ROC Full Form

ROC Full Form: What Does ROC Stand For?

Dear Friends, do you want to know what is full form of ROC is? If yes, then you are at the right place, because here you will not only get the all possible Full Form of ROC but also get detailed information about ROC. Not only this, you will also come to know what Does ROC stand for.

ROC Full Form

The term ROC has many full forms, but out of which most relevant

ROC Full Form is – Registrars of Companies

ROC (Registrar of Companies) is actually employed workplace according to the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA), in fact it is a body that deals with the administration of companies and Limited Liability Partnerships in India.

As of now, 25 Registrar of Companies (ROCs) is working in all the significant states/UT’s.

Recorder of Companies keeps a vault of records concerning organizations which are enrolled with them and permits the overall population in getting to this data on installment of a specified expense. The Central Government jam regulatory command over the Registrar of Companies with the assistance of Regional Directors. Starting today, there are seven Regional Directors, administering the tasks of ROCs inside their applicable areas.

How organizations are enlisted by the Registrar of Companies

No organization can appear without help from anyone else. It requires a declaration of fuse gave by the Registrar of Companies after finish of a few legal prerequisites. As a feature of the legal cycle, the advertisers need to present a few reports to the Registrar of Companies. These archives incorporate Memorandum of Association (MoA), Articles of Association (AoA), the pre-fuse arrangement for designating chiefs/overseeing chiefs and the revelation by an approved individual affirming that necessities identifying with enrollment have been clung to.

Subsequent to confirming the archives, the ROC inputs the organization’s name in the register of organizations and deliveries the declaration of fuse. The Registrar along with the testament of joining likewise gives an endorsement of initiation of business. A public restricted organization is needed to get this declaration earlier starting business.

What Does ROC Stand For?

ROC stands for – Registrars of Companies

All Full Forms of ROC

Here is the complete Full-Form list of the term ROC.

