PRI Full Form

PRI Full Form

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PRI Full Form

The term PRI has many full forms, but out of which most relevant full form is-

PRI Full Form is – Primary Rate Interface

The Primary Rate Interface (PRI) is a standard interface telecommunication that is used in Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) to carry multiple DS0 voice and data transmissions between the network and a user. PRI is the standard for the provision of telecommunications services to businesses and offices. PRI is based on the T-carrier (T1) transmission in the United States, Canada and Japan, while in Europe and Australia, E-carrier (E1) is common.

The primary ISDN access (also called primary access, PRI access, primary rate interface or S2 interface; in English, Primary Rate Interface or PRI) is an access interface to an ISDN network.

This interface is also called T1 (T-carrier line) in North America and E1 in Europe.

It includes 30 64 kbit / s B channels, one 64 kbit / s D channel and a synchronization channel, i.e. in Europe: 30B + D. In the United States and Japan the definition is different: 23B + D. Only the history differs and the protection of the markets explains the differences in definition between Europe, the United States and Japan. This access is the ISDN equivalent of T1 and E1 links at 1.544 Mbit / s and 2.048 Mbit / s respectively


Types of ISDN services

The Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) prescribes two levels of service: Basic Rate Interface (BRI): two 64 kbit / s B-channels and one 16 kbit / s D-channel, intended for small businesses and residential service.

Primary Rate Interface (PRI) for large enterprises, with one D-channel at 64 kbit / s and 23 channels (T1 at 1.536 Mbit / s, aka “23B + D”) or 30 B-channels at 64 kbit / s (2.048 Mbit / s / s E1, alias “30B + D”).


PRI Full Form in Telecom

Primary Rate Interface, which is also called as a Megalink. It is the North American ISDN (Integrated Service Digital Network) standard which is capable to carry multiple channels from the Central Office to your telephone lines.


PRI Full Form in Panchayat

Panchayati Raj Institutions

In India Panchayats are one of the old institutions that governance at village level. In 1992 PRI (Full Form in Panchayat) through the 73rd Constitutional Amendment with clear areas of authority, jurisdiction and funds.


PRI Full Form in Economics

Pure Rate of Interest


PRI Full Form in Democracy

Panchayati Raj Institutions


PRI Full Form in Politics

Panchayati Raj Institutions


PRI Full Form in Civics

Partido Revolucionario Institucional. It is a Mexican political party that was founded in 1929. This party was in power in Mexico from 1929 to 2000 for 71 years.


PRI Full Form in Malaria



What Does PRI Stand For?

PRI stands for – Primary Rate Interface


What is PRI Meaning

The term PRI can be used for many purposes, but the most relevant meaning of PRI is – Primary Rate Interface


All Full Forms of PRI

By now, you must have got some idea about the Full-Forms and meaning of PRI.

However, the list is not ending here, if you like to know similar full-forms of PRI, then this site contains various Full-Forms related to Government, Computing, Telecommunication, Medical, Space Science, Education, and various categorize like these.

Here is the complete Full-Form list of the term PRI.

