PRC Full Form

PRC Full Form: What Does PRC Stand For?

Dear Friends, do you want to know what is full form of PRC is? If yes, then you are at the right place, because here you will not only get the all possible Full Form of PRC but also get detailed information about PRC. Not only this, you will also come to know what Does PRC stand for?

PRC Full Form

The term PRC has many full forms, but out of which most relevant full form is-

PRC Full Form is – Permanent Residency Certificate

Permanent Residency Certificates is an evidence of permanent resident in that ward or village or city. This certification is issued for availing domicile connected quotas in government jobs and entry in educational institutions etc.. This certificate certifies that a particular individual belongs to tat state or country. PRC is a type of domicile certification which help individuals in availing domicile connected quotas in government jobs and entry in educational institutions.

PRC Full Form in India

Permanent Residency Certificate

PRC Full Form in Salary

Pay Revision Commission

What Does PRC Stand For?

PRC stands for – People’s Republic of China

The State Council of the People’s Republic of China, the Central People’s Government, is the executive part of the Maximum organ of state authority and the Greatest administrative organ of the nation. The State Council consists of the following authority: the prime minister, many vice premiers, many country councillors, ministers, directors of different committees, auditors-general, and secretary-general.

The term of office of the State Council is the same as the term of office of the National People’s Congress.

The prime minister, deputy prime ministers, and state councilors shall not serve more than two consecutive terms.

The naming of New China runs through the entire process of the founding of New China. It finally takes the “People’s Republic of China” as the name of the country. It is a product of the combination of our party’s thinking on the People’s Republic and the practice of building a people’s democratic regime. Although this name does not have the word “democracy”, it all implies the national essence of the People’s Democratic of New China.

IAAF Full Form

All Full Forms of PRC

Now, here is the complete Full-Form list of the term PRC.

