RVS Full Form

RVS Full Form

Dear Friends, are you looking for RVS full form? If so, here you will get the all possible Full Form of RVS as well as detailed information about RVS.

Along with this, you will also know the Meaning of RVS here.

You can find all the information about the acronym of RVS or abbreviation of RVS related to all terminology. So let’s find out all possible RVS Full Form here.

RVS Full Form

The term RVS has many full form, but out of which most relevant RVS Full Form is –

Relative Value Scale

RVS College Full Form

Rathinavel Subramaniam Educational Trust

RVS College of Arts and Science is established in 1986 in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India. It is an ISO 9001:2000 certified institute affiliated by Bharathiar University, Coimbatore.

What Does RVS Stands For?

RVS stands for – Relative Value Scale

RVS Meaning

The term RVS has many meaning, but the most relevant meaning of RVS is –

Relative Value Scale

All Full Forms of RVS

Here is the complete Full Form list of the term RVS.

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Sr. No.TermCategoryRVS Full Form
1RVSLocal - Airport CodesJones Field, Tulsa, Oklahoma USA
2RVSDoorRaad van State
3RVSUncategorizedRabies Vector Species
4RVSWildlifeRabies Vector Species
5RVSMedicalRabies Viruses
6RVSAthleticsRacquet Vibration System
7RVSUncategorizedRadar Video Simulator
8RVSUncategorizedRadar Video Surveillance
9RVSUncategorizedRadial Velocity Spectrograph
10RVSGaiaRadial Velocity Spectrometer
11RVSGaiaRadial-Velocity Spectrometer
12RVSUncategorizedRadio Vocea Sperantei
13RVSUncategorizedRage View Studios
14RVSUncategorizedRamped-Voltage Stress
15RVSUncategorizedRandom Variable Samples
16RVSTechnologyRandom Variables
17RVSUncategorizedRandom Vectors
18RVSPharmaceuticalRandom Vomiting Syndrome
19RVSUncategorizedRandom Voting Stage
20RVSMafiaRandom Voting Stage
21RVSUncategorizedRangeland Vegetation Simulator
22RVSTropical MedicineRapid Village Survey
23RVSNASA - SpaceRapid Visual Screening
24RVSBuildingRapid Visual Screening
25RVSComputingRapidly Varying Sequences
26RVSUncategorizedRapita Verification Suite
27RVSToolRapita Verification Suite
28RVSVeterinaryRappaport Vasilliadis Soya
29RVSMicrobiologyRappaport Vassiliadis broth with Soya
30RVSSalmonellaRappaport Vassiliadis Soy
31RVSSalmonellaRappaport Vassiliadis Soya
34RVSSalmonellaRappaport-Vassiliadis Soya
35RVSUncategorizedRare Variant Sharing
36RVSGeneticsRare Variants
37RVSArmyRaven Shield
38RVSArmyRaven Shield
39RVSUncategorizedRavensburg Vetter South
40RVSUncategorizedRaytheon Vision Systems
41RVSTechnologyRaytheon Vision Systems
42RVSUncategorizedReactor Vessel Surveillance
43RVSTechnologyreactor vessel system
44RVSUncategorizedReal Video Stream
45RVSUncategorizedReally Very Spendy
46RVSMedicalReal-time Virtual Sonography
47RVSUncategorizedReal-Time Vision System
48RVSUncategorizedRear Ventilated Seats
49RVSCameraRear View Safety
50RVSUncategorizedReceipt Verification Service
51RVSMedicalRecombinant Virus Stocks
52RVSInfectionsRecombinant Viruses
53RVSUncategorizedReconfigurable Vehicle Simulator
54RVSUncategorizedReconfigurable Vehicle Simulators
55RVSOncologyRecord and Verify Systems
56RVSUncategorizedRecreation Vehicles
57RVSUncategorizedRecreational Vehicle Sales
58RVSCompanies or OrganizationsRecreational Vehicle Superstore
59RVSVehicleRecreational Vehicles
60RVSBusinessRecreational Vehicles for Sale
61RVSGynaecologyRectovaginal Septum
62RVSFertilityRectovaginal Space
63RVSMedicinerectovaginal space
64RVSUncategorizedRedRidge Verification Services
65RVSDrug TherapyReduced Vancomycin Susceptibility
66RVSChemistryReduced Variational Space
67RVSTransportationReduced Vertical Separation
68RVSArmyReduced Vertical Separation
69RVSChemistryReduced Virtual Space
70RVSPowerReduced Voltage Starter
71RVSTransmissionRedundancy Versions
72RVSMissileReentry Vehicles
73RVSMissileRe-entry Vehicles
74RVSUncategorizedReference Value Standard
75RVSMedicalReference Values
76RVSUncategorizedReference Variant Store
77RVSSurgeryRefractory Vascular Spasm
78RVSUncategorizedRefugio de Vida Silvestre
79RVSConRefugios de Vida Silvestre
80RVSNormal BusinessRelative Value Scale
81RVSMedicalRelative Value Scale
82RVSUncategorizedRelative Value Schedule
83RVSHealthRelative Value Study
84RVSTransportationRemote Vehicle Start
85RVSUncategorizedRemote Video Surveillance
86RVSUncategorizedRemote Viewing Station
87RVSUncategorizedReparto Veicoli Speciali
89RVSPharmaceuticalRespiratory Virus Syndrome
91RVSEnvironmental HealthRespiratory Viruses
92RVSUncategorizedResponse Verification System
93RVSNASA - SpaceReVerSe
94RVSArchitectureReverse Side
95RVSWeather ForecastRevise
97RVSBiochemistryRhus Verniciflua Stokes
98RVSAirportRichard Lloyd Jones Jr. Airport
99RVSUncategorizedRichard Van Seenus
100RVSMedicalRight Ventricles
101RVSCardiologyRight Ventricular Septum
102RVSNeurologyRimmed Vacuoles
103RVSSchoolsRishi Valley School
104RVSWeather ForecastRiver Statement
105RVSUncategorizedRiver Valley Services
106RVSCommunityRiverside Campus
107RVSShockRod Valve System
108RVSUncategorizedRokeach Value Scale
109RVSSurveyRokeach Value Survey
110RVSEducationalRossijskoe Vakuumnoe Ob?estvo
111RVSDriveRotational Vibration Safeguard
113RVSUncategorizedRoyal Voluntary Service
114RVSEducationalRussian Vacuum Society

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