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Sr. No.TermCategoryPRI Full Form
1PRIAirlineAerotransportes Privados
2PRINYSE SymbolsCox Communications, Inc.
3PRIMilitaryMovement Priority For Forces Having The Same Latest Arrival Date
4PRIArmyMovement Priority For Forces Having The Same Latest Arrival Date (LAD)
5PRIMedicalPACAP receptor I
6PRIEducationalPacific Research Institute
7PRIEducationPacific Research Institute
8PRICompanies or OrganizationsPacific Resources Inc
9PRIHoneyPacific Resources International
10PRIWindowsPackage Resource Index
11PRILinuxPage Request Interface
12PRIDentistryPain Rating Indexes
13PRIMedicinepain rating intensity score
14PRINeurologyPain Response Inventory
15PRIPakistanPakistan Remittance Initiative
16PRIPakistanPakistan Remittances Initiative
17PRIMuseumPaleontological Research Institute
18PRIEducationalPaleontological Research Institution
19PRIMuseumPaleontological Research Institution
20PRIIndiaPanchayat Raj Institution
21PRIIndiaPanchayat Raj Institutions
22PRIServicePanchayati Raj Institute
23PRISanitationPanchayati Raj Institution
24PRIInstitutesPanchayati Raj Institutions
25PRISanitationPanchayati Raj Institutions
26PRIPublic HealthPanchayet Raj Institution
27PRIUncategorizedPanchayti Raj Institutions
28PRIUncategorizedPanchyati Raj Institutions
29PRIRecognitionPanoramic Research Inc
30PRIUncategorizedPanoramic Research, Inc
31PRIMedicalPantographic Reproducibility Index
34PRIUncategorizedPantser Rups Infanterie
35PRIUncategorizedParadigm Research International
36PRIEducationalParanormal Research And Investigation
37PRIUncategorizedParanormal Research Institute
38PRIUncategorizedParanormal Research Investigators
39PRIIndonesiaPartai Rakyat Indonesia
40PRIIndonesiaPartai Republik Indonesia
41PRIBotanyPartial Root-zone Irrigation
42PRIUncategorizedParticipation Rate Index
43PRIUncategorizedPartido de la Revoluci
44PRIUncategorizedPartido de Ratas Inorganizadas
46PRIUncategorizedPartido Regionalista de los Independientes
47PRIChilePartido Regionalista de los Independientes
48PRIChilePartido Regionalista Independiente
49PRIGuatemalaPartido Republicano Institucional
50PRIUncategorizedPartido Republicano Italiano
51PRIUncategorizedPartido Revolucionario Instituci
52PRIPoliticalPartido Revolucionario Institucional
53PRIPoliticsPartido Revolucionario Institucionalizado
54PRIPoliticsPartido Revolucionario Institucionalizado
55PRIUncategorizedPartido Revolucionario Institutcional
56PRIUncategorizedPartido Revolucionario Institutional
57PRIUncategorizedPartido Revolucionario Instutucional
58PRIUncategorizedPartido Revolucionaro Institucional
59PRISciencePartido Revolutionario Institutional
60PRIParapartidos Revolucionario Institucional
61PRIUncategorizedPartit Revolucionari Institucional
62PRIUncategorizedPartito Radicale Italiano
63PRIUncategorizedPartito Repubblicano Italiano
64PRIItalyPartito Repubblicano Italiano
65PRIUncategorizedPartner Research Institution
66PRIUncategorizedPartnership for Rural Improvement
67PRIUncategorizedPassaic River Institute
68PRIUncategorizedPassenger Resolution Information
69PRIUncategorizedPast Reality Integration
70PRIUncategorizedPasture Recovery Initiative
71PRIGovernmentPatient Referral Instrument
72PRIPharmaceuticalPatient Review Instrument
73PRIMedicalPatient Review Instrument
74PRIUrologyPatient-Reported Improvement
75PRIBiostatisticsPatient-Reported Information
76PRIGovernmentPatrice Review Instrument
77PRIBiologyPattern Recognition-Informed
78PRIUncategorizedPavement Research Institute
79PRIUncategorizedPaving Roofing and Industrial
80PRIUncategorizedPayment Resources International
81PRISciencePBLs the proliferative rate index
82PRITennesseePeabody Research Institute
83PRIPoliticsPeace Research Institute
84PRIMedicalPediatric Risk Index
85PRIClinicalPediatric Rothman Index
86PRIIndonesiaPekan Raya Indonesia
