SRS Full Form

SRS Full Form: What Does SRS Stand For?

Do you want to know what is full form of SRS is? Then, here you will come to know what Does SRS stand for? Also all possible Full Form of SRS.

SRS Full Form

The term SRS has many full forms, but out of which most relevant full form is-

SRS Full Form is – Software Requirements Specification

Software requirements specification (SRS) is a structured set of requirements (functionality, performance, design limitations, and attributes) to the software and its external interfaces.

The Software Requirements Specification (SRS) specification is a complete description of the system’s behavior that will be created. It includes several usage scenarios that describe all kinds of user interactions with the software. Use scenarios are also known as functional requirements. In addition to usage scenarios, the software specification also contains non-functional (or additional) requirements. Non-functional requirements impose other restrictions on the system (such as performance requirements, quality standards, or project restrictions).

SRS Airbag Full Form

SRS Airbag Full Form is – Supplemental Restraint System

An SRS airbag provide extra safety in vehicles these days and in the event of an accident, it provide extra layer of protection offered by the seatbelt.

SRS (Supplementary Restraint System) is a safety system for the driver and passengers in the car, which is triggered in an emergency (in case of a frontal or side collision of a car with a moving or static object).

This option in the car implies the presence of an airbag, which in the event of an accident on the road mitigates the effect of the driver or passenger hitting the steering wheel, dashboard or other parts of the car.

The Airbag system includes a whole set of sensors on the front and sides of the car’s body, which alert the SRS control unit in the event of a hit. And it in turn launches a pyropatron and a gas generator, which will fill certain pillows with a gas mixture.

Airbags and seatbelt pretensioners are triggered simultaneously to prevent the driver and passenger from hitting the steering wheel, windshield or other solid objects in the car. To implement this, the system analyzes incoming pulse collision signals, assesses the force of impact and decides whether to activate airbags and/or seatbelt pretensioners. In this case, seatbelt pretension can be activated both with and without inflatable airbags. The main task of this system is to minimize injuries and their severity for the passengers of the vehicle in an accident. Instantly trigger pillows and strap stretchers, which protects a person from hitting the windshield or other items in the cabin.

SRS Travel Full Form

S.R.S. Travels And Logistics Private Limited is a leading transport company in Bangalore, India which provide Tourist Transportation,

Employee Transportation, Package tours and Logistics or Cargo Movement.

SRS Full Form in Software Engineering

SRS Full Form in Software Engineering is – Software Requirements Specification

What Does SRS Stand For?

SRS stands for – Software Requirements Specification

What is Full Forms of SRS

Now, here is the complete Full-Form list of the term SRS.

