THT Full Form

THT Full Form

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THT Full Form

The term THT has many full forms, but out of which most relevant THT Full Form is –

THT – Think Happy Thoughts

THT – Total Handling Time

THT – Token Holding Time

What Does THT Stands For?

THT stands for – Think Happy Thoughts, Total Handling Time and Token Holding Time

What is THT Meaning

The term THT was used for many purposes, but the most relevant meaning of THT is – Think Happy Thoughts, Total Handling Time & Token Holding Time

All Full Forms of THT

Here is the complete Full-Form list of the term THT.

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Sr. No.TermCategoryTHT Full Form
2THTAirlineAir Tahiti Nui
3THTPharmaceuticalPancreatic Endocrine Tumor
4THTPharmaceuticalPancreatic Endocrine Tumour
5THTTravel & TourismPaperless Employee Travel
6THTPharmaceuticalParaffin-Embedded Tissue
7THTEducationalParent Effectiveness Training
8THTPharmaceuticalPartial Exchange Transfusion
9THTInformation TechnologyPattern Editing Toolkit
10THTPharmaceuticalPatulous Eustacian Tube
11THTEducationalPeak Ejection Time
12THTPolice ForcePedophile Eradication Team
13THTInformation TechnologyPeformance Evaluation Tool
14THTLocal - Airport CodesPelotas, Rio Grande do Sul
15THTManagementPeople, Events, and Technologies
16THTInformation TechnologyPerformance Evaluation Tool
17THTPharmaceuticalPeritoneal Equilibration Test
18THTInformation TechnologyPerl Embedded Template
19THTEducationalPersonal Education Technology
20THTMedia CenterPersonal Electronic Terminal
21THTFunnyPersonal Electronic Thing
22THTEducationalPersonal Electronic Transactor
23THTInformation TechnologyPersonal Electronic Translator
24THTUncategorizedPersonal Empowerment Through
25THTScience FictionPersonal Energy Transport
26THTEnergyPersonal Energy Transportation
27THTUncategorizedPersonal Expense Tracker
28THTInformation TechnologyPersonal Exploration Terminal
29THTUncategorizedPersonal Extra Terrestrial
30THTProductsPersonalized Entertainment Truck
31THTASX SymbolsPeters MacGregor Investments
32THTLondon Stock ExchangePetrel Resources
33THTUncategorizedPetrol Elementary Tools
35THTNASA - SpacePhase Elapsed Time
36THTEducationalPhotosynthetic Electron Transport
37THTEducationalPhysical Education Teacher
38THTAthleticsPhysical Endurance Test
39THTPharmaceuticalPhysiological Exploratory Testing
40THTLocal - CountriesPile Echo Tester
41THTArmyPilotline Experiment Technology
42THTNASA - SpacePlanetary Exploration Team
43THTNormal BusinessPlanning, Engineering, and Testing
44THTUncategorizedPoly Ethylene Terephthalate
45THTEducationalPoly-Ethylene Teraphthalate
46THTEducationalpolyethylene terephthalate
47THTPlasticsPoly-Ethylene Terephthalate
48THTUncategorizedPosition Emission Tomography
49THTPharmaceuticalPositive Effective Therapy
50THTUncategorizedPositive Electrode Terminal
51THTUncategorizedPositive Emission Tomography
52THTPharmaceuticalPositron Emission Tomography
53THTUncategorizedPositron Emission Tomographyanti
54THTUncategorizedPositron Emission Tomographypsycheducation
55THTUncategorizedPositronic Emission Tomagraphy
56THTEducationalPost-Etch Treatment
57THTPharmaceuticalPost-Exposure Treatment
58THTUncategorizedPostitron Emission Tomography
59THTAthleticsPosture, Exercise, and Time
60THTTaxPotentially Exempt Transfer
61THTForumPower Electronics in Transportation
62THTUncategorizedPower Estimation Tool
63THTUncategorizedPrecise Event Timer
64THTEducationalPre-college Engineer Training
65THTPharmaceuticalPre-Eclamptic Toxaemia
66THTStock ExchangePreferred Equity Traded
67THTEducationalPreliminary English Test
68THTEducationalPrevention, Education, and Treatment
69THTInformation TechnologyPrivacy Enhancing Technologies
70THTInformation TechnologyPrivacy Enhancing Technology
71THTEducationalProgram for Effective Teaching
72THTUncategorizedProgramm For Effective Teaching
73THTEducationalProgressive Educational Tools
74THTOccupation & PositionsProject Executive Team
75THTPharmaceuticalPsychiatric Emergency Team
76THTPharmaceuticalPsychic Empathetic And Telepathic
77THTUncategorizedTables Have Turned
78THTMediaTables Have Turned
80THTMilitaryTactical Human Intelligence Team
81THTArmyTactical Human Intelligence Teams
82THTGovernmentTactical HUMINT Team
83THTDentistryTagger's Hybrid Technique
84THTUncategorizedTake Home Trade
85THTAirport CodeTamchakett Airport
86THTTanzaniaTanzania House of Talent
87THTUncategorizedTanzania House of Talents
88THTEndocrine SystemTarget Height
89THTUncategorizedTea Husbandry and Technology
90THTUncategorizedTeachers Helping Teachers
91THTUncategorizedTeen Health Talk
92THTUncategorizedTeens Helping Teens
93THTUncategorizedTemperature Humidity Test
94THTUncategorizedTemplars of Honor and Temperance
95THTUncategorizedTender Heart Treasures
96THTMalaysiaTerengganu Hockey Team
97THTNon-profit OrganizationTerrance Higgins Trust
98THTMedicalTerrence Higgins Trust
99THTTechnologyTest Head Terminal
101THTOccupationTexas Healthcare Trustee
102THTUncategorizedTexas Healthcare Trustees
104THTPeriodicalThe Hardball Times
105THTUncategorizedThe Himalayan Times
106THTTextingThink Happy Thoughts
107THTInternet SlangThink happy thoughts
108THTBiochemistryThioflavin T
109THTMedicalThioflavin T
110THTElectronicsThrough Hole Technology
111THTManufacturingThrough-Hole Technology
112THTBackpackingTobacco Heritage Trail
113THTTechnologyToken Holding Timer
114THTGovernmentTransportation and Health Tool
115THTElectronicsTwo Hole Transition

