PTC Full Form

PTC Full Form: What Does PTC Stand For?

Do you want to know what is full form of PTC is? Then, here you will come to know what Does PTC stand for? Also all possible Full Form of PTC.

PTC Full Form

The term PTC has many full forms, but out of which most relevant

PTC Full Form is –Parametric Technology Corporation

PTC is a computer software and service company founded in 1985, headquartered in the suburbs of Boston, Massachusetts, USA. It was the first to develop parametric solid-state computer-aided design modeling software (CAD) in 1988 and launched related products in 1998. Life Cycle Management (PLM) Internet-based products. PTC builds products, services, and Internet of Things (IoT) and augmented reality (AR) platforms for partners and developers.

Their technical solutions have changed the way we create products and provide product services throughout the entire product life cycle (from concept and design to procurement and service).

From longer-running medical equipment, more durable and lightweight spacesuits, to more sustainable buildings and more efficient manufacturing processes, every improvement promoted by PTC technology can make the world a better place. PTC technology combined with its own augmented reality, industrial Internet of things, PLM and CAD solutions, has helped customers obtain fruitful results so far.

PTC is highly praised for its advanced technology platform, differentiated competitive strategy, diverse applications, easy deployment and ease of use of products, and overall customer influence.

PTC News Full Form

PTC Punjabi Full Form is – Punjabi Television Network

PTC Full Form in Computer

Parametric Technology Corporation

PTC Full Form in Education

Primary Teachers Certificate

PTC Full Form in Media

Piece to Camera

What Does PTC Stand For?

PTC stands for – Parametric Technology Corporation

All Full Forms of PTC

Here is the list of All Full Form of PTC.

