PET Full Form

PET Full Form

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PET Full Form

The term PET has many full forms, but out of which most relevant PET Full Form is –

PET – Polyethylene Terephthalate

PET – Post-Etch Treatment

PET Full Form in Medical

Post-Etch Treatment

PET Full Form in Plastic

PET – Polyethylene Terephthalate

What Does PET Stands For?

PET stands for – Polyethylene Terephthalate and Post-Etch Treatment

What is PET Meaning

The term PET was used for many purposes, but the most relevant meaning of PET is – Polyethylene Terephthalate & Post-Etch Treatment

All Full Forms of PET

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Sr. No.TermCategoryPET Full Form
2PETAirlineAerotransporte Petrolero
3PETAirlineAir Tahiti Nui
4PETMedicalPaediatric Emergency Triage
5PETMolecular BiologyPaired-End Tag
6PETPharmaceuticalPancreatic Endocrine Tumor
7PETMedicalPancreatic Endocrine Tumor
8PETMedicalPancreatic endocrine tumors
9PETPharmaceuticalPancreatic Endocrine Tumour
10PETTravel & TourismPaperless Employee Travel
11PETPharmaceuticalParaffin-Embedded Tissue
12PETPathologyParaffin-Embedded Tissue
13PETEducationalParent Effectiveness Training
14PETInternet SlangParent Effectiveness Training
15PETPharmaceuticalPartial Exchange Transfusion
16PETPerinatologyPartial Exchange Transfusion
17PETMedicalPartial Extraction Therapies
18PETMedicalPatient Experience Team
19PETInformation TechnologyPattern Editing Toolkit
20PETMedicalPatulous Eustachian Tube
21PETPharmaceuticalPatulous Eustacian Tube
22PETUncategorizedPayroll Expense Transfer
23PETEducationalPeak Ejection Time
24PETPolice ForcePedophile Eradication Team
25PETInformation TechnologyPeformance Evaluation Tool
26PETLocal - Airport CodesPelotas, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil
28PETManagementPeople, Events, and Technologies
29PETMedicalPercutaneous Endoscopic Tracheostomy
30PETInformation TechnologyPerformance Evaluation Tool
31PETPharmaceuticalPeritoneal Equilibration Test
32PETMedicalPeritoneal Equilibration Test
33PETInformation TechnologyPerl Embedded Template
34PETEducationalPersonal Education Technology
35PETMedia CenterPersonal Electronic Terminal
36PETFunnyPersonal Electronic Thing
37PETEducationalPersonal Electronic Transactor
38PETTechnologyPersonal Electronic Transactor
39PETInformation TechnologyPersonal Electronic Translator
40PETUncategorizedPersonal Empowerment Through
41PETScience FictionPersonal Energy Transport
42PETEnergyPersonal Energy Transportation
43PETChurchPersonal Energy Transportation
44PETUncategorizedPersonal Expense Tracker
45PETInformation TechnologyPersonal Exploration Terminal
46PETUncategorizedPersonal Extra Terrestrial
47PETProductsPersonalized Entertainment Truck
48PETTime ZonePeru Time
50PETASX SymbolsPeters MacGregor Investments
51PETLondon Stock ExchangePetrel Resources, P.L.C.
53PETUncategorizedPetrol Elementary Tools
56PETNASA - SpacePhase Elapsed Time
58PETChemistryPhotoelectron Transfer
59PETMedicalPhotoinduced Electron Transfer
60PETCosmosPhoton-Event Table
61PETEducationalPhotosynthetic Electron Transport
62PETMedicalPhotosynthetic Electron Transport
63PETEducationalPhysical Education Teacher
64PETTeachingPhysical Education Teachers
65PETTeachingPhysical Education Trainer
66PETAthleticsPhysical Endurance Test
67PETPharmaceuticalPhysiological Exploratory Testing
68PETTemperaturePhysiologically Equivalent Temperature
69PETLocal - CountriesPile Echo Tester
70PETArmyPilotline Experiment Technology
71PETNASA - SpacePlanetary Exploration Team
72PETNormal BusinessPlanning, Engineering, and Testing
73PETEnvironmental HealthPlasmid-Encoded Toxin
74PETAviationPoint of Equal Time
75PETUncategorizedPoly Ethylene Terephthalate
78PETEducationalPoly-Ethylene Teraphthalate
79PETTextilePolyethylene Terephalate
80PETEducationalpolyethylene terephthalate
81PETPlasticsPoly-Ethylene Terephthalate
82PETHomebrewingPolyEthylene Terephthalate
83PETTechnologyPolyethylene Terephthalate
84PETToxicologyPolyethylene Ter-Phthalate
85PETTechnologyPortable Earth Terminal
86PETProgrammingPortable Enraf Terminal
87PETUncategorizedPosition Emission Tomography
88PETMedicalPosition Emission Tomography
89PETPharmaceuticalPositive Effective Therapy
90PETUncategorizedPositive Electrode Terminal
91PETUncategorizedPositive Emission Tomography
92PETMedicalPositron Emission Computed Tomography
93PETMedicalPositron emission tomogram
94PETMedicalPositron Emission Tomograph
95PETMedicalPositron Emission Tomographs
96PETPharmaceuticalPositron Emission Tomography
97PETEnergyPositron emission tomography
98PETMedicalPositron Emission Tomography
99PETUncategorizedPositron Emission Tomographyanti
100PETUncategorizedPositron Emission Tomographypsycheducation
101PETMedicalPositron emission tomograpy
102PETMedicalPositron Emission Topography
103PETMedicalPositron Emmission Tomography
104PETMedicalPositron-emission tomography
105PETUncategorizedPositronic Emission Tomagraphy
106PETTraumatologyPost Encroachment Time
107PETEducationalPost-Etch Treatment
108PETElectronicsPost-Etch Treatment
109PETPharmaceuticalPost-Exposure Treatment
110PETMedicalPostexposure treatment
111PETMedicalPost-Exposure Treatment
112PETUncategorizedPostitron Emission Tomography
113PETAthleticsPosture, Exercise, and Time
114PETEnvironmentPotential Evapotranspiration
115PETTaxPotentially Exempt Transfer
116PETForumPower Electronics in Transportation
117PETUncategorizedPower Estimation Tool
118PETUncategorizedPractical English Tutorials
119PETMedicalPre eclamptic toxemia
120PETUncategorizedPrecise Event Timer
121PETArchitecturalPrecision Edge Trimmed
122PETWoodworkingPrecision End Trimmed
123PETEducationalPre-college Engineer Training
124PETPharmaceuticalPre-Eclamptic Toxaemia
125PETMedicalPre-Eclamptic Toxaemia
126PETExamPre-Engineering Test
127PETStock ExchangePreferred Equity Traded
128PETEducationalPreliminary English Test
129PETEducationPreliminary English Test
130PETMicrobiologyPreservative Effectiveness Test
131PETMedicalPreservative Efficacy Testing
132PETMedicalPressure Equalization Tube
133PETOtorhinolaryngologyPressure Equalizing Tube
134PETEducationalPrevention, Education, and Treatment
135PETOncologyPrimary Endocrine Therapy
136PETComputingPrint Enhancement Technology
137PETTechnologyPriority Encoding Transmission
138PETInformation TechnologyPrivacy Enhancing Technologies
139PETTechnologyPrivacy Enhancing Technologies
140PETInformation TechnologyPrivacy Enhancing Technology
141PETTechnologyPrivacy-Enhancing Technology
142PETMedicalProblem Elicitation Technique
143PETMachineProcess Equipment Technology
144PETEducationProfessional Educators of Tennessee
145PETEducationalProgram for Effective Teaching
146PETUncategorizedProgramm For Effective Teaching
147PETTechnologyProgramming Environment and Training
148PETEducationalProgressive Educational Tools
149PETOccupation & PositionsProject Executive Team
150PETPharmaceuticalPsychiatric Emergency Team
151PETPharmaceuticalPsychic Empathetic And Telepathic
152PETEducationPupil Evaluation Team
153PETUncategorizedTables Have Turned
154PETMediaTables Have Turned
156PETMilitaryTactical Human Intelligence Team
157PETArmyTactical Human Intelligence Teams
158PETGovernmentTactical HUMINT Team
159PETDentistryTagger's Hybrid Technique
160PETUncategorizedTake Home Trade
161PETAirport CodeTamchakett Airport
162PETTanzaniaTanzania House of Talent
163PETUncategorizedTanzania House of Talents
164PETEndocrine SystemTarget Height
165PETUncategorizedTea Husbandry and Technology
166PETUncategorizedTeachers Helping Teachers
167PETUncategorizedTeen Health Talk
168PETUncategorizedTeens Helping Teens
169PETUncategorizedTemperature Humidity Test
170PETUncategorizedTemplars of Honor and Temperance
171PETUncategorizedTender Heart Treasures
172PETMalaysiaTerengganu Hockey Team
173PETNon-profit OrganizationTerrance Higgins Trust
174PETMedicalTerrence Higgins Trust
175PETTechnologyTest Head Terminal
177PETOccupationTexas Healthcare Trustee
178PETUncategorizedTexas Healthcare Trustees
180PETPeriodicalThe Hardball Times
181PETUncategorizedThe Himalayan Times
182PETTextingThink Happy Thoughts
183PETInternet SlangThink happy thoughts
184PETBiochemistryThioflavin T
185PETMedicalThioflavin T
186PETElectronicsThrough Hole Technology
187PETManufacturingThrough-Hole Technology
188PETBackpackingTobacco Heritage Trail
189PETTechnologyToken Holding Timer
190PETGovernmentTransportation and Health Tool
191PETElectronicsTwo Hole Transition

