RMS Full Form

RMS Full Form: What Does RMS Stand For?

Do you want to know what is full form of RMS is? Then, here you will come to know what Does RMS stand for? Also all possible Full Form of RMS.

RMS Full Form

The term RMS has many full forms, but out of which most relevant

RMS Full Form is – Railway Mail Service

In the United States, Railway Mail Service was a mail transportation service. A postal train is a train whose cars are used only for transporting mail and possibly for sorting operations. A passenger or freight train may consist of one or two postal cars.
Mail and postal service clerks and related employees process and sort that mail and parcels in post offices, mail processors and internal mail services. They provide customer service and account for transactions at sales outlets and post offices. They work for the Canada Post Corporation, courier and parcel services, and companies in the public and private sectors.
During the 1930s, more than 10,000 trains were used to transport mail in the United States. The number of trains carrying mail follows the Transportation Act in 1958. In 1965, only 190 trains carried mail, and by 1970, US railroads were barely delivering. First-class mail.
Although rail freight transport may prove to be a faster and cheaper solution than sea and air transport, it is still used very little. To develop the rail transport of postal items, the Universal Postal Union (UPU) set up a working group and undertook several pilot projects to understand better how to improve rail transport performance between China and Europe and strengthen its use shippers.
China is the primary country of origin for goods imported into the European Union (EU) and is currently one of its fastest-growing export markets. Some 90% of freight shipments between China and Europe are now transported by sea – a journey that takes around 40 days. Airfreight makes up about 9% of shipments and takes a single day. Although it can offer big benefits, the share of rail freight remains just under 1% of the total volume, and transport takes about 15 days.
The main factors that shippers consider when choosing from the various modes of transport are reliability, frequency, flexibility, customer focus, duration of transport and price. Because of the growth in postal items sent between China and Europe (notably due to the success of electronic commerce) and the potential advantages offered by rail transport, the UPU has set up a working group to understand better how to improve rail transport between China and Europe and increase its use by shippers.

RMS Titanic Full Form

Full Form of RMS Titanic is – Royal Mail Ship

RMS (Royal Mail Ship) Titanic was a British luxury passenger liner.

RMS Full Form in Railway

Railway Mail Service

RMS Full Form in Electrical


RMS (Root-mean-square) refers to the common mathematical method to define the effective voltage or current of an AC wave.

RMS Full Form in Post Office

Railway Mail Service

RMS Full Form in Medical

Respiratory Muscle Strength

What Does RMS Stand For?

RMS stands for – Railway Mail Service

All Full Forms of RMS

Here is the complete Full-Form list of the term RMS.

