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SDM Full Form

SDM Full Form: What Does SDM Stand For?

Do you want to know what is full form of SDM is? Then, here you will come to know what Does SDM stand for? Also all possible Full Form of SDM.

SDM Full Form

The term SDM has many full forms, but out of which most relevant full form is-

SDM Full Form is – Sub Divisional Magistrate

The full form of SDM is “Sub Divisional Magistrate. SDM is a state-level officer who has a lot of functions and confers many special powers to SDM.

What is SDM

SDM is a very important officer of the district; SDM is mainly responsible for the administration, development, judiciary, and maintenance of its district and the maintenance of law and order, tearing shells, and curfew. It can also allow for further legal work; in addition to this, SDM also performs many tasks such as creating result letters, issuing marriage letters, etc.

Qualification to become an SDM

To become SDM, one must have a bachelor’s degree from any recognized university, and you can appear in the SDM exam only after you do Graduation.

Age Limit for Becoming SDM

There are different age limits for different categories of people to become SDM, which is given below: –

  • If you come in a general category, your minimum age should be 21 years, and the maximum age should be 40 years.
  • If you fall in the OBC category, your minimum age should be 21 years and maximum age 45.
  • If you fall in SC / ST category, your minimum age should be 21 years and maximum age 45.
  • If you fall in the category of Divyang, then your minimum age should be 21 years and maximum age 55 years.

How to become SDM

The post of SDM is one of the top high-rank posts of the State Administrative Service. In society, SDM also enjoys a dignified life with respect. Every state conducts an examination in administrative services for the selection of SDM. There are two ways to get SDM Post.

1. Union Public Service Commission (UPSC): The first way to become an SDM, i.e., Sub Divisional Magistrate, is to clear the UPSC exam. Firstly, graduation studies must be completed. You can graduate from any subject. After passing the UPSC exam, the IAS Officer initially gets the post of SDM. They can become DM after a few years.

2. State PSC Exam: The second way to become a Sub-Divisional Judge goes through the State PSC Examination. To sit in this exam, you must complete your Graduation. After giving the State PSC Exam, if you come in the top rank, then after training, you can directly apply SDM. After a few years, you can become a DM on promotion.

If someone clears the PSC exam, then his name is not included in the Top Rank even if he has a chance to become an SDM. After clearing the state PSC exam, the post of Naib Tehsildar gets, and after 10-20 years, promotion can become SDM.

Selection Process to Become SDM

Candidates are selected in three stages to becoming an SDM: –

  • Preliminary exam
  • Main Examination
  • Interview

1. Preliminary Exam

General knowledge-based questions are asked in two stages in the preliminary examination, which is 200-200 marks, and the candidate must get at least 33% marks to pass the preliminary examination.

3. Interview

Only those who have passed the main examination can be interviewed; the applicant’s qualification is assessed in the interview; during the interview, your interviewee panel has to assure that you are fully qualified for this post. They can perform this responsibility well, and in this interview, a total of 200 marks are determined, if you pass in the interview, you are selected for the post of SDM.

What is the Function of SDM

SDM is an enormous post; the officer appointed to the position has many rights, which are given below: –

  • SDM also elects members of Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha in the district.
  • If any woman dies within seven years of marriage, the SDM has the right to conduct a private investigation.
  • SDM also registers all the marriages that take place in the district.
  • The SDM audits the land of the district.
  • Issuance of different types of statutory certificates along with Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, and all other backward classes along with local nationality, etc., as well as registration of property documents, is also done by SDM.
  • SDM controls all the tehsildars working in those tehsils in the district in which the SDM is functioning.
  • Issuing certificates is also the responsibility of the SDM.

SDM salary and meeting and facilities

SDM is a high-rank government post. SDM also gets a lot of respect along with a good salary. SDM Officer salary ranges between 50 thousand to 1 lakh. SDM gets several other benefits along with salary, which is given below.

  • A house to live like a government at no cost or a nominal price.
  • Along with the house, there are also security guards and servants for the housework.
  • The state provides high-class accommodation for the stay during the travel for government work.
  • The Sub Divisional Magistrate gets a driver along with the official vehicle.
  • The spouse of the SDM also receives a pension.
  • Mobile connection whose bills are also paid by the government.

