
58OPDUncategorizedOld Persons Disease
59OPDUncategorizedOldcastle Products and Distribution
60OPDUncategorizedOligonucleotide Probe Database
61OPDGovernmentOlney Police Department
62OPDPolice ForceOmaha Police Force Department
63OPDUncategorizedOn Premise Diagnostics
64OPDMedicalOnce Per Day
65OPDUncategorizedOne Porsche Drive
66OPDUncategorizedOneness Peace Divinity
67OPDScienceOngoing Professional Development
68OPDAlaskaOnline Position Description
69OPDProfessional OrganizationsOnline Professional Development
70OPDInformation TechnologyOnline Protection Database
71OPDPolice ForceOntario Police Force Department
72OPDSurgeryOpen Payments Database
73OPDUncategorizedOpen Product Data
74OPDBusinessOpening Delayed
75OPDLocal - CountriesOperationalize Product Development
76OPDUncategorizedOperationalized Psychodynamic Diagnosis
77OPDMedicalOperationalized Psychodynamic Diagnostics
78OPDMilitaryOperations Division
79OPDTechnologyOperations Planning Division
80OPDOphthalmologyOptical Path Difference
81OPDLaserOptical penetration depth
82OPDUncategorizedOptical Proximity Detector
83OPDUncategorizedOptimized Process Designs
84OPDAviationOptimized Profile Descent
85OPDAircraftOptimum Profile Descent
86OPDNormal BusinessOrder Processing Department
87OPDUncategorizedOrderly Payment of Debts
88OPDBiotechnologyOrganic Photodiode
89OPDUncategorizedOrganisational and Professional Development
90OPDPlanningOrganization Planning and Discipline
91OPDDevelopmentOrganizational and Professional Development
92OPDUncategorizedOrganizational Performance Dimensions
93OPDTechnologyOrganizational Process Definition
94OPDMicrobiologyOrganophosphate Degradation
95OPDUncategorizedOriginal Pack Dispensing
96OPDJuridicalOrleans Public Defenders
97OPDPharmaceuticalOrphan Products Development
98OPDUncategorizedOSHPD Preapproved Details
99OPDBiologyOsteon Population Density
100OPDPharmaceuticalOther People's Drama
101OPDPsychiatryOther Personality Disorders
102OPDPsychiatryOther Psychiatric Disorders
103OPDJuridicalOttawa Police Force Department
104OPDMedicalOut Patient Department
105OPDPharmaceuticalOut Patients Department
106OPDUncategorizedOutdoor Patient Department
107OPDPharmaceuticalOut-Patient Department
108OPDMedicalOutpatient Department
109OPDSoftwareOutsourced Product Development
110OPDUncategorizedOver Pressure Device
111OPDTechnologyOverall Phase Difference
112OPDUncategorizedOvercurrent Protection Device
113OPDPropaneOverfill Prevention Device
114OPDUncategorizedOverfill Protection Device
115OPDProductsOverfilling Prevention Device
116OPDUncategorizedOverflow Protection Device
117OPDLocal StatesOverton Power District
118OPDPolice ForceOwensboro Police Force Department
119OPDUncategorizedOxygen Penetration Depth
120OPDNASAOzone Profile Data

Final Words:

I hope you get what you want to know about OPD. Do you want to know the full forms of the term other than OPD? Then please ask by comments or email. Your valuable comments are always welcome.

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