87PRIUncategorizedPemuda Rakyat Indonesia
88PRISurabayaPemuda Republik Indonesia
89PRICrimePenal Reform International
91PRIUncategorizedPension Research Institute
92PRIUncategorizedPension Resource Institute
93PRIUncategorizedPensions Registration Institute
94PRIUncategorizedPeopleclick Research Institute
95PRIPsychologyPerceptual Reasoning
96PRIChildrenPerceptual Reasoning Index
97PRIUncategorizedPerformance and Results International
98PRIUncategorizedPerformance Racing Industries
99PRIAthleticsPerformance Racing Industry
100PRITechnologyPerformance Racing Industry
101PRIManagementPerformance Related Incentive
102PRIInstitutesPerformance Review Institute
103PRITechnologyPerformance Review Institute
104PRIInstitutesPerformance Revision Institute
105PRIDevelopmentPerformance Revision Institute
106PRIUncategorizedPersonal Record Identifier
107PRIForcesPersonal Record Identifier
108PRIUncategorizedPersonal Review Instrument
109PRIReflectancePhotochemical Reflectance Index
110PRIPharmaceuticalPhysicians' Reciprocal Insurers
111PRIMedicalPlacental Ribonuclease Inhibitor
112PRIOrganizationsPlant Research International
113PRIMedicalPlastics and Rubber Institute
114PRICardiologyPlatelet Reactivity Index
115PRIInstitutesPlatt Retail Institute
116PRIInstitutesPolicy Research Institute
117PRIInsurancePolitical Risk Insurance
118PRINutritionPopulation Reference Intake
119PRIEducationalPopulation Research
120PRIEducationalPopulation Research Institute
121PRIGovernmentPopulation Research Institute
122PRILocal - RailwayPort Railroads Incorporated
123PRIUncategorizedPostural Restoration Insitute
124PRIInstitutesPostural Restoration Institute
125PRIFBI FilesPotential Russian Informant
126PRIMedicalPower Ratio Index
127PRIEducationalPower Research Inc
128PRILocal - Airport CodesPraslin Island, Seychelles Islands ( Indian Ocean)
129PRICompanies or OrganizationsPrecision Radiation Instruments
130PRICompanies or OrganizationsPrecision Reflex Inc
131PRIPrecisionPrecision Reflex Inc
132PRIMedicalPressure Relief Index
133PRIEngineeringPrevention Routiere International
136PRIToronto Stock ExchangePrimary Energy Recycling Corporation
137PRIArmyPrimary Rate Interface
138PRITechnologyPrimary Rate Interface
139PRIUncategorizedPrimary Rate Interfaces
140PRITechnologyPrimary Rate Interfaces
141PRITechnologyPrimary Rate ISDN
142PRIZoologyPrimate Research Institute
144PRIOrganizationsPrime Line
146PRIStock MarketPrincipal Return Index
147PRIInvestmentsPrinciples for Responsible Investment
148PRISustainabilityPrinciples for Responsible Investment
149PRIInformation TechnologyPrinter definitions (LocoScript)
155PRIPrisonPrisoner Reentry Initiative
156PRILocal - CountriesPrisoner Reentry Institute
157PRITechnologyProbabilistic Rand Index
158PRIProductsProduct Related Issues
159PRINormal BusinessProductive Rural Infrastructure
160PRINormal BusinessProfessional Reform Initiative
161PRITechnologyProfessional Review Interview
162PRIInvestmentsProgram Related Investment
163PRIInvestmentsProgram Related Investments
164PRIInvestmentProgram Related Investments
165PRIBusinessProgram-Related Investment
166PRIFoundationProgram-Related Investments
167PRIMedicalProgressive Renal Insufficiency
168PRIArmyProgressive Routing Indicator
169PRIMedicalProliferation Rate Index
170PRIReal EstateProperty Reserve Inc
171PRIReal EstateProperty Reserve Inc
172PRIMedicalProtease Inhibitors
173PRIMedicalProtein Intake
174PRICompanies or OrganizationsProvider Resources Inc
175PRIMedicalPsychopathy Resemblance Index
176PRIMedia CenterPublic Radio International
177PRIBusinessPublic Relations Index
178PRIUncategorizedPuerto Rico ISO
179PRIEducationalPulse Repetition Interval
180PRIUncategorizedPure Rate of Interest
181PRIUncategorizedParanormal Researchers and Investigators

EDC Full Form


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