PET – Polyethylene Terephthalate

Polyethylene terephthalate (some of the time composed poly (ethylene terephthalate)), generally truncated PET, PETE or out of date PETP or PET-P, is the most widely recognized thermoplastic polymer of the polyester family and is utilized for textures, fluids, compartments, and filaments is utilized to. In mix with glass fiber for nourishments, thermoforming for assembling, and designing gums.

It might likewise be known as the brand name Turlen in the UK, Lavsan in Russia, and the previous Soviet Union and Dacron in the US.

Most of the world’s PET creation is for engineered filaments (over 60%), with bottle creation representing about 30% of worldwide creation interest. With regards to material applications, PET is alluded to by its conventional name, polyester, while PET, for short, is normally utilized corresponding to bundling.

After polyvinyl chloride (PVC), polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP) Polyester is the fourth most delivered polymer which makes up about 18% of world polyester creation.

PET – Post-Etch Treatment

The RC interconnect is associated with sub-28 nm advance CMOS innovation hubs to limit deferral and low talk-clamor; a double Damascus measure joined with ultra-low-k material should be brought into incorporated circuit creation. With openings and low thickness, ultra-low-k materials can be handily harmed. Recuperation and assurance for the outside of Qi after the investigation of ET, to decrease polymer deposits. To keep oxygen and dampness from Cu consumption, Post Etch Treatment (PET) was presented in the AIO carve measure. It found that PET can secure ultra low-K materials. The PET procedure is getting more significant, as there is a need to build the line time (Q-time) between the AIO draw measure and the WET clean.

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