Sr. No.TermCategoryROC Full Form
1ROCAirport CodeGreater Rochester International Airport
2ROCArmyLocal Operation Center
3ROCNASA - SpaceLocal Operations Center
4ROCPoliticsLocal Organizing Convention
5ROCNormal BusinessLocal Oversight Committee
6ROCGamingRace of Champions
7ROCUncategorizedRadar Observer Course
8ROCEducationalRadar Operations Center
9ROCSocietyRadford On Camera
10ROCSocietyRadical Outdoor Society
11ROCChurchRadical Outreach for Christ
12ROCTechnologyRadius of Curvature
13ROCTransportationRail Operations Center
14ROCAerospaceRange Operations Coordinator
15ROCFunnyRaps On Contact
16ROCBusinessRate Of Change
17ROCAvionicsRate Of Climb
18ROCTechnologyRate of Convergence
19ROCSocietyReach Out and Care
20ROCChurchReach Out for Christ
21ROCChurchReaching Others for Christ
22ROCChurchReaching Out for Christ
23ROCArmyReactive Opponent Control
24ROCToxicologyReactive Organic Carbon
25ROCOilfieldReactive Organic Compounds
26ROCUncategorizedRead Out Controller
27ROCUncategorizedReal Office Centers
28ROCFunnyReal Outrageous Character
29ROCArmyReality Of Combat
30ROCMilitaryRear Operations Center
31ROCMilitaryRear Operations Command
34ROCSocietyRebuilding Our Society
35ROCEducationalReceiver operating characteristic
36ROCMedicalReceiver Operating Characteristics
37ROCMedicalReceiver operating characteristics curve
38ROCMedicalReceiver Operating Curves
39ROCCurveReceiver Operation Characteristic
40ROCPathologyReceiver Operator
41ROCMedicalReceiver Operator Characteristic
42ROCCurveReceiver operator curves
43ROCMedicalReceiving Operating Characteristic
44ROCPhysiologyReceptor-Operated Calcium
45ROCSocietyRecognition Of Character
46ROCJuridicalReconstruction Of Color
47ROCAccountingRecord Of Charge
48ROCNASA - SpaceRecord Of Comments
49ROCArmyRecord of Consignment
50ROCPhotography & ImagingRecovery Of Color
51ROCAnesthesiologyRecovery Of Consciousness
52ROCInformation TechnologyRecovery Oriented Computing
53ROCParks & RecreationRecreation and Outreach Center
54ROCParks & RecreationRecreation Opportunities for Children
55ROCBuildingRecreation Outdoor Complex
56ROCSocietyRecreation Outreach Center
57ROCAthleticsRecreational Outdoor Campus
58ROCMedicalRecurrent Ovarian Cancer
59ROCSocietyRedeeming Our Communities
60ROCAthleticsRedemption Online Championship
61ROCHobbyRedline Owners Club
62ROCTransportationReduce Oil Consumption
63ROCUncategorizedReference Ordering Customer
64ROCShippingReference Our Cable
65ROCUncategorizedReflection Of Christ
66ROCCertifications & DiplomasRegenerative Organic Certified
67ROCEducationalRegion Of Convergence
68ROCUS GovernmentRegion Operating Committee
69ROCTechnologyRegional Observational Cooperative
70ROCEducationRegional Occupational Center
71ROCTechnologyRegional Operating Company
72ROCMilitaryRegional Operation Center
73ROCOperationRegional Operations Centre
74ROCCouncilRegional Organisations of Councils
75ROCNormal BusinessRegistrar of Companies
76ROCContractorsRegistrar of Contractors
77ROCRegistrationRegistration of Companies
78ROCBusinessRegistration Of Company
79ROCCommitteesRegulatory Oversight Committee
80ROCArmyRehearsal of Concept
81ROCArmyReign Of Chaos
82ROCUncategorizedReinvent Our Calling
83ROCEducationalRejects Of Cramer
84ROCClimatologyRelative Operating Characteristic
85ROCCurveRelative Operating Characteristics
86ROCLocalReliance On Christ
87ROCChurchRelying on Christ
88ROCLocal StatesRemembering Our Civilization
89ROCElectronicsRemote Object Communications
91ROCElectronicsRemote Operation Control
92ROCCompanies or OrganizationsRemote Operations Company
93ROCArmyRemote Operations Controller
94ROCUncategorizedRemoving of Conditions
95ROCSocietyRenew Our Society
96ROCSunRenewable Operation Center
97ROCEngineeringRenewables Obligation Certificate
98ROCWaste ManagmentRenewables Obligation Certificates
99ROCUncategorizedReno Orthopedic Clinic
100ROCAthleticsRensselaer Outing Club
101ROCJuridicalRepeat Offender Court
102ROCEnergyReport of Conversation
103ROCToxicologyReport on Carcinogens
104ROCChurchRepresentative of Christ
105ROCChurchRepresentatives Of Christ
106ROCHumanityRepublic Of China
107ROCNYSE SymbolsRepublic Of China Taiwan Fund
108ROCFunnyRepublic Of Confusion
109ROCPublic HealthRepublic Of Congo
110ROCLocal - CountriesRepublic Of Cyprus
111ROCCongoRepublic of the Congo
112ROCTechnologyRequest of Change
113ROCAircraft & AviationRequired obstacle clearance
114ROCMilitaryRequired Operational Capabilities
115ROCArmyRequired Operational Capability
116ROCSocietyResident Owned Communities
117ROCOrganizationResident Owned Community
118ROCSocietyResident Owned Society
119ROCEducationalResidents On Campus
120ROCUncategorizedResilience Optimism and Confidence
121ROCVoluntary OrganizationResort Owners Coalition
122ROCSocietyResource for Opportunity and Change
123ROCElectronicsResponse Operator Curve
124ROCUncategorizedResponse Options Calculator
125ROCLocal StatesRest Of Country
126ROCRestaurantsRestaurant Operations Manager
127ROCOpportunityRestaurant Opportunities Center
128ROCPerforming ArtsRestoration Of Color
129ROCInformation TechnologyRestore Old Color
130ROCSocietyRestoring Our Society
131ROCCertificateRestricted Operator Certificate
132ROCMedicalResumption of Care
133ROCMedicalResuscitation Outcomes Consortium
134ROCAccountingRetail Only Consumer
135ROCUncategorizedReturn of Capital
136ROCUncategorizedReturn Of Contribution
137ROCAccountingReturn On Capital
138ROCPoliticsReturn Our Constitution
139ROCForumRevenue Optimization Conference
140ROCFractionReverse Osmosis Concentrate
141ROCSocietyRevitalizing Our Society
142ROCUncategorizedRevival Outreach Center
143ROCSocietyRidgeview Outreach Center
144ROCUncategorizedRidiculous Obstacle Challenge
145ROCKnightRing of Courage
146ROCAthleticsRise Of Chronicle computer game
147ROCFigureRise of Cobra
148ROCRehabilitationRiska Object Classification
149ROCUncategorizedRoar Of Cougars
150ROCRoboticsRobotics Organizing Committee
151ROCASX SymbolsRoc Oil Company Ltd
152ROCClubsRochester Orienteering Club
153ROCSocietyRock On, Citizens
154ROCSocietyRock Out Censorship
155ROCUncategorizedRocketry Organization of California
156ROCAirlineRocky Mountain Airlines
157ROCUncategorizedRocky Orienteering Circus
158ROCNormal BusinessRolling Outcome Chart
159ROCHobbyRotors Over Carolina
160ROCRAFRoyal Observer Corps
161ROCAthleticsRulers Of Cheats
162ROCArmyRules Of Conduct
163ROCUncategorizedRun of Category
164ROCUncategorizedRun Of Channel
165ROCAccountingRunning On Credit
166ROCPolice ForceRussian Organized Crime
167ROCChurchRussian Orthodox Church

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