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RTO Full Form

RTO Full Form: What Does RTO Stand For?

Do you want to know what is full form of RTO is? Then, here you will come to know what Does RTO stand for? Also all possible Full Form of RTO.

RTO Full Form

The term RTO has many full forms, but out of which most relevant full form is-

RTO Full Form is – Regional Transport Office

RTO is called Regional Transport Office.

All Regional Transport Offices function under the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, Government of India. All major types of work related to vehicles are done in the RTO itself.

The RTO, called the Regional Transport Office in Hindi, works under the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, Government of India. RTO has been established in almost all the cities of every state of India.

Only the Regional Transport Office available in an area issue driving license in that area registers new vehicles, collects road tax of vehicles, vehicle excise duty in the form of road fund. In addition, the RTO is responsible for inspecting vehicle insurance and conducting pollution tests.

RTO Database is prepared for all the work done in the Regional Transport Office. Based on RTO Database, the government gets to know how many registered vehicles are there in an area and how many driving licenses, how many vehicles have collected tax etc.

What are the functions of RTO (Regional Transport Office)?

The following types of work are done in the RTO office: –

1. Issuing Driving Licenses – The RTO issues the driving license itself and keeps a complete record of the driving license issued.

2. Issue of Vehicle Registration Certificate – When a person buys a new vehicle, he has to register that new vehicle in the RTO itself. After registration of the vehicle, the vehicle registration certificate is issued to its owner, containing Vehicle Ownership, Vehicle Details.

3. Vehicle excise duty and submission of road tax – Road tax, vehicle excise duty are deposited in the RTO itself.

4. The RTO also issues permits to drivers.

5. Every R.T.O is responsible for carrying out the functions and activities laid down in the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988.

6. Fitness Certificate of the vehicle is also issued by this office.

7. The Regional Transport Office also maintains the record of all drivers and vehicles in that area.

8. Motor vehicle tax collection.

9. The RTO’s job is to maintain a database of registered vehicles.

10. The RTO does the job of vehicle transfer and maintenance of mortgage vehicles.

11. The mechanical inspection of Accidental vehicles is carried out by the RTO itself.

This information can be readily ascertained from the RTO Database, in which state a vehicle has been registered, who owns the vehicle, what is the model of the vehicle.

ASMR Full Form

What Does RTO Stand For?

RTO stands for – Regional Transport Office

What is Full Forms of RTO

Now, here is the complete Full-Form list of the term RTO.

