PDP Full Form

PDP Full Form: What Does PDP Stand For?

Dear Friends, do you want to know what is full form of PDP is? If yes, then you are at the right place, because here you will not only get the all possible Full Form of PDP but also get detailed information about PDP. Not only this, you will also come to know what Does PDP stand for?

PDP Full Form

The term PDP has many full forms, but out of which most relevant full form is-

PDP Full Form is – Peoples Democratic Party

The Jammu and Kashmir Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) is a state political party in Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir, India.

PDP Full Form in Computer

Full Form of PDP In Computer is – Programmed Data Processor

What Does PDP Stand For?

PDP stands for – Plasma Display Panel

Plasma panels, which appeared on the wide sale a little over ten years ago, have become a symbol of modern television, a fundamental breakthrough into the “world of large screens”. The intensive development of plasma technologies does not stop even today – and the emergence of recent achievements testifies to the high prospects of this direction.

Plasma, familiar from physics textbooks, is associated with the “fourth state of aggregation” – a very hot and highly ionized gas, the main constituent of the Sun and other stars. However, there is also a low-temperature plasma. Plasma can be obtained by heating up to a million degrees and bombarding atoms with fast charged particles. Such plasma is usually called “low-temperature”. If it is covered with a special compound – a phosphor, then under the influence of a strong electric field, it begins to glow. The luminescent glow was discovered back in the 19th century and was actively used (and is used) in energy-saving fluorescent lamps. The exact property was used as the basis for designing the cells that make up the plasma panel.

The idea of ​​creating a display based on low-temperature plasma was embodied in 1964, when Donald Bitzer, a laboratory at the University of Illinois, together with two colleagues Robert Wilson (then a student at the University of Illinois) and Gene Slotow, manufactured the world’s first gas discharge panel. Interestingly, the inventors set themselves the task of creating an exclusive computer monitor – there was no television talk. The gas discharge panel has one quality that is especially valuable when reproducing static pictures – it does not need to refresh the screen continually. When playing back dynamic scenes, the “blinking” of CRT monitors is not so noticeable and irritating to the eyes.

The plasma “great-grandfather” worked due to the glow of xenon under the influence of an electric current and had (think about these numbers!) A resolution of only 4 x 4 pixels. Scientists did not stop there and, after three years, managed to increase it to 16 x 16 pixels by filling the cells of the new sample with neon. However, then the development of plasma technologies stalled. The fact is that the first plasmas were monochrome and served exclusively as information boards. The appearance of a color picture tube, which was distinguished by its low cost with higher image quality, also played its role. It seemed then that a high-tech idea would remain a solution for railway stations and airports.

However, plasma had undeniable benefits. After all, only plasma technologies made it possible (at that time) to realize the dream of a “flat TV”, to create devices that could be freely placed in any room, hanging on the wall “like a picture.” Technological difficulties were overcome in the early 90s in Japan, where a state program for the development of display technologies was launched. Thanks to the scientific research institutes created on its basis, and large cash infusions, the first commercial model of a plasma monitor, rolled off the assembly line.

What Does PDP Stand For in Insurance?

In Insurance PDP Stand For Prescription Drug Plan

NAS Full Form

All Full Forms of PDP

Here is the complete list of Full Form of PDP.