Sr. No.TermCategoryPRC Full Form
1PRCLocal - CountriesPeople's Republic of China
2PRCAirportErnest A. Love Field
3PRCUnited NationsPacific Region Conference
5PRCLocal - CountriesPacific Rim Countries
6PRCEducationalPackaging Research Center
8PRCCompanies or OrganizationsPackaging Resources Company
9PRCMedicalPacked Red Cell
10PRCMedicalPacked Red Cells
11PRCEducationalPaediatric Research Consultancy
12PRCCompanies or OrganizationsPale Rider Company
13PRCUnited NationsPalestinian Red Crescent Society
14PRCUncategorizedPalestinian Return Centre
15PRCInformation TechnologyPalm Resource Code
16PRCInformation TechnologyPalm Resource Collection
17PRCInformation TechnologyPalm Resource Compiler
18PRCInformation TechnologyPalm Resource Control
19PRCReeveParalysis Resource Center
20PRCEducationParent Resource Center
21PRCVoluntary OrganizationParkinson's Research Center
22PRCLocal StatesParks, Recreation and Civilization
23PRCCommissionsParsons Recreation Commission
24PRCUncategorizedPartial Rejection Control
25PRCNetworkingPartial Route Calculation
26PRCEducationalPartially Resonant Circuit
27PRCAthleticsPartially Restricted Coverage
28PRCCultivationParticipatory Radio Campaign
29PRCUncategorizedPartnership Resource Center
30PRCCommitteesPastoral Relations Committee
31PRCPatents & TrademarksPatent Referral Cell
34PRCAccountingPeer Review Committee
35PRCCouncilPennsylvania Resources Council
36PRCLocal StatesPeople's Republic of California
37PRCLocal StatesPeople's Republic of Cambridge
38PRCPoliticsPeoples Republic of China
39PRCSamplerPerformance Reference Compound
40PRCCommissionsPerformance Review Commission
41PRCArmyPermanent Record Card
42PRCResidentialPermanent Resident Card
43PRCRAFPersonnel Reception Centre
44PRCEducationalPeterborough Local College
45PRCEducationalPetroleum Research Center
46PRCPharmaceuticalPharmacist Resource Center
47PRCMedicalPhase Response Curve
48PRCCommissionsPhilippine Regulation Commission
49PRCPharmaceuticalPhysical Rehabilitation Centre
50PRCTransportationPilot Radio Code
51PRCSocietyPlanned Retirement Society
52PRCEducationPlanning and Resources Committee
53PRCWeatherPlanning Research Corporation
54PRCMedicalPlasma Renin Concentration
55PRCMedicalPlatelet Rich Concentrate
56PRCAthleticsPlayer Resource Consortium
57PRCFunnyPlease Remember Crystal
58PRCClubsPolaris Ranger Club
59PRCPolice ForcePolice Force Records Check
60PRCPolice ForcePolice Force Review Commission
61PRCMilitaryPolicy Review Committee
62PRCCellPolycomb Repressive Complex
63PRCMedicalPolymerase Chain Reaction
64PRCMedicalPolytrauma Rehabilitation Center
65PRCIndiaPoorvanchal Rashtriya Congress
66PRCArmyPopulace and Resources Control
67PRCEducationalPopulation Research Center
68PRCLocal - CountriesPorsche Replica Club
69PRCGovernmentPostal Rate Commission
70PRCCommissionsPostal Regulatory Commission
71PRCCertifications & DiplomasPostural Restoration Certified
72PRCCompanies or OrganizationsPoverty Row Cinema
73PRCChurchesPractical Resources for Churches
74PRCAthleticsPrecision Racing Components
75PRCCompanies or OrganizationsPrecision Response Corporation
76PRCPharmaceuticalPregnancy Resource Centers
77PRCSafetyPreparation Reinstatement Certificate
78PRCMedia CenterPre-Recorded Cassette
79PRCLocal - Airport CodesPrescott, Arizona USA
80PRCOilPressure Recorder Controller
81PRCEducationalPressure Regulator Control
82PRCAutomotivePressure Regulator Control
83PRCArmyPretty Rotten Communists
84PRCEducationalPrevention Research Center
85PRCEducationalPrevention Research Centers
86PRCArmyPrevention Retention Contingency
87PRCUncategorizedPrice Reductions Clause
88PRCTechnologyPrimary Reference Clock
89PRCMedicalPrincipal Response Curves
91PRCLocalPrior Reference Category
92PRCUncategorizedPrivacy Rights Clearinghouse
93PRCSocietyPrivate Residence Club
94PRCVoluntary OrganizationPrivate Rights Clearinghouse
95PRCEducationalProdigy Refugee Camp
96PRCMusicProducers Releasing Corporation
97PRCUncategorizedProduct Reclamation Center
98PRCEducationalProduct Recovery Canister
99PRCUncategorizedProduct Representation Compact
100PRCNormal BusinessProduct Review Center
101PRCExplorationProductivity Rate Curve
102PRCUncategorizedProfessional Recovery Consultants
103PRCEducationalProfessional Referral Committee
104PRCCommissionsProfessional Regulations Commission
105PRCEducationalProfessional Researcher Certification
106PRCFunnyProgressive Republic of China
107PRCNormal BusinessProject Resource Centre
108PRCCommitteesProject Review Committee
109PRCInformation TechnologyProject Reviewer Compressed
110PRCCompanies or OrganizationsProperty Resources Corporation
111PRCCompanies or OrganizationsProteomic Research Center
122PRCMedicalProtocol Review Committee
123PRCMedicalProximal Row Carpectomy
124PRCInformation TechnologyPseudo Remote Carrier
125PRCNavigationPseudo-Range Correction
126PRCOccupation & PositionsPsychiatric Rehabilitation Coordinator
127PRCPharmaceuticalPsychiatric Research Center
128PRCUncategorizedPublic Records Check
129PRCCommissionsPublic Regulation Commission
130PRCEnergyPublic Resources Code
131PRCCompanies or OrganizationsPublic Restroom Company
132PRCUncategorizedPulse Ratio Control
133PRCEducationPupil Referral Centre
134PRCEducationalPupil Rotation Compensation
158PRCUncategorizedPurchased Referred Care
159PRCUncategorizedPure Randomness Collection
160PRCInformation TechnologyRational Rose Processes file
161PRCConstructionRestoration and Construction

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