Sr. No.TermCategorySRS Full Forms
1SRSAMEX SymbolsARV Assisted Living, Inc.
2SRSEducationSafer Routes to Schools
3SRSTechnologySafety Related System
4SRSMedicalSafety Reporting System
5SRSOilSafety Requirements Specification
6SRSUncategorizedSafty Restraint System
7SRSLocalSample Registration Scheme
8SRSMedicalSample Registration System
9SRSAirport CodeSan Marcos Airport
10SRSLocal - Airport CodesSan Marcos, Colombia
11SRSEducationalSavannah River Site
12SRSEnvironmentalSavannah River System
13SRSAllergyScavenger Receptors
14SRSEducationSchool Renewal Specialist
15SRSSchoolsSchools Recommendation Schemes
16SRSMedicalScoliosis Research Society
17SRSUncategorizedSealed Reflex Sight
18SRSArmySearch and Rescue Sector
19SRSNormal BusinessSearch Report And Services
20SRSRoboticsSeattle Robotics Society
21SRSTransportationSecondary Restraint System
22SRSUncategorizedSecretly Rumbling Stoats
23SRSSchoolsSecure Rural Schools
24SRSComputer SecuritySecurity Requirements Statement
25SRSUnited NationsSelf-Reliance Strategy
26SRSCat BreedSelkirk Rex Shorthair
27SRSReal EstateSeller Representative Specialist
28SRSEducationalSemi-conductor Reuse Standard
29SRSUncategorizedSend Receive Setting
30SRSInformation TechnologySend Receive Stream
31SRSEducationalSender Rewriting Scheme
34SRSEnvironmentSensitive Receptor Survey
35SRSPharmaceuticalSequence Retreival System
36SRSInformation TechnologySequence Retrieval Software
37SRSMedicalSequence Retrieval System
38SRSPharmaceuticalSex Reassignment Surgery
39SRSPharmaceuticalSexual Reassignment Surgery
40SRSParks & RecreationShanks Recreation Soceity
41SRSEducationalShanks Recreational Society
42SRSInformation TechnologyShared Registry Service
43SRSNavigationShip Reporting System
44SRSTechnologyShock Response Spectrum
45SRSAircraftShuttle Reservation System
46SRSArmySignature Reference Series
47SRSGeneticsSilver-Russell Syndrome
48SRSEducationalSimple Random Sample
49SRSUncategorizedSimple Random Sampling
50SRSUncategorizedSimple Ranking System
51SRSTeamSimple Rating System
52SRSUncategorizedSimple Recursive Split
53SRSAthleticsSimple Roleplaying System
54SRSUncategorizedSimple RTMP Server
55SRSEnvironmentalSims Recycling Solutions
56SRSNASA - SpaceSimulated Remote Station
57SRSUncategorizedSingle Rate Spring
58SRSComputingSingle Ring Security
59SRSUncategorizedSingle Ring System
60SRSEducationalSingle Room Supplement
61SRSTechnologySite Replication Service
62SRSMedicalSkeletal Repair System
63SRSEducationalSleep Research Society
64SRSMedicalSlow Reacting Substance
65SRSPharmaceuticalSocial Rehabilitation Services
66SRSMedicalSocial Responsiveness Scale
67SRSAcademic & ScienceSociety of Radiopharmaceutical Sciences
68SRSPharmaceuticalSoft Rolling Skin
69SRSInformation TechnologySoftware Radio Systems
70SRSTechnologySoftware Requirement Specification
71SRSUncategorizedSole Replacement System
72SRSJuridicalSome Random Schmuck
73SRSComputingSound Retrieval System
74SRSUncategorizedSound Retrival System
75SRSUncategorizedSounding Reference Signal
76SRSLocalSoutheast Local Series
77SRSGovernmentSouthern Research Station
78SRSInformation TechnologySpaced Repetition Software
79SRSLocal - CountriesSpaced Repetition System
80SRSUncategorizedSpam Rate Setting
81SRSUncategorizedSpecial Recon Service
82SRSNASA - SpaceSpecification Revision Sheet
83SRSUncategorizedSpeed Release System
84SRSInformation TechnologySpine Reduction Software
85SRSMusicSpontaneous Radio Song
86SRSNeurologySpontaneous Recurrent Seizures
87SRSMedicalSpontaneous Reporting System
88SRSInformation TechnologySpyware Removal Software
89SRSUncategorizedStanford Research Systems
91SRSFunnyStark Raving Shapiro
92SRSMedicalStereotactic Radiosurgery
93SRSUncategorizedStereotactic Radiosurgery and SBRT
94SRSCable TelecommunicationsStimulated Raman Scattering
95SRSPharmacologyStrain Rate Sensitivity
96SRSArmyStrategic Readiness System
97SRSEngineeringStrategic Route Section
98SRSAthleticsStreet Racing Syndicate
99SRSEducationalstrontium sulfide
100SRSEducationalstrontium sulphide
101SRSEducationalStudent Record System
102SRSEducationalStudent Record Systems
103SRSEducationalStudent Records System
104SRSEducationStudent Response System
105SRSEducationalStudent Retention System
106SRSFDA AdministrationSubstance Registration System
107SRSGovernmentSubstance Registry Services
108SRSUncategorizedSubstance Registry System
109SRSMedicalSubstrate Recognition Sites
110SRSMedicalSuicide Risk Scale
111SRSGovernmentSummary Reporting System
112SRSMedicalSummed Rest Score
113SRSUncategorizedSummon Raging Spirit
114SRSUncategorizedSuper Ram Silhouette
115SRSMiscellaneousSuper Rotation System
116SRSMedicalSupervision Rating Scale
117SRSAutomotiveSupplemental Restraint System
118SRSAutomotiveSupplementary Restraint System
119SRSUncategorizedSupplementary Retirement Scheme
120SRSSpace TechnologySupport Requirements System
121SRSInformation TechnologySupported Residential Service
122SRSEducationalSurgical Research Society
123SRSGovernmentSurveillance and Response System
124SRSCompanies or OrganizationsSwedish Report Service
125SRSEducationalSynchronous Reactive System
126SRSAutomotiveSynchronous Reference Sensor
127SRSArmySystem Requirements Specification
128SRSMedicalSystematic Reviews
129SRSDevelopmentSystems Requirement Specification
130SRSAthleticsThe Spanish Riding Style

Final Words:

I hope you get what you want to know about SRS. If you want to know the full forms of other term, then please ask by comments or email. Your valuable comments are always welcome.

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