RCA Full Form

RCA Full Form: What Does RCA Stand For?

Dear Friends, do you want to know what is full form of RCA is? If yes, then you are at the right place, because here you will not only get the all possible Full Form of RCA but also get detailed information about RCA. Not only this, you will also come to know what Does RCA stand for?

RCA Full Form

The term RCA has many full forms, but out of which most relevant

RCA Full Form is – Root Cause Analysis

RCA (Root Cause Analysis) is a method of problem solving in science and engineering which is used for identifying the root causes of faults or problems

Root Cause Analysis (RCA) is a product quality management tool, but now it is not only used for product quality management, but also used in many areas to analyze the causes of problems. RCA can be simply defined as: using structured processes and methods to identify the root cause of the problem and formulate a corresponding solution to make the problem no longer occur. Root Cause (Root Cause) refers to the most basic cause that caused the problem to occur. Unlike the direct cause and the surface cause, the root cause can prevent the problem from recurring. Generally, a root cause is related to a group or category of problems, rather than Only limited to a certain problem.

RCA Cable Full Form

RCA connector – Phono Connector

RCA Full Form in Medical

Right Coronary Artery

What Does RCA Stand For?

RCA stands for – Radio Corporation of America

Radio Corporation of America (Radio Corporation of America, more commonly referred to as RCA Corporation (Radio Corporation of America) is a US electronic equipment manufacturer that operated from 1919 to 1986. Although RCA has ceased operations today, the brand name of the same name is still being used by other companies. In 1986, RCA was acquired by General Electric. The RCA trademark is used by Sony Music Entertainment and Technicolor SA, which authorizes TCL Group, Color Motion Industries and Audiovox to use the RCA name on products derived from RCA.

When RCA set up a production plant in Taoyuan County (now Taoyuan City) in Taiwan from the 1970s to the 1990s, it caused serious pollution incidents and caused many employees and local residents to suffer from cancer.

What Does RCA Cable Stand For?

Phono Connector

RCA connector is a electrical connector which is commonly used to carry signals of audio and video.

What is Full Forms of RCA

Here is the complete Full-Form list of the term RCA.

