PSU Full Form

PSU Full Form

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PSU Full Form

The term PSU has many full forms, but out of which most relevant PSU Full Form is –

PSU – Public Sector Undertaking

PSU – Power Supply Unit


PSU Bank Full Form

Public Sector Undertaking


PSU Full Form in Computer

Public Sector Undertaking


What Does PSU Stand For?

PSU stands for – Public Sector Undertaking and Power Supply Unit


What is PSU Meaning

The term PSU can be used for many purposes, but the most relevant meaning of PSU is – Public Sector Undertaking & Power Supply Unit


All Full Forms of PSU

Here is the complete Full-Form list of the term PSU.

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Sr. No.TermCategoryPSU Full Forms
1PSUInformation TechnologyPage Set Up
2PSUFunnyParmeson Salami Uglifruit
3PSUPoliticsPartido Socialista Unificado
4PSUTransportationPassenger Service Unit
5PSUUncategorizedPatch Set Update
6PSUFunnyPathetic Socialist University
7PSUPharmaceuticalPathogen Sequencing Unit
8PSUUncategorizedPayment Services User
9PSUFunnyPenn Skate University
10PSUFunnyPenn Spam University
11PSUUncategorizedPenn State
12PSUEducationalPenn State University
13PSUFunnyPennsylvania Second-rate University
14PSUFunnyPennsylvania Snowflake University
15PSUFunnyPennsylvania Soviet University
16PSUEducationalPennsylvania State University
17PSUEducationalPittsburg State University
18PSUFunnyPizza Supply Underwriters
19PSUAMEX SymbolsPlastic Surgery Company
20PSUInternet - ChatPlease Shut Up
21PSUEducationalPlymouth State University
22PSUPolice ForcePolice Force Standards Unit
23PSUPolice ForcePolice Force Support Unit
24PSUEducationalPolotsk State University
26PSUFunnyPoorland State University
27PSUFunnyPork Sausage University
28PSUArmyPort Security Unit
29PSUFunnyPortland Socialist University
30PSUEducationalPortland State University
31PSUNASA - SpacePower Sensor Unit
32PSUUncategorizedPower supply
33PSUEducationalPower Supply Unit
34PSUUncategorizedPower Supply Units
35PSUUncategorizedPower Supply Upgrade
36PSUNASA - SpacePower Switching Unit
37PSUUncategorizedPractical Salinity Unit
38PSUUncategorizedPractical Salinity Units
39PSUUncategorizedPractical Salinity Unitsthis
40PSUUncategorizedPre Screen Unit
41PSULocal - CountriesPrescribing Support Unit
42PSUTransportationPrimary Sampling Unit
43PSUInformation TechnologyPrimary Sampling Units
44PSUEducationalPrince Of Songkla University
45PSUEducationalPrince Sultan University
46PSUInformation TechnologyPrinter Scalable Unit
47PSUUnionsProfessional Skaters Union
48PSUUncategorizedProgram Stream Unit
49PSUBusinessProject Support Unit
50PSUNormal BusinessPublic Sector Undertaking
51PSUUncategorizedPublic Sector Undertakings
52PSUUnionsPublic Sector Union
53PSUBankingPublic Sector Unit
54PSUUncategorizedPublic Sector Units
55PSUUncategorizedPublic Sector Utilities
56PSUSchoolsPupil Support Unit
57PSULocal - Airport CodesPutussibau, Indonesia
58PSUInternetPython Secret Underground


PSU: Public Sector Undertaking

PSU’s blossom structure is Public Sector Undertaking. State-possessed companies are known as Public Sector Undertaking (PSU) in India. The PSU has been made by the government under its flag to dispatch the business venture. These legislature claimed organizations are less worried about making benefits and concentrate more towards country assembling and improving the economy of the nation.

The most of (51% or a greater amount of) the organization shares in PSU is possessed by the Central Government or the State Government or by both partly.


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