RAW Full Form

RAW Full Form: What Does RAW Stand For?

Here you will not only get the all possible Full Form of RAW but also get detailed information about RAW. Not only this, you will also come to know what Does RAW stand for?

RAW Full Form

The term RAW has many full forms, but out of which most relevant RAW Full Form is – Research and Analysis Wing

RAW stands for Research and Analysis Wing. It deals with the external intelligence espionage cases of India. It has thwarted many terrorist attacks.

The principle of RAW is ‘Dharma Rakshati Rakshatah,’ which means that the person who protects the religion is always safe.

RAW was formed after the Indo-China war and Indo-Pakistan war. The Indira Gandhi government realized the need for an intelligence agency in India.

The legal status of RAW is still unclear. RAW is also not accountable to Parliament, and it is also outside the Right to Information Act.

RAW has been formed on the lines of the US intelligence agency CIA. Its officers are trained in the US, UK, and Israel.

The trainees of RAW have to undergo strict training in self-defense. Especially in the case of the use of a spy device.

Raw officers or agents are given all the information related to economic analysis, information security, financial, space technology and other scientific subjects. In a way, they becomes expert in everything.

Recruitment is specialized in any one foreign language and is also introduced to geostrategic analysis. Case studies of deadly intelligence agencies like CIA, KGB, ISI, Mossad, MI6 are also studied.

RAW Full Form India

RAW India Full Form is – Research and Analysis Wing

RAW Agent Full Form

Research and Analysis Wing

What Does RAW Stand For?

RAW stands for – Real American Wrestling

All Full Forms of RAW

Now, here is the complete Full-Form list of the term RAW.

Sr. No.TermCategoryRAW Full Forms
1RAWInformation TechnologyAdobe Photoshop Raw format
2RAWMedicalAirway resistance
3RAWAirport CodeArawa Airport
4RAWEducationalArchitecture Workstation
6RAWElectronicsfile image format
7RAWSpaceImaging Data
8RAWTechnologypacket data
9RAWTeamRace Across the West
10RAWOrganizationRacism Around the World
11RAWClothingRadical Action Wear
12RAWEnvironmental HealthRadioactive Waste
13RAWTorontoRaging Asian Women
14RAWFitnessRanger Athlete Warrior
15RAWAirgunRapid Air Weapons
16RAWInformation TechnologyRapid American Withdrawal
17RAWSportRarely Any Wrestling
18RAWEducationalRaw file image format
19RAWInformation TechnologyRAW uncompressed image file
20RAWASX SymbolsRawson Resources Ltd
21RAWTechnologyRead After Write
22RAWForumRead as Written
23RAWMusselReadily Available Water
24RAWEducationalReading And Writing
25RAWInternet - ChatReady And Waiting
26RAWInternet - ChatReady And Willing
27RAWCanadaReal Action Wrestling
28RAWArmyReal American Warrior
29RAWSportReal American Wrestling
30RAWHartfordReal Art Ways
31RAWAthleticsReal Athletic Workout
34RAWOrganizationReality And Wonder
35RAWFunnyReally Annoying Wrestling
36RAWArtReally Artistic Work
37RAWAthleticsReally Awesome Wrestling
38RAWSportReally Awful Wrestling
39RAWGamingRealms of Ancient War
40RAWGamingRealms of Ancient War
41RAWSportRebel Armchair Warriors
42RAWScienceRecirculating Atlantic Water
43RAWMuseumRecognition of Art by Women
44RAWComputingReconfigurable Architecture Workshop
45RAWBiologyReduced Alcohol Wine
46RAWArmyReduction of Administrative Workload
47RAWSocietyReed Arts Weekend
48RAWAquariumRegional Aquatics Workshop
49RAWGunRegistered Assault Weapon
50RAWTherapyRekindled Ancient Wisdom
51RAWRespiratoryRelated To Airway Resistance
52RAWTechnologyReliability Assurance Warranty
54RAWEnvironmentRemedial Action Work
55RAWConveyanceRemedial Action Workplan
56RAWAir PollutionRemoval Action Workplan
57RAWSportRepeat Advance Win
58RAWArmyRepertoire of Aquatic Warfare
59RAWImmigrationReplenishment Agricultural Worker
60RAWGynaecologyReproductive-Aged Women
61RAWArmyResearch Analysis Wing
62RAWAir ForceResearch and Analysis Wing
63RAWSocietyResident Appreciation Weekend
64RAWEnvironmental HealthResilience At Work
65RAWPharmaceuticalResistance in AirWays
66RAWMedicalresistance of airway
67RAWIntensive CareResistant Alcohol Withdrawal
68RAWAccessRestricted Access Window
69RAWNormal BusinessRetail And Wholesale
70RAWChurchRevival And Worship
71RAWTransportationRiders Around the World
72RAWInternet - ChatRidiculous And Worthless
73RAWEducationalRight Angle Weave
74RAWGenitalRights For All Women
75RAWEngineeringRigid Angled Wall
76RAWNuclearRisk Achievement Worth
77RAWVoluntary OrganizationRiver Alliance of Wisconsin
78RAWBookRobert Anton Wilson
79RAWInformation TechnologyRules As Written
80RAWAccountingRutgers Accounting Web
81RAWFunnyRuthless Aggression Wrestling

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