Sr. No.TermCategoryPTC Full Forms
1PTCNetworkingPacific Telecommunications Conference
2PTCTechnologyPacific Telecommunications Council
3PTCUncategorizedPagan Teaching Circle
4PTCUncategorizedPaid To Click
5PTCCompanies or OrganizationsPakistan Telecommunication Corporation
6PTCArmyPakistan Temporary Commission
7PTCUncategorizedPan Tilt Controller
8PTCEndocrine SystemPapillary Carcinoma Of The Thyroid
9PTCEndocrine SystemPapillary TC
10PTCMedicalPapillary Thyroid Cancer
11PTCPharmaceuticalPapillary Thyroid Carcinoma
12PTCNYSE SymbolsPAR Technology Corporation
13PTCCollectorParabolic Trough Collector
14PTCArmed ForcesParachute Training Centre
15PTCTechnologyParallel Test Component
16PTCTechnologyParametric Technology Corporation
17PTCOncologyParathyroid Carcinoma
18PTCEducationalParent Teacher Child
19PTCEducationalParent Teacher Club
20PTCEducationalParent Teacher Conference
21PTCEducationalParent Teacher Cooperative
22PTCEducationalParent Teacher Council
23PTCEducationalParents Teachers and Children
24PTCMedia CenterParent's Television Council
25PTCInternet - ChatPass The Chips
26PTCUncategorizedPassenger Type Code
27PTCTechnologyPassive Thermal Control
28PTCJurisprudencePaternity Testing Commission
29PTCMedicalPatient Transport Compartment
30PTCUncategorizedPay To Click
31PTCTechnologyPayload Test Conductor
34PTCTechnologyPayload Training Capability
35PTCNASA - SpacePayload Training Complex
36PTCArmyPeace Through Confrontation
37PTCAthleticsPegasus Track Club
38PTCAutomotivePending Trouble Code
39PTCTransportationPennsylvania Turnpike Commission
40PTCMilitaryPentagon Telecommunications Center
41PTCBusinessPer Ton Cost
42PTCMedicalPercutaneous Cholangiography
43PTCPharmaceuticalPercutaneous Transhepatic Cholangiography
44PTCInformation TechnologyPerson To Contact
45PTCSciencePersonal Transfer Capsule
46PTCCommandPersonnel and Training Command
47PTCEducationalPersonnel Transfer Capsule
48PTCIndonesiaPertamina Training & Consulting
49PTCHobbyPet Trading Cards
50PTCMilitaryPharmacy and Therapeutics Committee
51PTCUncategorizedPhase Transfer Catalysis
52PTCChemistryPhase transfer catalyst
53PTCMedicalPhase Transition Curve
54PTCOrganic ChemistryPhase-Transfer Catalysis
55PTCMedicalPhase-transfer catalyst
57PTCCompanies or OrganizationsPhiladelphia Theatre Company
58PTCUncategorizedPhiladelphia Toboggan Coasters
59PTCCompanies or OrganizationsPhiladelphia Transportation Company
60PTCTVPhysical Transmission Channel
62PTCTVPiece To Camera
63PTCEducationalPiedmont Technical College
64PTCEducationPine Technical College
65PTCCompanies or OrganizationsPineville Telephone Company
66PTCInformation TechnologyPipeline Technology Conference
67PTCEducationalPittsburgh Technical College
68PTCCompanies or OrganizationsPittsburgh Technology Council
69PTCCompanies or OrganizationsPittsburgh Typewriter Calculator
70PTCUncategorizedPlace And Time Changer
71PTCLocal - RailwayPlainview Terminal
72PTCLocal - RailwayPlainview Terminal Company
73PTCChemistryPlanar Tetracoordinate Carbon
75PTCTransportationPlanned Transportation Corridor
76PTCPlantPlant Tissue Culture
77PTCInformation TechnologyPlease Take Care
78PTCMedicalPlugged Telescoping Catheter
79PTCMedicalPoints To Consider
80PTCPolice ForcePolice Force Training Centre
81PTCLaw EnforcementPolice Tracking Computer
82PTCGovernmentPolice Training Centre
83PTCUncategorizedPolice Training College
84PTCCybersecurityPolymorphic Tracking Code
85PTCConceptPopping The Collar
86PTCEndocrine SystemPorcine Thyroid Cells
87PTCAirportPort Alice Seaplane Base
88PTCNASA - SpacePortable Temperature Controller
89PTCMedicalPortal Triad Clamping
90PTCTechnologyPositive Temperature Coefficient
92PTCAutomotivePositive Temperature Coefficient Resistor
93PTCHeaterPositive Thermal Coefficient
94PTCCarPositive Torque Control
95PTCRailwayPositive Train Control
96PTCMedicalPost Tetanic Count
97PTCArmyPost Traffic Control
98PTCUncategorizedPost Transcriptional Control
99PTCMilitaryPostal Technology Centre
100PTCCompanies or OrganizationsPosts and Telecommunications Corporation
101PTCConstructionPost-Tensioned Concrete
102PTCEducationalPotential Tropical Cyclone
103PTCInformation TechnologyPots Tandem Centrex
104PTCBoilerPower Test Code
105PTCMedicalPower Through Choices
106PTCUncategorizedPower Trading Corporation
107PTCOrganizationsPower Train Components
108PTCTransportationPower Training Craft
109PTCHealthcarePowerful Tools for Caregivers
110PTCUncategorizedPractical Training Centre
111PTCInformation TechnologyPrakash Telecom Corporation
112PTCMilitaryPrecision Technologies and Components
113PTCMedicalPredictive Toxicology Challenge
114PTCCertifications & DiplomasPreliminary Theological Certificate
115PTCMedicalPremature Termination Codon
116PTCBiochemistryPremature Translation termination Codon
117PTCTaxPremium Tax Credit
118PTCInformation TechnologyPrepare To Change
119PTCElectronicsPre-process Treatment Chamber
121PTCEducationPrimary Teaching Certificate
122PTCArmyPrimary Traffic Channel
123PTCMilitaryPrimary Training Centre
124PTCRAFPrimary Training Corps
125PTCMedicalPrimary Trauma Care
126PTCCertifications & DiplomasPrime Time Certified
127PTCMedia CenterPrime Time Country
128PTCUncategorizedPrinceton Training Center
129PTCOncologyPrincipal Treatment Centres
130PTCTransportationPrivate Transportation Company
131PTCCompanies or OrganizationsPrivate Trust Company
132PTCUncategorizedProduce Transform Consume
133PTCUncategorizedProduction & Trading Company
134PTCTaxProduction Tax Credit
135PTCDentalProductivity Training Corporation
136PTCUncategorizedProfessional Temperature Calibrator
137PTCCompanies or OrganizationsProfessional Testing Corporation
138PTCOccupation & PositionsProfessional, Technical, and Clerical
139PTCForumProgram and Training Conference
140PTCResearchProgrammable Thermal Controller
141PTCTechnologyProgrammed Transmission Control
142PTCTransportationProportional Torque Control
143PTCNephrologyProximal Tubular Cells
144PTCNephrologyProximal Tubular epithelial Cells
145PTCPsychologyPsychological Testing Centre
146PTCCouncilPublic Transport Council
147PTCEducationalPublishing Technology Centre
148PTCEducationalPulaski Technical College
149PTCCosmosPulse-Tube Cooler
150PTCNinjaPush To Connect

Final Words:

I hope you get what you want to know about PTC. Do you want to know the full forms of the term other than PTC? Then please ask by comments or email. Your valuable comments are always welcome.

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