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PCB Full Form

PCB Full Form: What Does PCB Stand For?

Do you want to know what is full form of PCB is? Then, here you will come to know what Does PCB stand for? Also all possible Full Form of PCB.

PCB Full Form

The term PCB has many full forms, but out of which most relevant full form is-

PCB Full Form is – Printed Circuit Board

PCB (Printed Circuit Board) is a plate made of electrically insulating Material (getinax, textolite, fiberglass and other similar dielectrics), on the surface of which thin electrically conductive strips (printed conductors) are somehow applied with contact pads for connecting hinged radioelements, including modules and integrated circuits. This formulation is taken literally from the polytechnic dictionary.

What are the types of PCB?

Types of printed circuit boards

Single-Sided Board: A single-sided plastic board is used as the bottom plate. The integrated circuit (IC) and other electronic components are concentrated on one side, and the copper wires are concentrated on the other side. The number of copper wires that can be made on a single panel is small, and only early circuit boards will be used.

Double-Sided Board: use a single piece of plastic board as the bottom plate, make copper wires on both the front and back surfaces of the base plate, and drill “vias” to allow the copper wires to pass through the plastic board from the front to the back, Connect the copper wires on the front and back surfaces to each other, which is used in more complicated circuits.

Multi-Layer Board: Fabricate the required circuits on the front and back surfaces of multiple double-sided boards.

Sandwich an insulating layer (plastic material) between the two double-sided boards, respectively.

Bond them to form several layers of copper.

Multilayer boards can produce the most significant number of copper wires, and they are used in more complex circuits. At present, the motherboards used in computers have too many components, and most of them use eight-layer boards—generally small electronic products, such as mobile phones, tablet computers, etc. Due to the small size required, at least eight layers of boards or more are needed. The more electronic components and the smaller the product size, the more circuit boards are usually needed.

Which Material is used for the Printed Circuit Board?

Rigid PCB (RPCB: Rigid PCB): Generally, it is made of glass epoxy, which is a rigid plastic board, and then copper wires are made on the circuit board. The biggest feature of a rigid circuit board is “not movable.” Because it is hard, it can only be fixed in the case after the production is completed. It is a circuit board that all electronic products must use at present.

Flexible PCB (FPCB: Flexible PCB): Generally, it is made of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) or polyimide (Polyimide), and then the copper wire is made on the circuit board. The most prominent feature of the flexible circuit board is “movable” because it is soft. In fact, PET is the Material used to make PET bottles. It is a bit hard and soft, so it can be flexed into various shapes after the production is completed. , If two rigid circuit boards are to be connected, but flexible circuit boards must be used to move back and forth, they are currently widely used in consumer electronic products, such as laptop LCD screens, foldable mobile phones, digital cameras, optical disc drives, hard disk storage devices, etc.

What is PCB Full Form in Electronics?

Printed Circuit Board

What Does PCB Stand For?

PCB stands for – Printed Circuit Board

Printed Circuit Board (PCB: Printed Circuit Board)

All electronic products must use “Printed Circuit Board (PCB: Printed Circuit Board)” to fix the integrated circuit (IC) and other electronic components (for example, resistors, capacitors, inductors), and integrate all integrated circuits with different functions And electronic components are connected by thin copper wires to provide a stable working environment, allowing electronic signals to circulate between various electronic components.

MCB Full Form

What Does PCB Stand For in Electronics?

In Electronics PCB Stand For – Printed Circuit Board

What is Full Forms of PCB

Now, here is the complete Full-Form list of the term PCB.