Sr. No.TermCategoryRMS Full Form
1RMSUncategorizedRabi Market Season
2RMSUncategorizedRabi Marketing Season
3RMSUncategorizedRabson Mendenhall syndrome
4RMSEndocrine SystemRabson-Mendenhall Syndrome
5RMSSlot CarRace Management Software
6RMSUncategorizedRace Management System
7RMSUncategorizedRace Management Systems
8RMSSuperchargerRace Marque Systems
9RMSManagementRack Monitoring System
10RMSUncategorizedRack Monitoring Systems
11RMSTechnologyRack Mount Server
12RMSUncategorizedRack Mount Servers
13RMSPanelRack Mount Space
14RMSUncategorizedRack Mount Stereo
15RMSUncategorizedRack Mounting System
16RMSUncategorizedRack-Mount Size
17RMSUncategorizedRada Ml
19RMSUncategorizedRadar Maintenance Spares
20RMSTechnologyRadian Means per Second
21RMSTechnologyRadiation and Micrometeorite Satellite
22RMSModificationRadiation Measurement System
23RMSSatelliteRadiation Meteoroid Satellite
24RMSTechnologyRadiation Monitoring Satellite
25RMSNuclearRadiation Monitoring System
26RMSPowerRadiation Monitoring Systems
27RMSMilitaryRadio Mail Server
28RMSUncategorizedRadio Malaysia Sarawak
29RMSUncategorizedRadio Malaysia Selangor
30RMSUncategorizedRadio Management Solutions
31RMSTechnologyRadio Management System
34RMSAustriaRadio Marketing Service
35RMSAustriaRadio Marketing Service
36RMSUncategorizedRadio Measurement Statistics
37RMSUncategorizedRadio Message Server
38RMSUncategorizedRadio Modellers Singapore
39RMSSupplierRadio Monitoring System
40RMSObstetricsRadioactive Microspheres
41RMSCardiologyRadiolabeled Microspheres
42RMSIntensive CareRadiological Maxillary Sinusitis
43RMSTechnologyradiological monitoring system
44RMSUncategorizedRadiology Management System
45RMSNuclearRadionuclide Monitoring System
46RMSUncategorizedRadnor Middle School
47RMSInspectorRadon Measurement Specialist
48RMSUncategorizedRadon Mitigation Services
49RMSUncategorizedRadon Mitigation Specialist
50RMSBuildingRadon Mitigation Standards
51RMSUncategorizedRail Mail Service
52RMSUncategorizedRail Maintenance Service
53RMSServiceRail Management Services
54RMSShipmentRailcar Management System
55RMSUncategorizedRailway Mail Service
56RMSRailwayRailway Mail Service
57RMSServiceRailway Mail Services
58RMSUncategorizedRailway Management System
59RMSUncategorizedRailways Moulds and Systems
60RMSUncategorizedRainbow Motor School
61RMSHarvestingRainwater Management Solutions
62RMSRailwayRake Management System
63RMSIndonesiaRakyat Maluku Selatan
64RMSUncategorizedRally Masters Show
65RMSChemistryRaman Micro-Spectroscopy
66RMSLectureRamanujan Mathematical Society
67RMSUncategorizedRamblewood Middle School
68RMSEducationRamona Middle School
72RMSUncategorizedRamp Metering Station
73RMSUncategorizedRamp Metering Stations
74RMSUncategorizedRamp Metering System
75RMSAirportRamstein Air Base
76RMSEducationRanchero Middle School
77RMSUncategorizedRanders Motor Sport
78RMSUncategorizedRandom Map Script
79RMSUncategorizedRandom Map Scripting
80RMSEmpireRandom Map Scripts
81RMSUncategorizedRandom Message Selection
82RMSServiceRandom Moment Sample
83RMSGovernmentRandom Moment Sampling
84RMSUncategorizedRandom Moment Survey
85RMSEducationRandom Moment Surveys
86RMSPsychiatryRandom Moment Time Study
87RMSTechnologyRandom Motion Simulator
88RMSTechnologyRandom Motion Simulators
89RMSExamRashtriya Military School
91RMSPediatricRat Milk Substitute
92RMSOilfieldRatcheting Mule Shoe
93RMSHotelRate Management System
94RMSMilitaryRaytheon Missile Systems
95RMSBiotechnologyReactive Magnetron Sputtering
96RMSToxicologyReactive Metabolites
97RMSElectronicsReal Modulated Signal
98RMSElectronicsRecipe Management Standard
99RMSMachineReconfigurable Manufacturing System
100RMSMilitaryReconnaissance Management System
101RMSComputingRecord Management Services
102RMSTechnologyRecord Management System
103RMSProgrammingRecord Management System
104RMSServiceRecords Management Services
105RMSServiceRecords Management Services
106RMSLaw EnforcementRecords Management System
107RMSTechnologyRecovery Management Support
108RMSMilitaryRecruiting Main Station
109RMSIntensive CareRecruitment Maneuvers
110RMSFertilityRecurrent Miscarriages
111RMSMedicalRed Man Syndrome
112RMSBioengineeringRedox Mediators
113RMSTechnologyRedundancy Management System
114RMSMedicalReference Materials
115RMSMedicalReference Member State
116RMSRespiratoryReference Methods
117RMSMilitaryReference Models
118RMSAfricaRegional Mechanisms
119RMSTelemetryRehabilitation Management System
120RMSNeurologyRelapsing foof Multiple Sclerosis
121RMSNeurologyRelapsing MS
122RMSMedicalRelapsing Multiple Sclerosis
123RMSManagementRelationship Managers
124RMSAircraftRemote Maintenance Subsystem
125RMSCommunityRemote Management System
126RMSSpaceRemote Manipulation System
127RMSExplorationRemote Manipulator System
128RMSTechnologyRemote Measurement System
129RMSMilitaryRemote Minehunting System
130RMSAircraftRemote Monitoring Subsystem
131RMSMonitoringRemote Monitoring Systems
132RMSFitness-Repetition Maximums
133RMSNeurologyRepetitive Magnetic Stimulation
134RMSMassageRepetitive Motion Strain
135RMSTransportationReports Management System
136RMSIndonesiaRepublik Maluku Selatan
137RMSMilitaryRequirements Management System
138RMSComplementary MedicineRescue Medication Score
139RMSEducationResearch Management System
140RMSSoftwareReservation Management System
141RMSMedicalResidual Mean Square
142RMSCardiologyResorbable Magnesium Scaffold
143RMSCompanyResource Management Solutions
144RMSMilitaryResource Management System
145RMSScienceResource Management Systems
146RMSTechnologyResource Managers
147RMSSoftwareResources Management System
148RMSMedicalRespiratory Muscle Strength
149RMSUncategorizedRetail Management Systems
150RMSRetailRetail Merchandising System
151RMSBusinessRevenue Management System
152RMSChemistryReverse Micelles
153RMSAustraliaRex Marechal Shapes
156RMSVirologyRhesus Macaques
157RMSCardiologyRheumatic Mitral Stenosis
158RMSComputingRichard Matthew Stallman
159RMSComputingRight Management Service
160RMSMicrosoftRights Management Service
161RMSTechnologyRights Management Services
162RMSOilRiser Monitoring System
163RMSManagementRisk Management Services
164RMSAviationRisk Management System
165RMSStudentRiverside Middle School
166RMSEducationRiverview Middle School
168RMSTechnologyRoot Mean Square
169RMSDentistry-Root Mean Square
170RMSConstructionRoot Mean Squared
171RMSBeautyRose Marie Swift
172RMSMedicalRostral Migratory Stream
173RMSMilitary RankRoyal Mail Ship
174RMSNation Ship PrefixRoyal Mail Steamer
175RMSJournalRoyal Meteorological Society
176RMSAirlineTas Aviation
177RMSReal EstateTotal Rooms

CUG Full Form

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