SDM Full Form in Police

Sub-Divisional Magistrate

What Does SDM Stand For?

SDM stands for – Software Development Manager

PDA Full Form

What is Full Forms of SDM

Now, here is the complete Full-Form list of the term SDM.

Sr. No.TermCategorySDM Full Form
1SDM Occupation - IndiaSub Divisional Magistrate
2SDM AirportBrown Field Municipal Airport
3SDM NuclearSafety Design Matrices
5SDM SaleSales and Distribution Management
6SDM MarketingSales Driven Marketing
9SDM Information TechnologyScalable Debug Manager
10SDM PoliticsScenario Development Message
11SDM MedicalSchool of Dental Medicine
12SDM TechnologyScientific Data Management
13SDM ScienceSecondary Deployment Mechanism
14SDM ManagementSecurity Device Manager
15SDM ServiceSecurity Distributing & Marketing
16SDM MarketingSecurity Distributing and Marketing
17SDM RadiologySeed-based D Mapping
18SDM MilitarySelective Display Model
19SDM UncategorizedSelf Destructive Message
20SDM AnthropologySemantic Differential Method
21SDM EngineeringSemi dynamic method
22SDM Automotive SystemsSensing and Diagnostic Module
23SDM TechnologySensing Diagnostic Mode
24SDM AutomotiveSensing Diagnostic Module
25SDM UncategorizedSENSIPLUS Deep Machine
26SDM TechnologySensor Diagnostic Module
27SDM UncategorizedSequential Deep Matching
28SDM UncategorizedSerial Device Manager
29SDM MilitaryService Decision Memorandum
30SDM Information TechnologyService Delivery Management
31SDM ManagementService Desk Manager
34SDM MedicalShared Decision Making
35SDM UncategorizedShip Docking Module
36SDM MedicalShoppers Drug Mart
37SDM TechnologyShort Data Message
38SDM MilitaryShut Down Maintenance
39SDM Computer ScienceShuttle Data Management
40SDM DeltaSigma-Delta Modulation
41SDM BrainSigned Differential Mapping
42SDM PhotographySilent Drive Motor
43SDM MedicalSingle Delay Model
44SDM SiteSite Directed Mutagenesis
45SDM MedicalSite-Directed Mutagenesis
46SDM UncategorizedSmart Display Module
47SDM MedicalSocial Decision-Making
48SDM PsychologySocial Development Model
49SDM Information TechnologySoftware Delivery Machine
50SDM ManagementSoftware Delivery Management
51SDM Information TechnologySoftware Deployment Manager
52SDM SAPSoftware Development Manager
53SDM EngineeringSoftware Development Methodology
54SDM DevelopmentSoftware Development Models
55SDM TechnologySpace Division Multiplex
56SDM UncategorizedSpace Division Multiplexer
57SDM MedicalSpace Division Multiplexing
58SDM MedicalSparse Distributed Memory
59SDM TechnologySpatial Data Management
60SDM EducationalSpatial Data Modelling
61SDM TechnologySpatial Division Multiplexing
62SDM ModelSpatial Durbin Model
63SDM Space TechnologySpeaker Drive Module
64SDM UncategorizedSpecially Designated Merchant
65SDM DistributionSpecies Distribution Model
66SDM UncategorizedSpecies Distribution Modelling
67SDM EducationalSpecific Device Model for SAB
68SDM RifleSquad Designated Marksman
69SDM UncategorizedStack Division Multiplexing
70SDM MedicalStaged Diabetes Management
71SDM MedicalStandard Days Method
72SDM UncategorizedStandard Dialog Manager
73SDM TechnologyStandardization Design Memorandum
74SDM CardiologyStandardized Difference in Means
75SDM HydrologyStation Duty Manual
76SDM TechnologyStatistical Delta Modulation
77SDM BioengineeringSteepest Descent Method
78SDM MedicalStructured Decision Making
79SDM MedicalSubmission Data Model
80SDM MedicalSubstitute Decision-Maker
81SDM ComputingSystem Development Multitasking
82SDM DynamicsSystem Dynamics Model
83SDM SoftwareSystems Development Method

Final Words:

I hope you get what you want to know about SDM. If you want to know the full forms of other term, then please ask by comments or email. Your valuable comments are always welcome.

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