SSLC Full Form

SSLC Full Form: What Does SSLC Stand For?

Do you want to know what is full form of SSLC is? Then, here you will come to know what Does SSLC stand for? Also all possible Full Form of SSLC.

SSLC Full Form

The term SSLC has many full forms, but out of which most relevant full form is-

SSLC Full Form is – Secondary School Leaving Certificate

The high school graduation certificate (commonly called SSLC) is the certification obtained by the student on the successful completion of the high school level graduation exam in India. SSLC is awarded after passing the State Level 10 Exam, commonly referred to in India as the “10th Grade Council Examination”. SSLC is a popular general eligibility test in India, particularly in Karnataka, Kerala, and Tamil Nadu.

The Indian education system is mainly composed of five years in elementary school and five years of secondary education. Therefore, SSLC must be completed at the end of the high school semester.

Upon receiving this certificate, the student is considered to have completed primary school or basic education. After completing SSLC, a student who wishes to continue their education enrols in a course based on their chosen speciality that provides him with the necessary information to enter a university for two years, commonly referred to as a pre-university course (PUC). After this term of study, the student is eligible to enrol in undergraduate studies at a university.

Alternatively, after receiving SSLC, the student can choose to study at a manufacturing school to acquire the skills required for technical professions. Other options include admission to the Polytechnic Institute for a three-year engineering degree, followed by a different engineering degree. Following completion of SSLC, students can enrol in vocational education courses. The Indian government currently requires SSLC (or equivalent) to acquire a passport for job purposes.

What is the Importance of SSLC?

When birth and death registration was not required in India, the SSLC certificate was the most common form of verification of the date of birth. However, civil agencies in India can issue civil papers such as passports, which are still a legitimate form of evidence of the date of birth for people born before 1989, according to the MEA website.

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What is SSLC Full Form in Kannada?

In Kannada SSLC Full Form is – Secondary School Leaving Certificate

What Does SSLC Stand For?

SSLC stands for – Secondary School Leaving Certificate

What is Full Forms of SSLC

Now, here is the complete Full-Form list of the term SSLC.

Sr. No.TermCategorySSLC Full Form
1SSLCEducationalSecondary School Learning Certificate
2SSLCBusinessSales & Service Learning Center
3SSLCExamSamuel Seow Law Corp
5SSLCUncategorizedSans Souci Leisure Centre
6SSLCLeadershipScarborough Student Leadership Center
9SSLCBusinessScorpius Space Launch Company
10SSLCCertificate- IndianSecondary School Leaving Certificate
11SSLCPharmacologySemisolid System of Liquid Crystals
12SSLCEducationalSenior School Leaving Certificate
13SSLCEducationalSenior Secondary Leaving Certificate
14SSLCLeadershipSenior Shore Leadership Course
15SSLCLeadershipShared Services Leadership Coalition
16SSLCTechnologySingle Shaft Load Compressor
17SSLCSpaceSingle-Sided Limit Cycle
18SSLCSocietySophomore Service Learning Society
19SSLCLocalSouth Salt Lake City
20SSLCEducationalSouth SEED LPDH College
21SSLCTransportSouth Sound Logistics Center
22SSLCEducationalSouthwest Secondary Learning Center
23SSLCTechnologySpecial Service Line Card
24SSLCEducationalSprott Shaw Language College
25SSLCChurchSt Stephen's Lutheran Church
26SSLCEducationalSt Stephens Lutheran College
27SSLCCurchSt. Stephen's Lutheran Church
28SSLCEducationalStaff Student Liaison Committee
29SSLCEducationStaff/Student Liaison Committee
30SSLCLocal StatesState Supported Living Center
31SSLCTexasState Supported Living Centers
34SSLCEducationStatewide Student Leadership Council
35SSLCEducationSteger Student Life Center
36SSLCEducationalStep by Step Learning Centre
37SSLCEducationStepping Stones Learning Center
38SSLCEducationSterling Student Life Center
39SSLCEducationStrategic Sourcing Leadership Council
40SSLCMilitaryStrategic Systems Logistic Co-ordinator
41SSLCLocalStronger Smarter Learning Communities
42SSLCEducationStudent Senate of Lycoming College
43SSLCCommitteesStudent Staff Liaison Committee
44SSLCCouncilStudent Success Leadership Council
45SSLCCouncilStudent Sustainability Leadership Council
46SSLCUncategorizedSuper Suspended Looping Coaster
47SSLCEducationSymbiosis Society's Law College


What is SSLC Full Form in Education?

Secondary School Leaving Certificate

What is SSLC Certificate Full Form in Education?

Secondary School Leaving Certificate

What is SSLC Certificate Full Form in Certificate?

Secondary School Leaving Certificate

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