Sr. No.TermCategoryRTO Full Form
1RTO Depertment - IndiaRegional Transport Office
2RTO LocalLocal Tax Office
3RTO Travel & TourismLocal Tourism Organisation
5RTO LocalLocal Transmission Organizations
6RTO Normal BusinessLocal Transport Office
9RTO LocalLocal Transport Officer
10RTO LocalLocal Travel Options
11RTO ArmyRadio Telephone Operator
12RTO Police ForceRadio Traffic Only
13RTO ArmyRailway Traffic Order
14RTO RAFRailway Transportion Office
15RTO Information TechnologyRandom Target Optimizer
16RTO Aircraft & AviationRapid Take Off
17RTO AutomotiveReach Truck Operator
18RTO Information TechnologyReady To Order
19RTO UncategorizedReady Training Online
20RTO Information TechnologyReal Time Object
21RTO CourseReal Time Online
22RTO ProgrammingReal Time Optimization
23RTO UncategorizedReal Time Optimized
24RTO UncategorizedReal Time Ordering
25RTO Information TechnologyReal Time Output
26RTO NourishmentReally Tasty Onion
27RTO MusicReally Terrible Orchestra
28RTO YouthReally Ticked Off
29RTO ElectronicsReal-Time Oscillograph
30RTO Information TechnologyReceiver Timeout
31RTO UncategorizedReceptive Tour Operator
34RTO UncategorizedRecognised Test Organisations
35RTO Information TechnologyRecovery Time Objective
36RTO ArmyRefuse To Obey
37RTO UncategorizedRegenerative Thermal Oxidation
38RTO Space TechnologyRegenerative Thermal Oxidizer
39RTO ForcesRegimental Tactical Officer
40RTO Health ServiceRegional Training Organisation
41RTO UncategorizedRegistered Training Organisation
42RTO Normal BusinessRegistered Training Organization
43RTO UncategorizedRejected Take Off
44RTO AutomotiveRenault Trucks Oils
45RTO UncategorizedReno Tahoe Odyssey
46RTO Local - CountriesReno Tahoe Open
47RTO Real EstateRent to Own
48RTO Housing & AmenitiesRent-To-Own
49RTO UncategorizedReptile Take Over
50RTO Information TechnologyRequest Timed Out
51RTO RestaurantsRequested Time Off
52RTO EducationalResearch and Technology Organisation
53RTO Space TechnologyResponsible Test Organization
54RTO UncategorizedRestore Time Objective
55RTO UncategorizedRetention Training and Observation
56RTO UncategorizedRetentive Timer On
57RTO Professional OrganizationsRetired Teachers of Ontario
58RTO Information TechnologyRetransmission Time Out
59RTO Information TechnologyRetransmission Timeout
60RTO Normal BusinessReturn To Office
61RTO Information TechnologyReturn To One
62RTO InvestmentsReverse Take Over
63RTO UncategorizedRevert To Owner
64RTO PharmaceuticalRight Toe Off
65RTO AutomotiveRight Turn Only
66RTO AutomotiveRoad and Tunnel Operations
67RTO AutomotiveRoad Traffic Offenders
68RTO AutomotiveRoad Traffic Ordinance
69RTO UncategorizedRoad Transport Office
70RTO AutomotiveRoad Transport Operator
71RTO Information TechnologyRound-trip Time Out
72RTO Awards & MedalsRoyal Trusted One
73RTO Information TechnologyRuntime Object
74RTO UncategorizedThermal Oxidizer
75RTO PowerRegional transmission organization
76RTO Air PollutionRegional Transport of Ozone
77RTO ConnectionRequest Time Out
78RTO ScienceResearch and Technology Organisation
79RTO MilitaryResponsible Test Organization
80RTO TimerRetentive Timer On
81RTO UncategorizedRetransmission time-out
82RTO RadiologyRetrograde Transvenous Obliteration
83RTO MedicalReturn To Office
84RTO Automotive SystemsRoad Transport Office
85RTO VehicleRailway Transport Officer
86RTO OfficeRegional Transport Offices
87RTO CourseRegistered Training Organisation
88RTO UncategorizedRace Track Operations
89RTO UncategorizedRadiation Therapy Oncology
91RTO UncategorizedRadio-Telegraph Operator
92RTO ArmyRadio telephone operators
93RTO PoliceRadio Traffic Only
94RTO MilitaryRadio Transmitter Operator
95RTO UncategorizedRadio Transmission Operator
96RTO MilitaryRecovery Time Objectives
97RTO RentalRent-To-Own
98RTO EducationRegistered Training Organisations
99RTO Pulp And PaperRegenerative Thermal Oxidizer
100RTO EnergyRegional Transmission Organization
101RTO ArmyRadio Telephone Operator
102RTO Military RankRail Transport Officer
103RTO TechnologyRegional Transmission Operator
104RTO BusinessResearch & Technology Organisation
105RTO WarRailway Transport Officer
106RTO TechnologyRejected Take Off
107RTO ArmyRailroad Transportation Officer
108RTO OperationReal Time Operations
109RTO TechnologyRoad Traffic Ordinance
110RTO SemiconductorRapid Thermal Oxidation


What Does RTO Stand For in the Army?

In the Army RTO Stand For – Radio Telephone Operator

What Does RTO Stand For in the Business?

In the Business RTO Stand For – Registered Training Organization

Final Words:

I hope you get what you want to know about RTO. If you want to know the full forms of other term, then please ask by comments or email. Your valuable comments are always welcome.

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