THT – Think Happy Thoughts

You possibly can practice your thoughts to have blissful ideas. By coaching your mind to assume extra positively than detrimental, you’ll develop into happier.

THT – Total Handling Times

The whole time, the time it takes the chosen agent, agent group, or contact heart to make the decision, switch the decision, and full the after name operation in the course of the monitored time is named the full dealing with time.

THT – Token Holding Time

The token ring protocol is a communication protocol that’s utilized in LAN ( Local Area Network). Within the token ring protocol, the topology of the community is used to outline the order wherein the stations ship. The stations are related to one another in the identical ring. It makes use of a particular three-byte body referred to as a “token” that revolves round a hoop.

The utmost period of time a token body is shipped by a station is named THT, by default it’s set to 10msec. No station can maintain tokens past THT.

THT – Through Hole Technology

Through Hole Technology is a technique which is used to produce digital circuits wherein pin-through holes (PTH) parts are inserted by means of holes drilled into printed circuit boards (PCBs).

Via-hole know-how (also referred to as “through-hole”) refers back to the mounting scheme used for digital parts that includes using leads on parts that drill into the printed circuit board (PCB). The holes are inserted into the holes and soldered on the pads in the wrong way utilizing both handbook meeting (hand placement) or computerized insertion mount machines.

Final Words:

So, friends, I hope you get what you want to know about THT. If you want more information about THT, please let me know through comments, or you can write me an email.

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