Sr. No.TermCategoryRCA Full Forms
1RCAAirportEllsworth Air Force Base
2RCAUS GovernmentLocal Cooperative Agreement
3RCAEducationalRabbinical College of America
4RCAMilitaryRadiation Control Area
5RCAClubsRadio Club of America
6RCATechnologyRadio Communications Agency
7RCACompanies or OrganizationsRadio Corp of America
8RCAMedia CenterRadio Corporation of America
9RCAPharmaceuticalRadiofrequency Catheter Ablation
10RCANuclearRadiologically Controlled Area
11RCAGenealogyRailway Carmen of America
12RCACasablancaRaja Club Athletic
13RCACompanies or OrganizationsRand Collins of America
14RCAPharmaceuticalRandom Case Analysis
15RCAEpidemiologyRapid Case Ascertainment
16RCAAnthropologyRay Casting Algorithm
17RCAAviationReach Cruising Altitude
18RCANavyReactor Controls Assistant
19RCAAwardReaders' Choice Award
20RCAFunnyReally Crappy Appliance
21RCABusinessReasonable Cause Assistant
22RCAArmyRecon Company Alpha
23RCAFunnyRecord Cemetery of America
24RCAMedia CenterRecord Company Alliance
25RCATransportationRecord of Coordination and Approval
26RCACompanies or OrganizationsRecording Company of America
27RCAMusicRecording Council Association
28RCAMedicalRecovering Couples Anonymous
29RCAAcademic & ScienceRecruit Candidate Academy
30RCAEducationalRecursive Comprehension Axiom
31RCAEnvironmental HealthRecycled Concrete Aggregates
32RCAEngineeringRecycled Crushed Aggregate
33RCAMedicalRed Cell Adherence
34RCAPharmaceuticalRed Cell Agglutination
35RCAPharmaceuticalRed Cell Aggregate
36RCAMetabolismRed Cell Aggregation
37RCACriminalRed Cross Act
38RCAEnvironmental HealthReference Condition Approach
39RCALocalReformed Church in America
40RCAPsychiatryRefugee Cash Assistance
41RCAMedicalRegional Citrate Anticoagulation
42RCACooperationRegional Cooperation Agreement
43RCAAcademic & ScienceRegistered Care Aide
44RCACompanies or OrganizationsRegistered Company Auditor
45RCANames and NicknamesRegistered CoonAss
46RCAEducationalRegular Countably Additive
47RCAMedicalRegulators of Complement Activation
48RCALocal - CountriesRegulatory Clearing Account
49RCALocal StatesRegulatory Commission of Alaska
50RCAAssociationsRegulatory Compliance Association
51RCAConstructionReinforced Concrete Arch
52RCAProductsRelative Comparative Advantage
53RCAPoliticsRelative or Close Associate
54RCAMetricRelevant Component Analysis
55RCAMicrosoftRemote Connectivity Analyzer
56RCANASA - SpaceRemote Control Amplifier
57RCAPharmaceuticalrenal carcinoma
58RCAPharmaceuticalRenal Cell Adenoma
59RCAMedicalRenal Cell Carcinoma
60RCAPharmaceuticalRenal Concentrating Ability
61RCALocalRensselaer Christian Association
62RCATherapeuticsReplication-Competent Adenovirus
63RCAMilitaryRequest for Contract Action
64RCATechnologyRequest for Corrective Action
65RCAEducationalResearch Chefs Association
66RCAEducationalResearch, Challenge, and Application
67RCAOccupation & PositionsResident Computer Assistant
68RCASocietyResidential Society Association
69RCAArmyResidual Capabilities Assessment
70RCAPharmaceuticalResidual Cortical Activity
71RCAAgricultureResources Conservation Act
72RCAAuditingResponse Calibration Audit
73RCAMedicalResuscitation Council of Asia
74RCAContractorsRetail Contractors Association
75RCAAssociationsRetailers' Credit Association
76RCAOphthalmologyRetinal-Choroidal Anastomosis
77RCAMortgageRetirement Compensation Arrangement
78RCAGovernmentRevealed Comparative Advantage
79RCAPharmacologyReversed Cutaneous Anaphylaxis
80RCAAirlineRichland Aviation
81RCAProfessional OrganizationsRichmond Society Association
82RCAMedicalRicinus Communis Agglutinin
83RCAFunnyRicinus Communist Agnet
84RCAPharmaceuticalRight Carotid Artery
85RCAMedicalRight Coronary
86RCAPharmaceuticalRight Coronary Angiography
87RCAMedicalRight Coronary Arteries
88RCAMedicalRight Coronary Artery
89RCAArmyRiot Control Agent
90RCAPoliticsRiparian Conservation Area
91RCATechnologyRipple Carry Adder
92RCALocalRockwall Christian Academy
93RCAMusicRodeo Cowboys Association
94RCAInformation TechnologyRollback Compensated Alerter
95RCAEducationalRolling Circle Amplification
96RCAAcademic & ScienceRon Clark Academy
97RCAMusicRoot Canal Analysis
98RCAPharmaceuticalroot canal anterior Dentistry
99RCAScienceRoot Cause Analyses
100RCAPharmaceuticalRotational Coronary Atherectomy
101RCALocal - CanadianRowing Canada Aviron
102RCAEducationalRoyal Canadian Academy of Arts
103RCAArmyRoyal Canadian Artillery
104RCABangkokRoyal City Avenue
105RCAPharmaceuticalRoyal College of Anaesthetists
106RCAEducationalRoyal College of Art
107RCABotanyRubisco Activase
108RCAUSPSRural Carrier Associate
109RCAProfessional OrganizationsRural Cellular Association
110RCAPoliticsRural Community Assistance

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