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POP Full Form: What Does POP Stand For?

Here you will not only get the all possible Full Form of POP but also get detailed information about POP. Not only this, you will also come to know what Does POP stand for?

POP Full Form

The term POP has many full forms, but out of which most relevant

POP Full Form is –Post Office Protocol

POP (Post Office Protocol) is used to retrieve email from a mail server.

POP – Pa, Papa, Pappa or Daddy

Pa, Papa, Pappa or Pop is also an informal term which is used for a father; mostly in baby talk

POP – Point of Presence

POP (Point of Presence) is access point from one place to the rest of the Internet. It is a point from where many devices share their connection and they can communicate with each other.

POP – Plaster of Paris

POP (Plaster of Paris) is a white colour powder, which is made up of gypsum. Most commonly it is used as a substance for casting, sculpting and gauze bandages.

POP Full Form in Computer

POP Full Form in Computer is – Post Office Protocol

POP Full Form in Networking

POP Full Form in Networking is – Point of Presence

POP Full Form in Medical

Pelvic Organ Prolapse

POP (Pelvic Organ Prolapse) occurs when tissues and pelvic muscles are stretched, become weakened or injured.

POP Full Form in Purchase

Point of Purchase

POP Full Form in Construction

Plaster of Paris

What Does POP Stand For?

POP stands for – Post Office Protocol

The POP protocol specification was developed by Peter S. Heil, Edward J. Fitch and Jim Scott. It provides a secure way to send mail over the Internet in order for it not only to be accepted but also to be decrypted on-the fly so that your recipient can determine whether or when you have sent them an encrypted message (you never know!). That’s why email services like Yahoo Mail allow their users with certificates registered under its name to deliver emails using this private information via eSMTP, which allows multiple recipients to receive messages from one person at once.

POP3 (Post Office Protocol) was developed in 1984. The creators of the protocol focused on the slow and unstable dial-up connection to the network of those times. The whole process of working with mail in POP3 is organized so that the addresse is as less dependent on the terrible Internet of the 80s.

When working on the POP3 protocol, the client program connects to the server, reads new (or all, depending on the setting) mail and disconnects from the server. Depending on the client program settings, emails on the server can be deleted immediately after download or by a client algorithm. More often than not, it’s deleting mail after deleting it in the client program. Naturally, the deletion from the server occurs only during the connection. Today’s email clients can connect to the server at a set time interval. Unfortunately, if you connect to POP3, you can only view your inbox in your inbox on your server. If you have other folders there, you will have to use some tricks to access them.

The main benefits of the POP3 protocol are:

  • The minimum time to connect to the server. (Minimum channel download)
  • Minimal use of server resources

All Full Forms of POP

Now, here is the list of All Full Form of POP.

