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ROM Full Form

ROM Full Form: What Does ROM Stand For?

Do you want to know what is full form of ROM is? Then, here you will come to know what Does ROM stand for? Also all possible Full Form of ROM.

ROM Full Form

The term ROM has many full forms, but out of which most relevant full form is-

ROM Full Form is – Read-only Memory

ROM is an energy-independent memory used to store an array of immutable data. In English terminology, Read-Only Memory is a memory that works only on reading. Information in such memory is pre-laid during its manufacture (“stitched up”) and does not break down when the power is cut off.

A permanent memory device (ROM) is a type of energy-independent memory used in computers and other electronic devices.

The ROM also includes:

  • PPS (PROM) – programmable ROM;
  • SPPS (EPROM) – erased reprogramming ROM;
  • ESPSU (EEPROM) – electrically erased reprogrammed ROM.

Permanent Memory (ROM – a permanent storage device) usually contains information that should not change during the microprocessor of different programs. Permanent memory is also called ROM (Read Only Memory), which indicates that only reading and storage modes are provided. Permanent memory is energy independent, i.e., it can store information when power is turned off. All permanent memory chips are divided into manufacturer-themed, manufacturer-programmable (ROM), one-time user-programmed (Programmable ROM) and multiple programmed by the user (Erasable PROM). The latter, in turn, are divided into erased electrically and with the help of ultraviolet radiation. EPROM elements with electrical erasure of information include, for example, flash memory chips. They differ from regular EPROMs with high speed of access and rapid erasure of recorded information. This type of memory is now widely used to store BIOS and other permanent information.

ROM Full Form in Computer

Read-only Memory

CD ROM Full Form

Compact Disc Read-only Memory

What Does ROM Stand For?

ROM stands for – Read-only Memory

ROM (permanent storage device) is a chip on the motherboard, which contains programs, data recorded in the manufacture of the computer and used for internal testing of devices after the computer power and the loading of the operating system in RAM. The totality of this firmware is called BIOS (Basic Input-Output System) – a basic I/O system. BIOS has a computer configuration program (SETUP). It allows you to establish some characteristics of computer devices (a type of video controller, hard drives and disk drives for floppy disks, often also RAM modes, password requests when you start downloading).

The data is recorded in the ROM during production. To do this, a stencil with a certain set of bits is made, which is superimposed on the photosensitive material, and then parts of the surface are etched.


PPSU (programmable ROM) was developed in the late 1970s by a company called Texas Instruments. In other words, it is possible to program in an operating environment. Such ROMs usually contain an array of tiny jumpers. It is possible to burn a certain jumper, select the right line and column, and then apply high voltage to a certain conclusion of the chip.

EPROM (wiped programmable ROM) allows for a special device, programmatic in operation and erase information. To do this, the chip is exposed to strong ultraviolet light with a certain wavelength for 15 minutes.

PPS also erases EEPROM (Electronically reprogrammed ROM), but unlike PPS, they allow reprogramming by application pulses and do not require special additional devices. But work ten times slower with much less capacity and the price is higher.

MMS Full Form

What is Full Forms of ROM

Now, here is the complete Full-Form list of the term ROM.