Sr. No.TermCategoryPDP Full Form
2PDPTechnologyPacific Data Products
3PDPCompanies or OrganizationsPacific Drums and Percussion
5PDPTechnologyPacket Data Protocol
6PDPPharmaceuticalPalpitating Dendrite Phase
8PDPPharmaceuticalPapular Dermatitis of Pregnancy
9PDPTechnologyParallel Data Processing
10PDPTechnologyParallel Distributed Processing
11PDPNeurologyParkinson's Disease Psychosis
12PDPLocalPastoral Development Project
13PDPPharmaceuticalPeak Diastolic Pressure
14PDPPoliticsPeople Democratic Party
15PDPScience FictionPeople Destroying People
16PDPInformation TechnologyPeripheral Data Processor
17PDPDevelopmentPerkiness Development Program
18PDPMedicalPersonal Development Plan
19PDPOccupation & PositionsPersonal Development Planning
20PDPPlanningPersonal Development Plans
21PDPDevelopmentPersonal Development Portfolio
22PDPOccupation & PositionsPersonal Development Program
23PDPDevelopmentPersonal Development Properties
24PDPNormal BusinessPersonnel Development Partnership
25PDPPoliticsPeruvian Democratic Party
26PDPPsychiatryPervasive Developmental Problems
27PDPCultivationPesticide Data Program
28PDPCertifications & DiplomasPetroleum Driver Passport
29PDPPhilippinePhilippine Development Plan
30PDPPharmaceuticalPhonological Dyslexia Performance
31PDPInformation TechnologyPhysical to Digital to Physical
34PDPColorsPink and Dark Purple
35PDPProcurementPlan Driven Procurement
36PDPCosmosPlasma Diagnostics Package
37PDPComputingPlasma Display Panel
38PDPTechnologyPlasma Display Panels
39PDPDevelopmentPlayer Development Program
42PDPDevelopmentPolaris Development Process
43PDPTechnologyPolicy Decision Point
44PDPDevelopmentPolicy Development Process
45PDPGroupPopular Democratic Party
46PDPPolice ForcePorpoise Dolphin Police Force
47PDPInformation TechnologyPortable Desktop Project
48PDPConstructionPositive Displacement Pump
49PDPTechnologyPower Delay Profile
50PDPBusinessPower Development Plan
51PDPDevelopmentPower Development Platform
52PDPTechnologyPower Distribution Panel
53PDPArmyPower Distribution System
54PDPNYSE SymbolsPowerShares DWA Momentum Portfolio
55PDPMedicalPractice Development Plan
56PDPInformation TechnologyPre Digital Processing
57PDPEducationPreceptor Development Program
58PDPEducationalPredicative Determiner Phrase
59PDPDentalPreferred Dentist Program
60PDPFunnyPrehistoric Data Processing
61PDPNASA - SpacePreliminary Definition Plan
62PDPPharmaceuticalPrescription Drug Plan
63PDPMedicalPrescription Drug Program
64PDPConceptPretty Darn Precious
65PDPStock ExchangePrice Drop Protected
66PDPFDA AdministrationPrincipal Display Panel
67PDPBankingPrincipal Drawdown Period
68PDPInformation TechnologyPrinter Driver Plus
69PDPMedicalProcess Dissociation Procedure
70PDPNASA - SpaceProcurement Data Package
71PDPMedicalProduct Development Partnership
72PDPSocietyProduct development partnerships
73PDPManufacturingProduct Development Procedure
74PDPProductProduct Development Process
75PDPFDA AdministrationProduct Development Protocol
76PDPInformation TechnologyProduct root Directory Prefix
77PDPDevelopmentProfessional Development Panel
78PDPEducationalProfessional Development Plan
79PDPOccupation & PositionsProfessional Development Planning
80PDPYogaProfessional Development Points
81PDPCareerProfessional Development Portfolio
82PDPPolice ForceProfessional Development Profile
83PDPTechnologyProfessional Development Program
84PDPDevelopmentProfessional Development Programme
85PDPDevelopmentProfessional Development Programs
86PDPLocal - CountriesProfessional DynaMetric Programs
87PDPPharmaceuticalProgesterone-Dependent Protein
88PDPTechnologyProgram Data Processor
89PDPArmyProgram Definition Phase
91PDPEducationalProgram Development Plan
92PDPComputingProgrammable Data Processor
93PDPTechnologyProgrammed Data Processor

Final Words:

I hope you get what you want to know about PDP. Do you want to know the full forms of the term other than PDP? Then please ask by comments or email. Your valuable comments are always welcome.

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