Sr. No.TermCategoryPCB Full Form
1PCBEducationalPrinted Circuit Board
2PCBRailwayConsolidated Rail Corporation
3PCBBankingPacific City Bank
5PCBInformation TechnologyPacket Cable
6PCBCardiologyPaclitaxel-Coated Balloon
9PCBInternetPage Created By
10PCBUncategorizedPaki Censured Body
11PCBGovernmentalPakistan Computer Bureau
12PCBCricketPakistan Cricket Board
13PCBUncategorizedPanama City Bakery
14PCBUncategorizedPanama City Beach
15PCBUncategorizedParcheesi Champions Breakdance
16PCBCosmosParts Control Board
17PCBPoliticsParty Coalition of Brunei
18PCBInformation TechnologyP-CAD database file
19PCBTankPenetration-Cum Blast
20PCBCertifications & DiplomasPennsylvania Certification Board
21PCBGamingPerfect Cherry Blossom
22PCBInformation TechnologyPermanent Cache Buffer
23PCBLocal - CountriesPersonal Computer Board
24PCBAircraftPersonnel Compensation and Benefits
25PCBTechnologyPetty Cash Book
26PCBAutomotivePeugeot Citroen Do Brasil
27PCBAutomotivePeugeot Club Bandung
28PCBAutomotivePeugeot Club Belarus
30PCBBankingPhelps County Bank
31PCBEducationalPhysics Chemistry and Biology
34PCBEducationalPhysics Chemistry Biology
35PCBMedicalPhysics, Chemistry and Biology
36PCBBusinessPietermaritzburg Chamber of Business
37PCBUncategorizedPin Cushion Boy
38PCBFDA AdministrationPlacental Cord Blood
39PCBInternet SlangPlease Call Back
40PCBUncategorizedPolitically Correct Bollocks
41PCBOilfieldPoly Chlorinated Biphenyl
42PCBAirport CodePondok Cabe Airport
43PCBUncategorizedPontchartrain Center Bound
44PCBAutomotivePorsche Centre Bangkok
45PCBAutomotivePorsche Club Baden
46PCBAutomotivePorsche Club Bahrain
47PCBAutomotivePorsche Club Berlin
48PCBAutomotivePorsche Club Biberach
49PCBAutomotivePorsche Club of Belgium
50PCBTransportationPortable Concrete Barrier
51PCBTransportationPortland Concrete Barrier
52PCBMedicalPost Coital Bleeding
53PCBAutomotivePost Crash Braking
54PCBPharmaceuticalPost-coital bleeding
55PCBEducationalPower Circuit Braker
56PCBTechnologyPower Circuit Breaker
57PCBInformation TechnologyPower Control Board
58PCBTechnologyPower Control Box
59PCBLocalPrayer Chain Beads
60PCBUncategorizedPre Charge Bar
61PCBAutomotivePre Collision Brake
62PCBAutomotivePre Crash Brake
63PCBAutomotivePrecast Concrete Barrier
64PCBUncategorizedPretty Cringe Bro
65PCBGovernmentPrevention Communication Branch
66PCBUncategorizedPrimary Circuit Breaker
67PCBInformation TechnologyPrimary Control Block
68PCBUncategorizedPrinted Circuit Boards
69PCBUncategorizedPrinted Circuited Board
70PCBUncategorizedPrinter Circuit Board
71PCBTechnologyProcess Control Block
72PCBEducationProcurement & Contracts Branch
73PCBTechnologyProduct Configuration Baseline
74PCBTransportationProfessional Capacity Building
75PCBCosmosProgram / Project Control Board
76PCBUncategorizedProgram Communication Block
77PCBComputingProgram Control Block
78PCBTechnologyProgram Control Board
79PCBUncategorizedProgramme Coordinating Board
80PCBMilitaryProject Control Board
81PCBInformation TechnologyProtocol Control Block
82PCBInformationProtocol Control Byte
83PCBManufacturerPrototype Circuit Board
84PCBMedicalPsoas Compartment Block


What is PCB Full Form in Environment?

Polychlorinated biphenyls

What is PCB Full Form in Computer?

Process Control Block

What Does PCB Stand For in Chemical?

In Chemical PCB Stand For – Polychlorinated Biphenyls

Final Words: I hope you get what you want to know about PCB. If you want to know the full forms of other term, then please ask by comments or email. Your valuable comments are always welcome.

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