Sr. No.TermCategoryMMS Full Form
1MMSTechnologyMultimedia Messaging Service
2MMSBiologyMacromolecular Synthesis
3MMSEducationMadison Middle School
5MMSBioengineeringMagnetic Microspheres
6MMSManagementMail Management Services
9MMSTechnologyMain Memory Status
10MMSUS GovernmentMaintenance Management Services
11MMSEngineeringMaintenance Management System
12MMSAircraftMaintenance Monitoring System
13MMSCompanies or OrganizationsMajestic Mountain Sage
14MMSInternet - ChatMake Me Smile
15MMSBeautyMake Me Smooth
16MMSTechnologyMalaysian Meteorological Service
17MMSDermatologyMalignant Melanomas
18MMSOncologyMalignant Mesotheliomas
19MMSGeneticMammalian Mutagenicity Study
20MMSEducationalManchester Pharmaceutical
21MMSPostalManifest Mailing System
22MMSMilitaryManpower Management System
23MMSControlManual Motor Starters
24MMSTechnologyManufacturing Message Specification
25MMSTechnologyManufacturing Messaging Service
26MMSMedia CenterManuscript Management System
27MMSMilitaryMarine Mammal System
28MMSTechnologyMaritime Mobile Service
29MMSEducationMarshall Middle School
30MMSInformation TechnologyMasala Messaging Service
31MMSUncategorizedMason Mechanical System
34MMSSchoolsMason Middle School
35MMSUncategorizedMasonic Membership Solutions
36MMSMedicalMassachusetts Medical Society
37MMSEducationalMassachusetts Pharmaceutical
38MMSMilitaryMast Mounted Sight
39MMSMineralMaster Mineral Solution
40MMSEducationMaster of Management Science
41MMSEducationalMaster of Management Studies
42MMSAcademic & ScienceMaster of Mathematical Sciences
43MMSEducationMaster of Medical Science
44MMSManagementMasters in Management Studies
45MMSEducationMastery Management System
46MMSMilitaryMast-mounted Sight
47MMSBusinessMaterial Management System
48MMSSettingMax Message Size
49MMSTechnologyMaximum Message Size
50MMSNYSE SymbolsMaximus, Inc.
51MMSMedicalMayo Pharmaceutical
52MMSCybersecurityMcAfee Mobile Security
53MMSSchoolsMcCord Middle School
54MMSMedicalMcKesson Pharmaceutical
55MMSASX SymbolsMcMillan Shakespeare Ltd
56MMSManagementMeasures Management System
57MMSUncategorizedMedia Message Service
58MMSReligionMedical Mission Sisters
59MMSMortgageMembers Mortgage Services
60MMSVoluntary OrganizationMembership Management System
61MMSSchoolsMemorial Middle School
62MMSArmyMeteorological Measuring Set
63MMSEducationalMethodology Measurement and Statistics
64MMSGeographyMetropolitan Map Series
65MMSForumMicrosoft Management Summit
66MMSTechnologyMicrosoft Media Server
67MMSInformation TechnologyMicrosoft Multimedia Server
68MMSLocal - CountriesMidwest Management Summit
69MMSMedicalMidwest Pharmaceutical
70MMSEducationalMineral Management Service
71MMSEducationalMinerals Management Service
72MMSMedicalMini-Mental State
73MMSUncategorizedMiracle Mineral Solution
74MMSNourishmentMiracle Mineral Supplement
75MMSNASAMission Management Software
76MMSManagementMission Management System
77MMSSpace TechnologyMission Modular Spacecraft
78MMSTechnologyMobile Mapping System
79MMSTechnologyMobile Messaging Service
80MMSUncategorizedMobile Messaging Solutions
81MMSUncategorizedMobility Managed Services
82MMSCompanies or OrganizationsModern Machine Shop
83MMSSchoolsModern Montessori School
84MMSInformation TechnologyModular Mechatronic System
85MMSUncategorizedModular Metal Screen
86MMSSpace TechnologyModular Multiband Scanner
87MMSManagementModule Management System
88MMSPharmaceuticalMolecular Modeling System
89MMSEducationalMonolithic Miniature Spectrometer
91MMSCompanies or OrganizationsMorley's Magic Stick
92MMSFunnyMost Men Syndrome
93MMSInformation TechnologyMotorola Messaging Server
94MMSUncategorizedMovement Monitoring System
95MMSUncategorizedMulti Measuring System
96MMSMedia CenterMulti Media Service
97MMSUncategorizedMulti Message Services
98MMSUncategorizedMulti Mission Sensor
99MMSInformation TechnologyMulti Monitor Series
100MMSManagementMultifamily Management Services
101MMSTechnologyMultimedia Message Service
102MMSTechnologyMultimedia Message System
103MMSInternet SlangMultimedia Messaging Service
104MMSTechnologyMultimedia Messaging System
105MMSMedia CenterMultimedia Messenger Service
106MMSEducationalMulti-Micro Sensor
107MMSAstronomyMultimission Modular Spacecraft
108MMSEducationalMultiple Model System
109MMSSchoolsMurphysboro Middle School

Final Words:

I hope you get what you want to know about ROM. If you want to know the full forms of other term, then please ask by comments or email. Your valuable comments are always welcome.

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