Sr. No.TermCategoryPOP Full Forms
1POPMedicalApplying Plaster Of Paris
3POPInformation TechnologyMessages index
4POPInternetOffice Protocol
5POPUncategorizedPace's Official Programming
6POPPierPacific Ocean Park
7POPFishPacific ocean perch
8POPSoundPacific Ocean Post
9POPPracticePackage of Practices
10POPAssemblyPackage on Package
11POPUncategorizedPackage-Oriented Programming
12POPUncategorizedPage On A Page
13POPMedicalPain on Palpation
14POPUncategorizedPaper or Plastic
15POPComicsParade Of Pleasure
16POPComputer ProgramParallel Ocean Program
17POPNormal BusinessParallelogram Of Power
18POPUncategorizedPartial Order Planner
19POPEnvironmental HealthParticulate Organic Phosphorus
20POPInformation TechnologyPass On Packet
21POPAcademyPassing-out Parade
22POPUncategorizedPay One Price
23POPUncategorizedPay Other People
25POPEventPedal on Parliament
26POPCancerPediatric Oncology Program
27POPOrthopaedicPediatric Osteoporosis Prevention
28POPUncategorizedPeer Outreach Program
29POPGovernmentPelagic Observer Program
30POPMedicalPelvic Organ Prolapse
31POPUncategorizedPenalty of Perjury
34POPUncategorizedPeople Over Profit
35POPCompanies or OrganizationsPeople's Online Publishing
36POPUncategorizedPercentage Of Positive
37POPUncategorizedPercentage of Proceeds
38POPDealerPerfect Order Percentage
39POPUncategorizedPerformance Optimisation and Productivity
40POPInformation TechnologyPerformance Optimized Program
41POPTransportationPerformance Oriented Packaging
42POPUncategorizedPerinatal Outreach Program
43POPFinancePeriod of Performance
44POPTechnologyPerpendicular-to-Orbit Plane
45POPEducationalPersistent Organic Pollutant
46POPUncategorizedPersonal Ozone Protection
47POPBookPhoto On Profile
48POPPhotography & ImagingPicture Of Picture
50POPUncategorizedPiece Of Paper
51POPMusicPiece Of Peace
52POPUncategorizedPiece of Pie
53POPUncategorizedPipes of Peace
54POPInternet - ChatPissing Off People
55POPPowerPlant Overview Panel
56POPProductsPlaster Of Paris
57POPUncategorizedPlay Online Poker
58POPUncategorizedPlenty Of Parking
59POPUncategorizedPocket Of Positivity
60POPTechnologyPoint O Presence
61POPInformation TechnologyPoint Of Presence
62POPTechnologyPoint Of Pressence
63POPTechnologyPoint of Production
64POPAccountingPoint Of Purchase
65POPUSPSPoint Of Purchase promotion
66POPUS GovernmentPoint Of Purpose
68POPHealthPoint-of-Service plan
69POPBrandPoints of Parity
71POPSciencePolar Orbiting Platform
73POPInformation TechnologyPop a Word from the Stack
74POPLocal StatesPopulation
75POPUncategorizedPopulation One Pop
76POPChemistryPorous Organic Polymer
78POPPiratePortrait Of Pirates
79POPInformation TechnologyPositively Outstanding Programming
80POPOilPossible Oil Production
81POPTechnologyPost Office Protocol
82POPMedicalPosterior Occipital Position
83POPCosmosPost-Operations Phase
84POPSurgeryPost-Operative Pain
85POPUSPower of People
86POPReligionPower of Prayer
87POPUncategorizedPower of Produce
88POPTechnologyPower On/Off Protection
89POPUncategorizedPower Overvoltage Protectors
91POPUncategorizedPowering Opportunities Partnership
92POPTechnologyPower-on Password
93POPNASA - SpacePrelaunch Operations Plan
94POPInternet - ChatPremises Of Post
95POPMedicalPremium Only Plan
96POPBusinessPremium Only Plans
97POPLocalPresbyterian Outreach to Patients
98POPLibraryPreschool Outreach Program
99POPSocietyPride Of Place
100POPPsychologyPriming Of Pop-out
101POPLocalPrince Of Peace
102POPFamous & CelebsPrince Of Persia
103POPFigurePrincess of Power
104POPEarthPrincipal Oscillation Pattern
105POPHealth ServicePrinciples of Practice
106POPUncategorizedPrinting-out papers
107POPUncategorizedPrivileged Office Program
108POPWeather ForecastProbability of Precipitation
109POPTradingProbability of Profit
110POPLaw EnforcementProblem Orientated Policing
111POPGovernmentProblem Oriented Partnership
112POPPoliceProblem Oriented Policing
113POPUncategorizedProcurement Outreach Program
114POPArchitectureProfessional and Occupational Performance
115POPEducationalProfessor Of the Planet
116POPEducationalProfessor Ozone Patrol
117POPContraceptiveProgesterone Only Pill
118POPGynaecologyProgestin Only Pills
119POPPharmaceuticalProgestin-Only Pill
120POPEngineeringProgram of Projects
121POPCosmosProgram Operating Plan
122POPUncategorizedProgrammable Optical Processor
123POPBankingProof Of Payment
124POPServiceProof of Performance
125POPTechnologyProof of Principle
126POPBusinessProof Of Product
127POPBusinessProof Of Purchase
129POPUncategorizedProtect Our Planet
130POPComputingProtected Object Policy
131POPDesignPrototype on Paper
132POPUncategorizedPrototyping on Paper
133POPLibraryProvenance Online Project
134POPUncategorizedProviders Only Portal
135POPBusinessPublic Offering Price
136POPUncategorizedPublish or Perish
137POPLocal - Airport CodesPuerto Plata, Dominican Republic
138POPRadiologyPulsed Optically Pumped
139POPOilPump Out Plug
140POPSoftwarePurchase Order Processing
141POPAidPursuit of Program
142POPUncategorizedThe Peer Observation Program

Final Words:

I hope you get what you want to know about POP. Do you want to know the full forms of the term other than POP? Then please ask by comments or email. Your valuable comments are always welcome.



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